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Last week, on the 20th of February, I wrote on how Teen-Bop Against the Gun was little more than another identity parade to advance the progressive narrative, much like the Women's March and Black Lives Matter. I went into a lot of detail about the financial backing of these movements so I won't rehash too much of the content here- but I will draw your attention to this part of that article:

In a piece last year entitled When Progressives Embrace Hate recent Twitter pile-on victim Bari Weiss noted that both Sarsour and Mallory embrace racists like Louis Farrakhan and the cop killer Assata Shakur.

"Ms. Mallory, in addition to applauding Assata Shakur as a feminist emblem, also admires Fidel Castro, who sheltered Ms. Shakur in Cuba. She put up a flurry of posts when Mr. Castro died last year. “R.I.P. Comandante! Your legacy lives on!” she wrote in one. She does not have similar respect for American police officers. “When you throw a brick in a pile of hogs, the one that hollers is the one you hit,” she posted on Nov. 20."

Knowing their admiration for racial supremacists and literal communist dictators, it is not particularly of note that exploitative activists like Sarsour and Mallory are political bottom-feeders who weaponize tragedy for their own ends.

I'm sure that you can imagine how disappointed I am to report that sadly I am proven right yet again. Tamika Mallory -the co-chair of the Women's March- has revealed her opening gambit in co-opting the gun control debate for her own ideological agenda.

In an appearance on ABC's The View, Mallory said

"The thing about leadership is about how resources are disseminated. When we look at the gun control movement, this gun violence prevention movement, I was so frustrated over the last few days watching this storyline come out... Seventeen people...mostly children..white children are shot and killed in a school in Florida, and somehow that erases the 17 children shot on the corners of Chicago. That’s a problem when we are not doing the intersectional work to be able to have both conversations at once."

Let's dissect. Mallory recognizes herself as a leader and is positioning herself as such through the conflation of gun control with gun violence prevention. This might seem a logical follow-on but in fact, gun control and gun violence are very separate issues- in Mallory's home state of New York, there hasn't been a school shooting in over 15 years. Not a mass shooting, not even a single incidence of gun violence- unless you count the discharge of a firearm this month in a Bronx school, which hit nobody. Why? Blue state schools often have metal detectors and armed police guards manning them, as they realize the threat of predominantly African-American teens with firearms- and this is still not a perfect fix. It's an uncomfortable truth to wrap one's head around but numbers do not lie when it comes to racial demographics and gun violence. The pathological difference between the disturbed minds of school shooters and those members of society who commit a crime involving guns cannot be understated. The only connecting factor is a firearm- and this is Mallory's leverage to make her power grab.

Tamika Mallory swiftly switches tack to put the viewer on the back foot. You see, the problem remains that America is racist. When kids are murdered by a psychopath in their own school, failed by the Sherriff and the FBI, you care. For some reason, you don't care as much for black criminal violence or drive-bys. Because you pay more attention to the Florida kids -not that you can avoid David 'Blank Slate' Hogg and the Hispanic Sinead O'Connor on television- this means that you are erasing black kids shot in Chicago. As this is racist, to compensate you must give Tamika Mallory both the intellectual and financial capital to lead a movement to make you less racist. Oh, and by the way, this is all the President's fault.

Remember, because a Hispanic shooter who had identity issues with his heritage shot up a bunch of White kids, that is racist against black people.

“I remember him being a very quiet student. He has a Hispanic background. I remember that he didn’t really like to speak Spanish too much. I think there was some pride issue there. He didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin, in his own culture.” - Alicia Blonde, a former teacher at  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

It is a cynical ploy by the neo-Marxist ideologue Tamika Mallory to weaponize the ethnic identity of the victims of this mass shooting to score political points.

Worse, the rhetoric Mallory employs is exactly the kind of progressive dogma that leads to people feeling uncomfortable in their own culture, to feel like people are inherently better or worse as sentient beings solely based on their race. The Florida shooter no doubt had his fair share of talk about Whiteness and privilege drilled into him while at the school which produced Hogg and Casky and Gonzalez, progressive darlings rolling off the cookie-cutter factory floor of wokeness. Can we really believe that this intersectional perspective has nothing to do with fostering feelings of alienation?

The shooter is responsible for his own actions and will pay the harshest penalty for them. Mallory and her kind have a share of the blame too, except theirs is a badge of pride.

Mallory suggests that bigger organizations that are now getting involved in these movements often steal the hard work already done by grassroots organizations on the ground- which is somewhat odd seeing as both Black Lives Matter and Women's March grew fat on Soros/Clinton Foundation cash.

“It has been mom and pop organizations on street corners that are on the ground that are doing the real work," she said. "And we as people of good moral conscious [sic] need to pay attention to where we put our resources and our time."

Tamika Mallory puts her considerable resources and time into weaponizing race relations for her own political ends. That is as far from a good moral conscience as one can get.

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