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Those able to put their cognitive skills to work, able to function as their sole purpose in life is to create, produce, and instruct others to build, would have their talents and skills wasted if attempting to perfect the entire world; a creation of a global paradise. It is impossible- the millions of dead souls sacrificed to Marxist utopianism have proven it. There is no case for a utopia to be fashioned out of the fallen pillars and castles which once laid across the green, wavy hills of Western Europe. Nor could the dry, heated desert of Morocco ever support a civilization in the scale of New York City.

Only -and as a collective we must accept this- can a society prosper when it is left alone to persue self-determination. The plight that the indigenous peoples of Europe are facing is ill-understood by most of those afflicted. Politicians and the ruling parties have long turned their backs to the horrors of third world immigration, unable and unwilling to denounce the slaughter of the continent’s native populations. As these tribes remain scattered and unable to form bonds between one another -their social relations completely twisted and eroded by the elite class- these indigenous tribes no longer view themselves as true natives. Second-class citizens in their own homes. Now, they’re homesick for a place they’ve never been. A utopia which doesn’t exist, pictured somewhere beyond the burning bright horizon, the light of a new order guiding its path, its people’s future.

It is not to take over another society by which unity will be achieved, but to start anew. To some, it may appear cowardly to proceed in such a manner, but the fight will never arrive. It will be a slow, brutal set of civil conflicts as countless migrants invade the once beautiful landscapes of Europe, their nations flooded with people who wish not to grow accustomed to their way of life, instead only judge and convert the natives’ ways of the continent to their ideals, their perceived morals, justices. It is a full-scale war; but by a thousand acid attacks and an infestation of rape gangs.


The fight, representing the struggle by the Europeans as resistance to the migrant crisis, the worsening of social relations and assault against homogeneous happiness, prosperity, and group identity - will, unfortunately, never arrive. Never. Not in a thousand years, which, by then, the continent’s individual nations will be long faded, instead colonies of West Asian and African peoples.

The only way out is through escape.

What will this newfound civilization, built upon enlightened values and ethno-identitarianism, look like? What will be the driving factor to maintain such a realm? The answer is social cohesion. This is a pressure by one’s own in-group to work harder, reach higher, and live happier, all taking place within far greater conditions than that of the crumbling citadels of Europe and the New World. This is a place for people who not only share an ancestry but can be proud of such a genetic aspect of their character. Their personalities, physical features, and culture. This allows for different individuals and groups with a common cause -in this case, a racial composition- to roam free with their own desires in life accompanied by voices upholding the common good, to work not only for one’s self but to hold a strong, affectionate dedication for one’s people.

This is taking a traditionalist approach to the normalized Western lifestyles prevalent all across North America and Europe, and creating a social atmosphere around dignity, duty, and respect. That is the extent some must go to fulfill their nation’s aims, for each subject within its geographical outlines to care for their fellow neighbor, their friends, family, and romantic partners. The West has rejected collectivism, by and large. Instead we embraced individualism. The rejection of the group identity merely for being group identity is common in libertarian and classical liberal circles. This rejection of the group identity is their drastic response to the flames of state-sponsored identity politics, something often perpetrated by social progressives and the mainstream American establishment. But, liberals fail to comprehend the actual problems facing the West; instead pointing to what first world communities need the most as the enemy of civilizational progress. That is; to share a collective identity, to embrace one’s own group and dedicate one's life to shaping a better life for them.

The mainstream Right calls for the eradication of all identity politics, claiming that the hard Left is using them against the silent majority. This is an incorrect analysis and conclusion to the surrounding situation in which the West has found itself caught. The issue isn’t that certain minority groups are advocating for the interests of their own people, that they’re putting their people first. This is utterly human behavior. The issue is that the same people who promote a shared identity for their communities are keen to reject an identity for the majority, for - as an example - native Europeans. They’ll talk about how prosecuted their people are, yet never permit others to have their voice in the same conservation. This too, is a natural power play. It’s a vicious cycle of promoting the interests of one group and denying the interests of another. In other words, it’s a form of violent and oppressive hypocrisy, one spun as a narrative of rising up against the state, when in fact, the state has been complying to the illogical and nonsensical demands of the few at the expense of the many.


Thoughtful consideration for the impoverished inhabitants of Sudan, of Mexico, of Syria, this comes easily. Yet never a single cry for the innocent Europeans being butchered by foreign nationals who don’t care to behave; only to loot, burn, rape, and massacre. Then, when all is almost done, reap in all the benefits from social security their European government gives away out of fear and pity. The welfare states built in homogenous high-trust societies by indigenous folks is overturned. Now health services and unemployment safety nets are paid for those that don't belong; who have their own homes they can improve and perfect, if only they gave attempting to better their own societies a chance. Fix your economy, fix your educational facilities. Redistribute your nation’s wealth; let the working class enjoy the public taxation benefits they’ve earned and the wealthiest haven’t. Whatever system works for your people in your way. Don’t take out your anger on a country much more successful, happy, and peaceful than your own. That is the sign of our dying civilization, letting go of values a settlement has held for hundreds to thousands of years. All that history, all that effort put into philosophy and archaic literature, crudely forgotten.

Couldn’t the money that funds the tens of millions of migrants entering territories they have no place in go toward health care, free university, or public transport? There’s no care for improvement on the side of the migrants, on the side of the European Union and the Western house of representatives, the parliaments who cater to menaces of the various, unique homelands, as opposed to the original inhabitants who actually work for a living, pay taxes, and contribute to science and medicine.

This brings me to the important step many populations across Europe need to make. They need to abandon the dream of preserving failing, beaten civilizations and begin anew. A civilization, a community, with all the historical lessons and cultures from their beloved continent, the metropolis of New Europe. The nation’s inhabitants thrive under a free, liberated environment, no pollution, greatly reduced rates of disease, and nearly the abolishment of all crime rates. A safe haven built upon the principles and ethics of identitarianism, that branch of identity soaked into the genes of its residents. The people are able to govern themselves, as hierarchy was a concept of the past, now with each individual who comprises the nation’s population given an equal share of authority. In this citadel, there are no subjugated members of the tribe, people forced to live with those they don’t want to, and there are no subjugators, the government officials pushing for an extermination of their state’s ethnic and cultural heritage, only a trustworthy connection between the founders and the future generation.

The future generation, those who are born after the establishment of the homeland that has commenced, will be instructed to carry on the legacy of its conception. As it was conceived in ethnonationalism and optional traditionalism - no one forced to practice tradition, yet largely recommended he or she does so for the sake of his or her own happiness and the happiness of those around them - it will remain with such beliefs infused into its nature. That is an embodiment of nature, this society, the trail of our evolution reverting back to organic roots, no longer chained up and whipped by slave owners who place diversity over sanity.

The enlightenment brewed by the scholars of the future reflect the selective empowerment promoted by the wise sages of the past. The future, essentially, is built on mirroring the past, recognizing it was a much more joyful and spiritually uplifting period than the present. The way forward, to put it clearly, is the way back.


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by The Tribal Times (outdated)

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