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After the Second World War, bankrupt and under pressure from America, Britain and other European Empires began the process of granting independence to their respective colonies. It took a good long while for the majority of colonies to become independent, with Hong Kong not leaving Britain’s control until 1997. Indeed, many overseas territories are still in European hands, with these remaining areas being small though highly strategic, like Gibraltar, Akrotiri, and Dhekelia (the British-ruled area of Cyprus), and Diego Garcia.

It has become politically incorrect for white countries to have empires, colonies or overseas territories at all – in fact, you could argue that the Left doesn’t want white people to even be in control of their own homelands. However, this is not the whole story, and it is naïve to assume that the West is not still acting in a forceful manner. America, using its status as the World's Policeman, has invaded numerous countries for a whole host of reasons, and its Carrier Strike Groups patrol the world’s oceans. The mere presence of one of these groups can put bring to heel a rogue government which is in opposition to America’s will.

For these carrier groups to exist and function effectively, America has a network of large, sophisticated and technologically advanced naval bases scattered around the world. It would be, as I said, politically incorrect for America to colonize areas and build bases, so it instead builds or maintains bases in other countries on the premise of ‘providing regional security’ without annexing land. This allows America to control the strategic situation of a region without being directly accused of colonialism.

In Bahrain for example, America’s Fifth Fleet uses the same naval base which the British Empire previously used, and in Djibouti, America’s Camp Lemonnier was a former stronghold of the French Foreign Legion. When America grew to the status of a superpower, although outwardly criticizing colonialism, (both Roosevelt and Truman despised European colonialism), it began a slow, and highly strategic process of taking over the bases those same European Empires were leaving behind, but without conquering the countries in which they were situated. This means that Washington does not have to worry about running foreign territories directly, like London had to do with the British Raj, yet gained the rewards of having bases which can be used to exert American power 365 days a year.

However, the most intelligent and stealthy way of achieving power in the last 60 years is the use of currency. With America left as the only superpower after the Cold War, the US Dollar became the undisputed reserve currency. Around 2/3rds of the world’s foreign exchange reserves are held in US Dollars, while approximately 85% of the world’s foreign-exchange trades are done in US Dollars. The dominance of their currency allows America to borrow at lower costs, which is estimated to give them an advantage of between $90-$110 Billion annually. This gives Washington an extraordinary power over fiscal policy around the world and also forces other countries to adhere to US policy to maintain the value and stability of the Dollar, of which their currency reserves are constituted.

Another Western Power which is practicing a similar policy is France. France had a vast African Empire, and after it granted independence and withdrew, it did something brilliant. Not only did it remain militarily, boasting a portfolio of bases which it has used to intervene in numerous African conflicts, but it also set up a currency by which it could control the fiscal policy in the region. It is called the CFA Franc and is used by 14 African countries (12 former French colonies, one former Spanish colony and one Portuguese). The French Treasury guarantees it, and the CFA’s value is tied to the Euro currency, which means that it is controlled via the European Central Bank. Also, on top of this, the countries which use the CFA Franc have to deposit 50% of their currency reserves with the French Treasury, and French delegates sit on the Boards of those countries’ Central Banks.

This policy has allowed France, and now the EU, to control the monetary policies of those 14 African countries from behind the scenes, without ever having to rule them politically. Most people, even many French people, have no idea how this system works, yet work it does. One hundred fifty-five million people use the CFA Franc, so its influence and reach cannot be underestimated.

So you see, with the rise in political correctness and anti-imperialist chains of thought after 1945, the Western Powers were forced to find ways of playing the Great Game without incurring the wrath of many of their citizens. So they devised ways, or altered existing ways, to maintain their Machiavellian activities in the modern world. ‘Neo-Colonialism’ is a phrase used by the far-left to describe this, and to be fair, it is accurate to a large degree.

Whether such modern forms of Imperialism are good for the West is an interesting question. It is indeed true that China, with a booming economy and now surging with renewed confidence, is beginning the process of copying such tactics in a much more aggressive manner. If the third world is not capable of building a civilization worthy of the West and the Far East, perhaps it is inevitable that ‘Neo-Colonialism’ exists. Probably at the end of the day, everything comes backs to the laws of nature, and the survival of the fittest.


Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.