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Unity is a funny thing due to the vague implications it often produces, the concept of a united state or territory functioning as to bring together a demographic of people - political or ancestral - seems almost utopian, idealistic, and universally a sign of wishful thinking. But to build a society upon the back of unification is to craft a construction site by the burdened shoulders of the proletariat. Best of luck goes out to anyone actually willing to begin a civilization anew, not to wait for victory, but to be the victory in implementation. Not to expect the world to grant you your perfect settlement, but to be the one to make that settlement on your own, or with the help of those who seek the same destiny as oneself.

Really, anything but the current situation people who consider themselves Alt-Right are in is objectively better. What’s happening now, with the media and the United States political frame, the privatization of land and forests; it’s all a game in the capitalist framework for inevitable lucrative destruction of the planet.

Within or outside of an ethnostate, or a racially homogenous society, exists pan-racialism. This is the aspect and associated characteristics of taking pride on one’s race, their genetic heritage. When you celebrate this element of your character, of your people, it not only celebrates the accomplishments and uniqueness of such a group, but it encourages oneself to continue being their best, to contribute to their people and build a brighter, better future for them to thrive in, free from the strain of diversity and cultural nihilism.

It’s often said that taking pride in one’s race and ethnic group is taking pride in something one didn’t accomplish themselves. And I don’t just mean the occasional NPC individual who does this, I mean the hissing snakes who spawn from the darkness just to spew the same, repetitive nonsense Europeans have heard hundreds of times before.

This ignores so much about why people take pride in their genetic characteristics, one of which is that everything is built by a collective. Earlier inventions permitting for modern technology to evolve and advance as it does in the present. Think of the clothes you wear, not many ponder or consider it, but at some point down the line an individual sewed those clothes. Quite probably someone being paid poorly for long, grinding hours of wage labor, their superiors hierarchically controlling them, their only reward in their country to stay alive, even if it is just to suffer more. And how did such an individual even get hold of sewing equipment to begin with? Well, their managers created such equipment and machines with the money they stole from their workers, extracting large portions of their labor value to afford them. And how did they begin recruiting workers to join their business? Well, in truth, they might’ve hung up a few advertisements in the form of posters, or on billboards, or whatever, honestly. It doesn’t really matter when the world is turned by the wheels pulled by the working class, rusty and made of steel, that private owners exist, even though their existence is merely to torture their victims and reap in the benefits of their hard work, producing nothing to society themselves.

Picture it from the perspective of a race, say, Europeans. The civilization of Rome wasn’t built in a day, not a year, but over the course of hundreds of years, and by gigantic swarms of Roman architects and laborers themselves. They were commanded by their higher-ups, and they were commanded by kings and queens, rulers who owned millions of slaves. These ancient Italians sacrificed everything at the time to build the civilization, the houses, the roads, the monuments, modern people of Italy roam through every day. It if weren’t for them, the nation of Italy would look nothing alike. We understand this is the case, and to honor these workers who served the common good, though at the might of an iron fist, individuals of Italian descent should rightfully pay homage to their accomplishments.


Europeans have always been the innovators of society, medicine, technology, art, literature, and folklore, the creators of what the world depends on today. Few are aware of the history behind the science they utilize, but it still stays. The countless hours poured into producing the modern world in the idealistic shape of Old World Europeans, that image is being corrupted by a generation of fools who hate what they are, their skin, their heart, and their genes. The genetic clustering of various peoples is done so that the descendants of today may worship their ancestors of the past, through such ancestral appreciation can develop a retrospective of their people and come to admire their strength, bravery, and wisdom passed onto the present.

If the Romans weren’t prideful of what they pushed forward to complete, their civilization, would faith vanish and Rome cease to continue? I believe so- an in fact that did indeed happen, at the end of the great republic. If they lost their chains but also their lives with them, it wouldn’t matter to pure nihilists. They wouldn’t have stood for anything, believed in anything, cared for the change they longed to witness in the world. The world would have given up on them because they, beforehand, gave up on the world. The Europeans of today must be prideful of who they are, but also their people, their race, their ethnicity, the culture and beauty created from their people, meant to be enjoyed by their people. Nobody’s saying that when you become proud of your people, you’re admiring all the horrible things they did. The reason people don’t is that that makes them miserable, as it would with individuals of any race. Every race is responsible for horrible deeds in this world, but to focus on those opposed to the magnificent stuff, is to put a strain, a burden, upon one’s back. And thus, you are lifting bricks and iron upon your shoulders, not to build a paradise for those who so desperately deserve it, but only to punish yourself for crimes you did not do. To reward yourself for positive contributions that were possible by the existence of one’s people, it is a different story altogether.

You know you benefit from it, gain pleasure from it, are able to make yourself happy through the energy boost granted with respect and pride in your own blood. You understand that the accomplishments of your son and daughter aren’t that of your own, but what difference does that make? You’re still happy for them. According to these deniers of identity, one must never be proud of others, what they’ve made, because they’re not oneself. Understand, all beauty in this world spawns from genetics. Ancestry is key in developing different societies, such ancestral populations intended to live in them. Not just live, thrive in all potential glory. Be proud of whatever you may, it only makes the planet a happier place.

Europeans are often told to be ashamed of themselves, not because of themselves as individuals, but because they are part of a racial group. This is blatant racism, but to entertain the nonsensical fantasy, if Europeans are meant to be ashamed of the awful things their ancestors did, or didn’t - not as though it really matters to these types of people - then the same must be applied universally, to every race of people. Not just that, but every race and ethnic group must be proud of the good deeds their people have done. And from how I see it, Europeans have far more to be proud of than ashamed over. Looking at it closer, most of the shame would naturally arrive from an unhealthy neglect of one’s own people, the indigenous populations of Europe, betraying themselves to be replaced by foreigners who look, speak, and behave nothing at all like them.

The American dream is an old nursery rhyme sung to children who still believe in the apparent virtues of the private market. The dream of the New Man, however, is an entirely different story. The way you identify with your people shapes the future of such a people. It shapes a destiny you desire to come about within the present. A future without burden, one where a man and woman of any race, any ethnicity, can adore their own, not poisoned by the cult of diversity and pathological altruism unfortunately prevalent across the Western world.


The Tribal Times (outdated)

by The Tribal Times (outdated)

Outdated account. No longer support the Alt-Right, or agree with the views expressed in my articles written here. Now write anarchist and socialist literary material and essays.

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