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Last night was hard for a lot of people. The realization that the limit has been pushed against, and the flawed reality of our society has been illuminated. What is this reality? That the British Establishment is woke on ideas like Islamification of the West and The Great Replacement but has abdicated responsibility for doing anything to answer these, the great questions of our time.

We have a writer working on a piece about the details of Martin Sellner & Brittney Pettibone's arrest at the border and subsequent unethical detention so I won't cover much of the same ground. Instead, I want you to understand how we have got here, to the point where Tommy Robinson is attacked -with his female media assistant- by a gang of masked up ANTIFA thugs in broad daylight.

How did Britain come to the point where two non-violent activists who preach no violence are arrested on entry to the country for fear of their words? Do we really have to make the obvious contrast to how Islamic fundamentalists are treated by the state? Do we really have to go through the rigmarole of pointing at the insanity that sees Sadiq Khan say that he has no power to stop the Al-Quds Day March in London despite the flag of Hezbollah flying on the streets of London, despite the anti-Kuffar rhetoric, despite the demands for the destruction of Israel and death to the Jews?

Sharon Vieira-Poole, from the Information Team at the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC), said Khan had personally discussed the march with the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

Vieira-Poole said the police have operational independence but added: “They have to operate within the law and the protesters have a right to march, as long as they do so within the law.” - Times of Israel

Indeed, so long as they do so within the law. Martin Sellner is more dangerous to our society than thousands of people marching in the streets demanding the death of Jews. The claim by the authorities was apparently that Sellner speaking could cause a riot. A riot! By whom? Surely the people who come to listen to him are not rioting.    Does the British Establishment think that he is some charismatic nu-Reich propagandist, and at the word of a 29-year-old kid we're going to dive into a post-modernist Kristallnacht?

The instruction here is about what ideas we are not allowed to hear. You are not allowed to hear that unless action is taken swiftly on immigration to the European continent and preparations made for the demographic time-bomb brewing in Sub-Saharan Africa the future of Europe as a civilization is hanging by a thread. People have to start waking up to that reality. Sellner knows this to be true and more importantly in their hearts, so do the British Power Elite. Kicking your problems down the line for the next generation to deal with is not only cowardice it is suicidal on a civilizational scale.

Nietzsche predicted this eventuality with crystal clear vision, in the aftermath of the Death of God. We replaced faith with other ways to find meaning, and this liberated the Human mind to make such incredible advancement we ascended from building the first airplane to setting foot on the moon within seventy years, which is such an astounding feat of technological progress it's hard to fathom. Imagine how it would be today, to move within a single lifetime from an industrial and still mostly agrarian society to one that has not only developed nuclear weapons but has also deployed them in anger on our own planet. As a civilization, we are experiencing a fundamental shift in what it means to be human, and part of this shift has been to recognize that this civilization is under existential threat.

The British Establishment, the very institutions of state operation have recognized that the demographic change taking place in Europe will change our culture forever. The globalist mentality is that this is a good thing, that there are no differences between people and we can happily rub along together. This is a product of our post-God post-nihilist society which has changed from a masculine-led culture of exploration and the conflict it brings to a feminine mother-state. This is not a critique of men or women or patriarchy theory or such, in fact, the feminists have it exactly wrong about patriarchy- a patriarchal society does not exhibit the care for the weak that is fundamental to Western Liberalism and has pathologized into the cult of social justice orthodoxy. A more feminine outlook is required, to say- well, we must house and shelter immigrants in our lands because they are weaker and we colonized their nations centuries ago and we feel guilty about it. There's nothing wrong with this kind of empathetic thinking on an interpersonal level, this is a caring fundamental aspect of our psyche, but we should be concerned when it becomes pathological because this has left our society open to abuse. The pathological mother-instinct is what leads to socialism and intersectional power dynamics, and as we have seen when we frame everything in terms of oppression we leave the door open for all manner of abusive and self-abusive behaviors as a culture.

The identitarian right  is an existential threat to this ideology, that says there is something meaningful in being a European and part of Western Civilization and that Burke was in some sense correct in seeing that we are equal before God but society is not a Garden of Eden, it is not a utopia and so there is always going to be suffering and responsibility. The fundamental message of people like Sellner and Pettibone is not one of White supremacy or genocide- in fact, they are cautioning against the demographic replacement that will annihilate Europe. The effect of the cultural and existential clash between Islam and the West is expressed in phenomena like 40 years of the systematic abuse of Western children by gangs of predominantly Muslim rapists, perhaps the worst example of which has been revealed by The Mirror just today. This struggle of ideas- a theocratic and masculine system versus an individualistic and fractured secular and maternal society gives rise to alternative answers to the question of what our existence is, what purpose it has.

That answer has been found by some to be the idea that Western Civilization is good if not perfect, and that unless there is a conscious effort to preserve the society we have with all its manifest flaws we will lose everything that makes us who we are. This concept is so fundamentally dangerous to a globalist power elite that anyone proposing these ideas must be excluded. In Britain, we once banned Louis Farrakhan, but that ban was overturned more than fifteen years ago thanks to pressure from his supporters. Imagine this- that today we will allow many people to enter the United Kingdom and give speeches that demand the destruction of the state and her people, but we will arrest and detain people who come to say- our culture has value and if we're not very careful it will be gone forever.

Look at the timeline, from the arrest of National Action members for the ideas that they espoused to the conflation of Tommy Robinson with Anjem Choudary to the false idea that Islamic extremism is matched one for one by the dreaded far right. This is a shameful exhibition of spinelessness at the highest levels of British society, not that as a collective we refuse to acknowledge that perhaps not only are Sellner and Pettibone and Robinson, not extremists, perhaps they might have a relevant point- but also that we refuse to even look at the questions they are trying to answer in the first place!

That is the true sadness of this affair, that we as a people are so afraid of uncomfortable answers about the differences between cultures that we retreat into authoritarian tyranny and craven blindness.

God help us all.

The Editor

by The Editor