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The Huffington Post is generally considered by this magazine to be beneath our interest. After all, the content produced by Ariana's legion of volunteer undergraduates is notable only for their consistent anti-white agenda and lack of fact-checking. Still, on occasion, it is important to hold the hands of the feeble-minded and walk them through why reality looks the way it does.

In a piece entitled Violent Proto-Fascists Came To Portland. The Police Went After The Anti-Fascists the Huffington Post tries desperately hard to conflate proto-fascism with civic nationalist outfit The Proud Boys (led by the avowedly pro-Israel Gavin McInnes) and the pro-marijuana, pro-gay marriage, mixed-race Joey Gibson and his Patriot Prayer movement.

On one side of the parkway, in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, stood hundreds of out-of-towners belonging to the Proud Boys — a punch-drunk far-right group of self-described “Western chauvinists” dressed in helmets and body armor — and those aligned with Patriot Prayer and its leader Joey Gibson, a Republican Senate candidate from Washington state who has held a series of increasingly violent rallies in the Pacific Northwest since 2017.

Both groups have deep ties to white supremacists.

Dancing around the topic like this is a useful tactic to convince the casual leftist that if action is not taken, then the proto-fascists will magically transmogrify into actual fascists, which necessitates the anti-fascists to stamp on their heads. Though the noodle-armed Antifa invariably lose every engagement with the "nazis", we must not forget how this situation came to pass. The first blows were struck by anarchists. On the 4th of March 2017, an elderly man was pepper sprayed and 10 anarchists were arrested for violence in Berkeley. This followed February's incendiary near-riot at a Milo Yiannopoulos (remember him!?) speech at the town's campus. Eric Clanton, the 28-year-old "restorative justice" professor will be remembered more for his work with a bike lock at Berkeley than with a pen. People on the right began arming themselves around this time with helmets, to protect against being literally murdered.

Fast forward to today, and where are we?

On the one hand, the body-armor worn by The Proud Boys is a terrible thing. On the other, the helmet worn by this communist saved his life. It's almost as if not getting your brain scrambled is conducive to long-term success. Back to the Huffington Post article.

This is America’s modern “free speech” rally in the era of President Donald Trump. Trollish far-right leaders, like Gibson, plan a battle royale disguised as a celebration of the First Amendment. People come decked out with weapons and armor to fight anti-fascists, and one of two things happens: The two sides beat the living snot out of one another en masse, or police break it up.

At the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, the former happened, ending with a neo-Nazi allegedly driving a car into a crowd of anti-racist protesters, killing Heyer and injuring 19 others.


If you can conflate everything from the First Amendment and Donald Trump to the hamburger related death of Heather Heyer and neo-Nazis and trolling and the far-right; well, I guess that's justification for by any means necessary, isn't that right, comrades? The overtly Antifa supporting elements of the press seem to overlook that in every single occasion -from Milo at Berkeley to Portland on June 30th, 2018- it has been Antifa who start the trouble. Their entire M.O is to attempt to force violence from the "Nazis" and thereby justify the further escalation of violence in response to the violence of the Nazis, thus proving themselves ideologically correct. It is bizarre mental-backflipping, perfectly illustrated by the Huffington Post bloggers who simultaneously ignore the incredibly benign nature of the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer in favor of creating a unified neo-Nazi right wing boogeyman against which violence can be justified.

On June 30 in Portland, the city declared a riot after police let Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys brawl with anti-fascists in the streets. Some half a dozen people were sent to the hospital after the day’s chaos, one with a brain hemorrhage.

The brain hemorrhage was received by an Antifa goon who was trying to beat unarmed people with a collapsible baton. No sympathy required here, folks. If you are so bad at fighting you can't spot and dodge a telegraphed punch, you need to stay in your lane.

There were fears that Saturday’s rally would be even worse. But this time police successfully kept the sides separated — yet as they have at other Patriot Prayer gatherings, they targeted counter-protesters with their weapons and defended those aligned with white supremacy.

The multiracial, pro-Israel, Civ-Nat Proud Boys and an explicitly free-speech group headed by an Irish/Japanese activist are aligned with "white supremacy". For those that are keeping count, that's the second time we have been told that these groups are aligned with white supremacy, despite no evidence, nor any definition of where the actual white supremacists are. For the police captains, I am sure that the decision was an easy one. The legal, papered gatherings of the right-wing have passed off without incident in every circumstance that they have been permitted to do so unmolested. Antifa brings only disorder and violence. Therefore, if you remove the Antifa from your streets, order will return. Deploy the flash-bangs, lads!


“Police launched a violent attack on the left that was unprovoked in an attempt to allow Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys to go on their march,” said Effie Baum, spokesperson for Popular Mobilization, a coalition of anti-racist and anti-fascist groups formed for today’s counter-demonstration.

“When people say there was no violence today between the right and left, there was absolutely violence, and it was perpetrated by the police on the left.”

Effie was quoted prior to the event in proto-Communist blog Truthout:

“We know that we outnumber them, and history has shown in Portland, … when we have large numbers of people coming together, it shows the right wing and hateful groups that their rhetoric is not welcome in our city...As they grow and become a larger threat, we need a larger group of folks to combat their ideology.”

The right-wing, as a whole, is conflated with hate. This is what these people believe; and to call back to the opening paragraph of the Huffington Post piece, the use of Proto-Fascist is telling indeed. As the Daily Caller reported last year, Google has already re-defined Fascism itself to be explicitly right wing, and so the use of "proto-fascist" to describe mild right-wing groups in the liberal press is very troubling indeed.

It bears repeating again, that Antifa and related so-called anti-racist groups are little more than pawns for globalists, stirred up by articles like this one in the Huffington Post to prevent at all costs the gathering of nationalists and patriots. The media points, and the communist street-gangs -mostly populated with wastrels and society's losers- throw the excrement. It's an easy decision for cops to make- do you shoot the communists who are launching bottles of piss at you, or the "Nazis" who are chanting and praying? Well done, Portland P.D. May more police agencies follow your example of protecting the constitutional rights of citizens against those who wish to dominate the West using thought-control and violence.

To the leftists out there, if you decide that you don't want to be shot in the head by police with a flash-bang, or get your skull fractured while trying to baton people, or unfortunately drop dead from heart failure when a car misses you by a country mile, just leave conservatives alone to do our thing, and see us at the ballot box. The way you are going on, it's going to lead to a time when you wake up in the middle of the night, terrified that somewhere nearby you can hear a rotary-engined aircraft landing.


The Editor

by The Editor