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Ash Sharp

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, You will have noticed the painful spectacle of the flailing media trying to land a good shot on General Michael Flynn.

Whether it is the Turks who are filling his back pockets with cash as a lobbyist (no charges found) or collusion with Red Ivan to bring America to her knees (no charges found) the partisan shills and fear-mongers have barely stopped short of stitching a scarlet letter onto General Flynn's Service Uniform.

As reported broadly in February this year, the instruction to hawks across the board from the incoming Trump administration was:

Donald Trump: “[Hawks] should focus their energies on ISIS, instead of always looking to start World War III.”

This olive branch could not be allowed to grow into a tree. The Deep State has too much riding on relentless conflict.

Well, it falls to us at the Republic Standard to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the various Captains Ahab, from Mr. Obama all the way down to the New York Times. Applause. Ticker parades. Crack open the champagne. You got your white whale. 

Yes, General Michael Flynn has finally admitted he is a criminal. Pleading guilty to lying to the FBI, Flynn is now being held up as conclusive proof that Vladimir Putin did indeed hoodwink an entire nation and place his puppet Donald Trump on the throne. Truly, he's a kingmaker. Truly, he personally hacked into every vote counter and switched the votes around. It wasn't our fault, they cry, we didn't know. America is still good, we were tricked. 

Let's roll this back. All the long summer of 2016 Hillary Clinton, the DNC and Donna Brazile screamed RUSSIA from the rooftops, going so far as to threaten to start a war with a nuclear power.

 Hillary Clinton: “You’ve seen the reports. Russia’s hacked into a lot of things, China’s hacked into a lot of things. Russia even hacked into the Democratic National Committee. Maybe even some state election systems? So we gotta step up our game. Make sure we are well defended and make sure we are able to take the fight to those who go after us. As president, I will make it clear that the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack. We will be ready with serious political, economic and military responses."

To see this happen and do not reach out to the Russian Ambassador would have been an unconscionable error on the part of then-candidate Donald Trump. What would any person with a vision of the future of America that lasts longer than the next five minutes do? Your political opponent has just indicated that nuclear war is an option for her presidency. Personally, I am only surprised that Donald Trump didn't call Vladimir Putin in Moscow, personally. It's what I would have done- and we can be glad that Mr. Trump is far smarter than I am because that would have been illegal.


As we see, Candidate Trump did no such thing, and despite ABC lying on air about the matter and being forced to retract, the frame for the public is set. Trump told Flynn to contact Russia, therefore collusion. That is a lie, and ABC's retraction proves it.

Let's make this crystal clear. General Flynn as part of his job talked to ambassadors from many countries, Turkey and Russia included. Remember, the charge brought against Flynn is one of 'lying' to the FBI. But wait- isn’t a conspiracy to kidnap a federal offense? (It is. Saved you a click.)

Widely reported in the press were the allegations that Flynn had done just this. No charges were brought. This is fake news.

Despite a year of screaming, pleading, begging and crying by the crooked media, the only thing that Flynn is guilty of is lying to the FBI about the specifics of a conversation he had with Ambassador Kislyak. Flynn spoke to Kislyak on the same day that the Obama administration levied bizarre and overly draconian sanctions against Russia. But; this is not the problem.


The crime has occurred on January 24th, 2017- three days after the presidential inauguration. The interesting part is, that the FBI already had recordings of General Flynn's conversations with Kislyak, and had cleared him of any wrongdoing.

As reported in the NY Post on that day:

The FBI has reviewed intercepted phone calls between national security adviser Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador to the US and has found no evidence of wrongdoing, it was revealed Monday.

The calls were made in late December and picked up as part of routine electronic surveillance of Russian officials. They did not reveal any illicit ties between Flynn and Russia, according to the Washington Post.

So, the FBI reveals on the 23rd of January 2017 that they are investigating General Michael Flynn. On the 24th of January 2017, they reveal there is no evidence of collusion. Primarily, because then President Obama authorized the original meetings, as he was Flynn's Commander in Chief!

Later that same day, the FBI talks to Flynn, and nearly a year later he is charged with lying about what he said to Kislyak in that conversation that took place the same day as the FBI revealing there had been no wrong-doing.


Here's the real news that the mainstream media won't report. General Michael Flynn is innocent of everything they have been accusing him of doing for so long. No collusion, no kidnapping, no Logan Act violation; not even a citation for jaywalking. Oh, but Flynn didn't disclose in conversation with the FBI the correct details of a conversation the FBI had on tape already. A conversation the FBI had just revealed to the world was completely above board. This is the great crime the liberals are hoisting up the mast. Thar she blows, Cap'n. The White Whale. General Michael Flynn, breaching off the starboard bow.

And who is crewing the Pequod, sailing out of Nantucket? Why, it's a hardy crew of liars and miscreants and no mistake.

Hillary Clinton: Lied to the FBI and to the public to wriggle free of multiple felonious charges.

Director James Comey, who lied repeatedly to run interference for Hillary Clinton.

Loretta Lynch, who met Bill Clinton in a plane to discuss Hillary's minor server problems. Two days later, FBI Director James Comey called Hillary Clinton’s actions “extremely careless” but declined to recommend charges.

Anthony Weiner. 

Uranium One. Huma. The Clinton Foundation.

Susan Rice and her depiction of Benghazi as a spontaneous demonstration.

Where are the New York Times articles about these people? Where is Time Magazine? No, they'll report the news, barely. They'll spin those stories to be nothing burgers.  The real news is in what the mainstream doesn't say. We have fallen from accusations of collusion with foreign nationals, to not saying what the FBI knew already. That's how desperate the DNC and MSM subversives are.


General Michael Flynn is not only a patriot, he is a masterful political operative. Now, we are supposed to believe that he has fallen on his sword for this minor charge in order to avoid being charged with far worse crimes against America.

Anyone who propagates this lie is a lethargic devil who, through ideological bias or laziness digests what the liberal media say without question.

Nothing General Michael Flynn has ever done has been counter the interests of the United States of America. The only crime he has committed is omitting to tell the FBI what they already knew while knowing that the FBI already knew what he didn't tell them. Flynn was talking to the Russians- not during the campaign, during the transition- about how to work together to defeat ISIS. What a criminal he is.

Unpick that strand, and you now know that this charge is all the FBI could scrape together after an entire year of investigation.

After 33 years of impeccable service, General Flynn bows out with his head high, to protect his family from state persecution. As every patriot knows, patriotism begins with protecting your family. Flynn is such a man, and will not be brought low by this meager slander. 

This whole process is a soft judicial coup- enacted through the courts to drain through legal fees the strength and operative ability of the Democrat's political enemies. What is the goal of the Democrats? They have no plan. They have no alternative to #MAGA. Who will displace the Republicans at mid-terms, let alone challenge Trump in 2020?

They have nothing- so this cheap tactic is all they have. Sad!

The Editor

by The Editor