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An outspoken advocate for our people and an active presence on social media, the following interview sheds some light on the mysterious personage that is @cursedsalad.

In ten words or less, describe your political persuasion.

Radical Traditionalism.

How and when did you become “red pilled”?

Red pilling for me was gradual. Although I grew up just prior to the political correctness epidemic, any race realism to which I was exposed had no real effect. I not only ignored it, I ignored every natural instinct that magnetized me to some people and repelled me from others. Instead, I chose to embrace my ethno-racially diverse environment, assimilating a lifestyle that was typical for the MTV Generation. But over time, I created a taxonomy of people according to my own experiences. There were a few outliers along the way, but I eventually arrived at race realism. I use the term "race" loosely here, but what I mean is different groups of people classified by morphological or skeletal similarities. Not only did I discover that these groups have predictable behavioral propensities, but they also had high in-group solidarity/favoritism - something I was brainwashed into believing was "racist." In due time, I became cognizant of the people who used their disproportionately loud voices to promote racial solidarity among minority groups while characterizing racial solidarity among the majority as racist. I realized that 95% of them had one thing in common: they were ethnic Jews. Subsequently, I took a deep dive into Jewry and discovered how Jews benefit from promoting this “anti-reality."

What (or who) is the single biggest threat to the continued existence of Western civilization?

Lack of linked fate among Europeans. If you’ve never heard of linked fate before, it is well worth a Google search. Essentially, it means that an individual’s fate is linked to the fate of the group to which the individual is a member – specifically their ethno-racial group. The “who” part of this question is pretty obvious and here's why: there is no group with more institutional power than Jews. Not only do Jews have a high linked fate quotient as a group, they also have the financial resources to subordinate any majority in any Western nation.

There is no other group that has this capability to the degree of Jews, nor is there another group that exercises said capability to the degree of Jews. Unfortunately, many of the cultural traditions we are fighting to restore are antithetical to the Jewish Tikkun Olam doctrine – an ubiquitous notion among Jews that means to “repair the world.” But what they consider “repairing” is actually what we would consider deconstruction. If you believe that Western countries – or any country really - should be grounded in the cultural traditions of the majority, then you are at odds with Tikkun Olam and thus a foe of Jewry. While originally rooted in a handful of verses in the Hebrew bible, Tikkun Olam has undergone several exegetical transformations at the hands of Jewish mystic Kabbalists, while also crossing into their secular zeitgeist. Christians should also be aware that Tikkun Olam seeks to abolish idolatry, which is problematic for Christianity because Jews consider Jesus to be nothing more than a bastard magician and false messiah.

Therefore, it should be everyone's concern when Jews push this alien concept into the mainstream - like when former President Bill Clinton used "Tikkun Olam" to describe his social agenda. This is obviously just a glimpse into the threat that Jewry poses to the West, but of course there is much more. One only needs to consider the detestable characterizations of non-Jews in their Talmud, the inhumanity of kosher slaughter, barbaric ritual male genital mutilation, cultish baby foreskin sucking, Kol Nidre, ribald genital and scatological humor, sexual proclivities, etc. – to see that Jewry is simply incompatible with Western societal values and is destroying our moral fabric. But the most important distinction here is that rejecting these byproducts of Jewry is not an indictment of immutable Jewish characteristics like skin color or gender, so it is thus disqualified from being classified as “racism.” But nevertheless, we still experience cognitive dissonance when we condemn these things as harmful to our existence, because tolerance - specifically tolerating the erosion of our society - is characterized as virtuous by Jews. This poses a very big threat because we are actually welcoming the dissolution of our values, choosing instead to replace them with the values of an invasive species that has killed more people per capita, directly and through their ideologies, than any other group on Earth.

Define “anti-Semitism.”

Whatever Jews want it to be, and if you disagree you’re an anti-Semite. Honestly, it means different things to different people. For Jews, it is a sword to attack their enemies, as well as a shield, to shield them from criticism. For Christian Zionists/Evangelicals, it's an affront to God. In Right-wing circles, it may be characterized as simply a rite of passage or simply the existence of white people (if white, then anti-Semite). Another accurate definition is the ubiquitous idiom: it used to be someone that hates Jews but now it’s someone Jews hate. The term itself was coined by German Jew Wilhelm Marr in the late 19th century during a period of transition for Jews from Judaism to secularism/atheism. Decades prior, Marx had written a book called On The Jewish Question which was sort of a post-emancipation strategy for Jews which concluded that much of the hatred for Jews was a product of their Capitalistic exploits. He began laying the groundwork for Communism which started permeating the Jewish community by the time Wilhelm Marr coined “anti-Semitism.” But despite the fact that a significant portion of Jews, including Marr, had transitioned to atheism or the secular ideology of Communism, intolerance for Jews continued unabated. Confronting this fact, Marr concluded that hatred for Jews was neither dogmatic or economic, but instead racial – a product of their bloodline. As such, he based the term "anti-Semitism" on a biblical ancestor of Jews called Shem (anti-SHEM-itism). This was his attempt to re-characterize the religious hatred (anti-Judaism) and economic-based hatred ("anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools") as a hatred based in ancestry – i.e. blood. We know that there is no stronger fraternity than a fraternity bound in blood, and from this bond stems their high propensity for ethnocentrism, tribalism, and nepotism. Studies show that two Jews chosen at random have a 10x higher probability of being related than two non-Jews chosen at random. Studies also show that all Ashkenazi Jews are at least 30th cousins; I would characterize this as a very strong blood bond. It is even supported by their Tanakh (God blessed Abraham and Abraham's seed - a blood blessing). Their religion, Rabbinical Talmudism (aka Judaism), is merely a codification of this biological nepotism, but not the root of the hate directed at them. To further elucidate this point, Jews consider their identity to be predominantly linked to ancestry, not religion (Pew, 2013). Resultantly, a highly tribal, ethnocentric group will never assimilate to their host country, but instead work to assimilate their host country to them – which is what we see happening in the West today. Opposition to their effort to subvert their host country's cultural traditions is at the epicenter of anti-Semitism.

