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If you thought the national religion of the United Kingdom was a form of protestant Christianity, then I am afraid you are sadly mistaken. Since 1948, the National Health Service (NHS) has become the centre piece of political theatre in Westminster and beyond, and it is well above criticism; as the Rev. Dr. Jules Gomes wrote in these pages last week, the NHS has become an idol of worship- a secularist golden calf.

Simply raising the issue of funding gaps or waiting time lists is political suicide for any member of parliament, and so the safe narrative which our overlords spout week in week out is more funding is needed and we are going to deliver it. It is no secret that the quality of care in NHS hospitals is well below that of other state-funded health care systems in the western world; the fact that more and more people are taking out private health insurance or going abroad for treatment tells you everything you need to know.

Predictably, globalization and the other state religion –mass immigration– are adding to the problems faced by the NHS and are steering Britain on a course that can only end in disaster. Last week, the British Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced plans to loosen the immigration cap that restricts the number of foreign doctors who can come to work in Britain from outside the EU. This move has been met with widespread condemnation, not only because it is feared this will cause the immigration system to be open to further abuse, but also because it is has been found in numerous studies that over 70% of all doctors investigated for malpractice were trained abroad.

There have been many high profile cases in the last few months that highlight this growing problem. I have listed some of the cases below to give you a flavor of what is going on:

In June 2018, Gynecologist Iftekhar Ahmed from Bangladesh was banned from his profession after a string of sex offences against a woman he was treating. He asked her which sex toys she used, and also asked her if she wanted to have sex with him. After all that, he then got hold of the patient’s phone number and asked if he could install porn on her home computer. On the same day as this case another Gynecologist, Khaled Ismail, originally from Egypt, was struck off the medical register for groping a midwife’s bottom as she delivered twins in Birmingham. It was reported that he also targeted 3 other junior colleagues over a two year period.

If admittance to medical school in Britain is based on a racial quota system rather than ability, the consequences for patients in the long term will be catastrophic.

The most disturbing case I found relates to that of Vaishnavy Laxman, a Gynecologist trained in Chennai, India. Her heavy handed approach coupled with her reluctance to authorize a C-section resulted in a baby being decapitated inside its mother’s birth canal. Shockingly, despite the fatal consequences of her incompetent actions, on June 5 2018 she was allowed to keep her license by a tribunal, and is now working at another hospital in the UK.

The cases mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are well over a hundred cases that I could have written about spanning just the last twelve months. The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service has records available online, which reveal that they have dealt with over 50 tribunal cases involving foreign doctors since January, 2018.

When you consider that non-western countries have different standards of examination in their respective medical schools, and that these doctors often do not have good English language skills, you can see how problems in the workplace arise.


Compounding the problem, the NHS has the specter of affirmative action creeping into the system. Although this practice has been mandatory in the USA for decades, it is a very recent phenomenon in Britain. Various non-white MPs and minority advocacy groups have been lobbying for a more diverse campus at Universities. The idea of being admitted to colleges based on merit and examination results is under threat, and could soon disappear. If admittance to medical school in Britain is based on a racial quota system rather than ability, the consequences for patients in the long term will be catastrophic.

A large proportion of doctors (7%) are also Muslim, a culture clash which may be intimidating for patients, especially women. There have been numerous cases of Muslim doctors and nurses refusing to remain on duty because they wanted to pray. Similarly, Ramadan brings its own complications for patients of practitioners who are obliged to fast- the patient may not request a non-Muslim doctor, of course.

It is also important to recognize the degeneracy engulfing a large minority of Britain’s own home grown population, if you want to fully analyze the problems in its health and care services. After all if you want to champion self-improvement and betterment, looking in the mirror is the first step.

The majority of diseases and ailments that the NHS has to treat each year are caused by obesity, bad diet, alcoholism, substance abuse and smoking. In other words, lifestyle choice is the number one cause of Britain’s health system reaching breaking point. If this is not a sign of our degenerate times, I don’t know what is. There is hope, once more, in the young- with declining drug and alcohol abuse and obesity among 16-24 year olds. Go Gen Z!

Various studies have shown that a quarter of all doctor’s appointments are unnecessary. People going to the local clinic because they have a bruise on their arm or because they have had a minor headache for a few hours may sound ridiculous, but this is happening every hour of every working day. They simply get sent home with paracetamol, something which they could have purchased at the local shop without prescription.

There are no quick solutions to the problems engulfing the health system in the UK, and simply throwing tax-payer's money at it as Britain’s population explodes by 400,000 a year is pointless. The vast majority of voters are against the privatization of the NHS, and thus it will never happen to any large degree. However, some NHS services have already been privatized and although this process was started by the left wing Labour Party, it is the Conservative Party who are beaten over the head and blamed for the policy. When the left control the mainstream media, the right are blamed for everything, even if the so-called ‘right wing' Conservative Party isn’t even right wing! Despite their utterly shambolic incompetence, it is rather unfair that the Tories shoulder all the blame here. The entire political system of the United Kingdom has been complicit in the destruction of a once-fine institution.

The proposed Labour policy of renationalization is a high risk strategy in the extreme, unless pressure is taken off the system; something which can only happen if mass immigration comes to an end and people become more responsible in looking after their bodies. Neither will happen under our current political paradigm. A perfect storm of unhealthy English people not living a healthy lifestyle, population growth supplied only by migration and the sons of migrants, and foreign doctors pouring into the country, is gathering in ferocity.

If the British medical profession deteriorates in quality to that of a third world country, a major pillar of the West will have crumbled, and we will all be worse off as a result.

Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.