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The days of the ‘old left’, which perhaps conjures the image of a working-class White man in a labor union fighting for workers’ rights or a pay rise, are long gone. Of course, there were many other forms of the ‘old left’, the most notable being Communism, an ideology which ripped Russia, China, and Ukraine to shreds. But as with most things, the left did not stay in the same form and has evolved over time. This is why when you fast forward to the present day, you see a dramatic change from the early 20th century.

Of course the same totalitarian, big government ideas are floated around in left-wing political parties, but they are overshadowed these days by cultural Marxism and the victimhood narrative. This narrative expands as more non-Whites immigrate to White countries, and is sending left-wing political parties down a rabbit hole they are unlikely to recover from in the near future. Not only is ensuring the ‘safety’ of the victim groups of paramount concern to them, but also the victimhood hierarchy as well. Although they will insist that everybody is equal, they will then also insist that a black feminist is more of a victim, (and therefore from their point of view more important), than a White feminist. Or they will point out that a disabled gay man is more of a victim than an able-bodied gay man. This, of course, leads to hilarious confrontations, where young White leftists find themselves at the receiving end of hate directed at them by the minorities they are advocating for.

But despite the occasional conflict, this has done nothing to harm the acceleration of the victimhood narrative. From the left’s perspective, within the White race, only a White woman or White disabled person can be a victim. A White male, who from their perspective is head of the patriarchy and has ‘complete control’, cannot usually obtain victim status, unless he is gay or disabled. Of course, a White woman who alleges that she was sexually assaulted or raped can find her life prospects (and bank balance) increasing at a rapid pace these days. But in order for this tactic (which is now very common) to work, one key point has to be regarded – the race of the perpetrator. A White male raping a White woman or a woman of another race is a story that the media will latch onto and promote to no end. However, if a White woman alleges a non-White has raped her, things get difficult. Not only are the authorities themselves tied up in political correctness and so run scared at trying to reveal the shocking truth about White women and their non-White rapists, but also because a White woman revealing the race of her attacker could potentially threaten her career, especially if she is in the public eye.

This is why the White working class is so often forgotten about and ignored by the left and the political class as a whole because they are seen as being part of the alleged ‘White hierarchy’. As we saw with Brexit and the election of President Trump though, ignoring the White working class comes at a price, and in the present day, that price takes the form of losing elections and referendums. Hillary Clinton scoffed at the idea of needing White votes to win, as did the mainstream media, but they were wrong, and they are still wrong on this issue today. Instead of trying to reconnect with White industrial laborers in Wisconsin and Massachusetts, the left has doubled down on their hatred, and the puppet masters are sending their Antifa legions onto the streets to confront them.


Meanwhile, the ‘cultures are all equal’ belief system, which has led to non-Muslim children being heavily indoctrinated at school with a false, peaceful view of Islam, is still going strong. It is quite common for school children in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands to visit mosques on school trips, something which their idiotic teachers are more than happy about. There is nothing more stupid, and unsettling than seeing a White feminist school teacher immediately reject her own principles and put on a headscarf on such a trip; (that is if she is even allowed in the mosque!). She would never dare allow a White man to tell her to put on a headscarf or take off her shoes, yet when an Asian man asks her the same thing, she immediately complies with his request. But amazingly the feminist teacher sees this as okay, because to her they are an oppressed religious minority, and are also, more importantly, a member of a different ethnic group. The racism card is so strong in a leftist’s head that to them, White people must always come last, even if it means throwing their feminist principles out the window.

The shift of a left-wing party’s priorities from working-class advocates to minority advocates directly correlates with the minority population in that particular country. In Britain, as in America and France, as soon as the White population dipped below 90%, the left changed their priorities. Seeing an opportunity to increase their electoral success, they began importing as many minority groups as they could. Welfare dependent consumers not only increase votes for left-wing parties, but they also provide more customers for the corporations, and so increase the wealth of the billionaires who fund the left wing parties. And so this is why the most successful global corporations in the west are now overwhelmingly siding with liberal-left causes – it’s all about money. The fact that they are demographically destroying the west and thus dooming their own companies to operating in a third world hellhole in the near future seems of little relevance to them at this stage.

No matter how absurd the cause, no matter how stupid the idea, you can guarantee the left will pick up their guns and storm the barricades in support of it. This is no more clearly demonstrated than in the recent phenomenon known as ‘fat acceptance’ or ‘body positivity’. Despite claiming to believe in science, facts and being predominantly atheists, this all gets thrown out the window when an obese person wants to be accepted as healthy. Heart disease, strokes, cholesterol, and diabetes are all largely ignored because the left genuinely believes the feelings of the obese person are more important than health concerns.

Upside down and back to front is one way you might describe the liberal left's belief system, which of course is bankrolled by the now infamous ‘Globo Homo’, which has become a meme in itself. There is no point debating the left unless you have an audience because they are interested in emotions and victims, not logic. The only good thing that can come out of a debate is if you use your points to red pill onlookers, by showing up the hypocrisy and contradictions of your left wing opponent. The so-called middle ground ‘normies’ are only two steps away from the left’s insanity, but they are also only two steps away from us as well. Drawing them to the political right shouldn’t just be a goal, it should be a duty. We need to save as many souls from the left’s insanity as possible and in the shortest amount of time because in the coming storm we need as many allies as we can get.


Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.