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Oh Marine, you have discovered that you may not criticize the Religion of Peace. In the land which has suffered the most pain from Islam out of all Europe, the state has bowed to Mecca. Following the Bataclan atrocity in which 130 people were murdered by ISIS, Le Pen tweeted the following images.


This is ISIS. "This is Daesh." Le Pen is wrong to say this. ISIS is far worse than even these images show. ISIS members lined up disabled music fans in wheelchairs at a French rock concert and executed them with AK-47s. ISIS members exterminated cartoonists for putting pen to paper. ISIS are genocidal scum. Even after making such an understatement about the nature of ISIS, Le Pen has been charged with being an offensive thought criminal.

In rejecting the charge of "distribution of violent images", Le Pen said,

“I am being charged for having condemned the horrors of Daesh [ISIS]. In other countries, this would have earned me a medal.”

To write this down and to tell the world about things that they have already been informed of multiple times is not allowed in 'free' France. Marine Le Pen tweeted the images in response to a smear by journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin who said that there were "links" between Front National and ISIS. While we are used to insults in the political arena, the context of these events is important. This exchange took place during the elections in France which took place mere weeks after the Bataclan atrocity. Socialist candidates in France stood down to consolidate opposition to FN, so afraid were they that the French people might vote for a party that recognized Islam as a danger to Western Civilization.

It is a common tactic in French politics for leftists to amplify the right in order to scare the center. Francois Mitterand was a master of the art. What is bizarre is that to compare FN to a genocidal mob of fundamentalist barbarians is not a crime, but to defend oneself against the accusation is punishable by up to three years in prison. Granted, the method used by Le Pen- tweeting out graphic images of ISIS atrocities- may be considered uncouth, but illegal? Prosecutable?


Manuel Valls, the French prime minister, said the photos were "monstrous".

"Madame Le Pen: inflaming public debate, political and moral failing, non-respect for victims," he wrote on his Twitter account.

Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister at the time, alerted the police to look into the tweets "as they do every time these photos are published". The photos are

"Daesh propaganda and are a disgrace, an abomination and an absolute insult to all victims of ... Daesh," said Mr. Cazeneuve.

According to the French establishment, to show the crimes of ISIS is insulting to the victims of ISIS. It is disrespectful for someone to show in public what Islamic State did to its victims. I must wonder why this line has been adopted. I can imagine the family of the victims being hurt by the propagation of images showing the death of their kin. I can imagine there is no worse feeling in all the great depth of the human capacity for suffering to know your family member has been murdered in such brutal fashion by such brutal men in service of such a brutal ideology. Even so, I would rather all the world share a little in that suffering by seeing these images than allow the world to remain ignorant of the truth.

What purpose does France aim for in prosecuting this case? French people know the problems their country is facing through cultural enrichment. French police have taken to the streets in protest against the violence they receive from immigrant populations- that protest was also denounced by Bernard Cazeneuve who said in 2016:

“Demonstrating with lights flashing on their police cars is not consistent with police ethics of the French Republic.”

Still, two years after the police protests began, police officers are still being attacked, still having their pleas ignored. Cazeneuve's replacement as interior minister Gerard Collomb of the Socialist Party denounced the attacks as "savage" and "unacceptable". His solution is not to protect the police, but to reward the violent criminals for their thuggery. Collomb said reforms were needed to improve lives in "pauperized, ghettoized" French suburbs, which have long suffered a reputation for violence and poverty. "These are neighborhoods that must change," Collomb said.

Nobody has been arrested for this assault on a female police officer. Is it uncouth of me to ask if you see many ethnic French in this video footage? Is there some secret and subversive gang of goose-stepping far-righters from Aisne sneaking into Paris at night and encouraging these riots among immigrant populations? I see no evidence for it. Instead, France has an establishment that sees its own people murdered and denounces the people who condemn the perpetrators. France has an establishment that can watch policemen hospitalized by violent immigrant gangs and then turn around and demand more money for the thugs from the workers who are already the most taxed in all Europe.

Marine’s niece Maréchal-Le Pen claimed at CPAC that French sovereignty itself is under attack.

“France is no longer free today. After 1500 years of existence, we now must fight for our independence.”

She also said that after 40 years of mass immigration, Islamist lobbies, and political correctness, France was transforming

“from the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church to the little niece of Islam”.

Confirmation of her words has come quickly.

Vive la France.

The Editor

by The Editor