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Terence McLeod

My one question to every man and woman in the Western world is;

‘Why are you not incandescent with rage?’

Your governments have, over decades, allowed uncontrolled mass immigration to blight your countries. Far too many innocent citizens have been murdered, like 14-year-old Alice Gross by a known Latvian convicted murderer who, for some reason, was allowed into the United Kingdom. The rape culture that comes with Pakistani migrants is unacceptable in a liberal society. The fear shown by British police in prosecuting these rapists is a damning indictment. Thousands of victims of Muslim rape gangs across the United Kingdom. Thousands of women from across the third world and Eastern Europe have been trafficked, enslaved into prostitution and defrauded.

Far too many immigrants who were too dangerous or simply unqualified to deserve entry to our countries have done so. It seems to be the unsayable thing. When you reach Europe, you are there for life. When the German government celebrates sending home tiny numbers of illegal migrants, it says more about their past failures than any current success. When President Trump first raised his concerns about the kind of migrants crossing the Mexican border, he was speaking in a language that most European countries know all too well.


Not only has mass immigration led to an epidemic of crime, it has also put chronic pressure on housing, hospitals, doctors, schools and council services. Citizens who have contributed to the system for decades have been forced to compete with sharp-elbowed immigrants for scarce resources. This has fostered resentment and rising extremism in all demographics.

A government’s first duty is to protect its citizens, but, make no mistake, we have been betrayed on an industrial scale and it is time for every single one of us to demand justice.

Justice for every native citizen murdered by an immigrant. Justice for every single citizen raped by an immigrant. Justice for every citizen assaulted by an immigrant, and justice for every citizen violated by an immigrant.

The liberals will cry xenophobia- but when we know criminality is so much higher from certain groups, why do we import more of this group?

The people of the West must demand justice for every single indigenous worker. Western citizens has seen their wages and living standards decimated by mass immigration. This is of course, all part of the plan.

But, anger for the sake of anger is pointless. Yes justice is demanded, yes an apology is due, but where is the compensation for all the pain and suffering caused by  mass immigration? Is such a restitution even possible?

Politicians, governments and the European Union itself are responsible for this heinous betrayal of Western people, and should be held to account.

Justice is owed to globalists like George Soros, who sneer at love and loyalty to country and want to destroy nationhood, with borderless countries and unfettered movement.


Justice from Tony Blair, who lied when he promised only a handful of EU immigrants would come to Britain. In reality, Great Britain has been swamped with 3.7 million EU immigrants alone, not to mention the migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Angela Merkel must also face justice for opening up Europe’s borders to over one million immigrants including many rapists, criminals and returning ISIS terrorists.

Western civilization has been sorely wounded by the actions of these globalists. When will they be forced to face up to the harm they have caused, to the gross neglect and dereliction of duty to protect their citizens?

The EU, American, British and European governments should be forced to set aside funds to compensate every single innocent citizen harmed by immigration; prioritizing those whose family and friends have been murdered or raped by immigrants.

We should further demand an end to such immigration that exhausts, exploits and abuses finite resources; paid for over decades by hard-working taxpayers.It seems it is only the Westerner who is criticized for putting his own interest- or the interest of his people- before that of helping strangers.

All too often illegal immigrants, many criminals among them, are helped by human rights lawyers and legal aid to avoid deportation. Indigenous citizens should demand the same state assistance. Do we have the right to not have our societies destroyed? Can we complain when we are financially harmed by politically motivated immigration policies?

We should further demand that all illegal, criminal and welfare-exploiting immigrants are returned to their country of origin. Border and immigration controls going forward must be tough and impenetrable to all who have no right to enter.

Finally, we the people must demand that in future governments first, focus on the needs of their sovereign peoples and commit to their number one duty- to protect them.

Only when they do, can our societies become fulfilled. Happiness is to be liberated from the existential angst of seeing our cultures torn apart before our eyes.

The Liberal narrative has long proclaimed that borders are restrictive, that to control migration is mere xenophobic fear-mongering by cowards and racists. The issue is not with migration itself, nor with individual migrants- many of whom are good people who contribute to society. The issue is that the globalist governments of Europe have sacrificed their own people on the altar of their ideology.

This is unacceptable to a growing number citizens of Europe. We are waking up. It is high time for patriots who love and are loyal to their countries to stand shoulder to shoulder. It’s time to get angry.

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The Editor

by The Editor