So finally we arrive at the true definition: anti-Semitism is any opposition to the Jewish agenda to advance their tribal interests. Anyone that diverges from the Jewish agenda threatens Jews as a people because their agenda is tightly linked to their interests as a group and always checks the box: "Is it good for Jews?" A corollary of this is that everyone is a latent anti-Semite, because at some point every non-Jew will invariably disagree with Jews. This is why there are anti-Semites on both sides of the political spectrum and why there is so much anti-Semitism in the world.


A few last notes about anti-Semitism: Jews have diligently sought to undermine the notion of racial identity with specious claims like "race is a social construct." This is an effort to lower tribalism in out-groups: if you have no tribe, then you necessarily have no tribal interests. Or, if your tribe is everyone, then you are necessarily advocating for Jews while Jews also advocate for themselves. This results in less competition for Jews as they pursue their interests, and also decreases awareness of their tribalism. The hypocrisy here is that Jews very much acknowledge their own blood/ancestral bond, but want all other out-groups to ignore theirs - "only one race, the human race, goy." Jews don't believe this propaganda but indict non-Jews as racists if they don't subscribe to it. We only need to look to their ethno-state Israel and their DNA testing to see this. Additionally, this Jewish blood bond is actually a refutation of the common Jewish defense against ethnocentrism: “we can't be ethnocentric goy, there are black Jews, too.”

What can be done about the 'Zionist Occupied Government' and media-entertainment-academia complex?

Lawfare and organization. We have a fair shot at legally outlawing circumcision, dual citizens in public office, affirmative action, and foreign aid to Israel. Lobbying reform, abolition of the Federal Reserve, and registering Israeli foreign agents under FARA are top priorities too. Soros should be subpoenaed by the House Judiciary and questioned under oath about his involvement in inciting foreign nationals to break US laws. We should also join with animal rights activists to push for legislation to ban kosher slaughter, or in the very least, force Jews to register to buy kosher products to curb unnecessary kosher slaughter – perhaps at the state level. We must stop making concessions on our principles to make our country more comfortable for Jews while they are working to make our country less comfortable for us.

What figure has been the greatest influence on the development of your political/ideological beliefs?

There are a lot of great people that have influenced me like Lindbergh, Codreanu, Hitler, Rosenberg, etc, but none more so than Jews and their hate-filled agenda in academia, the media, and public policy. Everyone with a pulse should be influenced by their hateful mantra, “we will replace you.”

What are some other influences on you personally but perhaps not politically?

The decadence of my environment.

What does your perfect America look like?

A restoration to a European super majority and accomplishing everything I wrote in the question above (cease aid to Israel, ban circumcision/kosher, etc). I would also like to see the sanctions lifted on Iran and secure them as a military client state.

You alone are allowed to edit the Constitution and its Amendments. You can make as many changes as you’d like. What does it ultimately look like?

I probably can’t address all of the changes I’d make here, but I can tell you the first change I would make: erasing the 14th Amendment. To demonstrate why, it's probably best to start by sharing an excerpt from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson that stuck with me over the years. The letter was written as a response to James Monroe's inquiry about whether the US should purchase a tract of land in the West Indies or Africa to relocate freed slaves. Jefferson wrote, “it is impossible not to look forward to distant times, when our rapid multiplication will expand itself beyond those limits, and cover the whole Northern, if not the Southern continent with a people speaking the same language, governed in similar forms, and by similar laws: nor can we contemplate, with satisfaction, either blot or mixture on that surface.” What stood out to me about Jefferson's words here is that the current trajectory of the US couldn't be further from what he envisioned. He believed the US would be the cradle of European people in the Americas, with neither "blot nor mixture." As such, the 14th Amendment is probably the most diametrically opposed to Jefferson's vision for this country. It's been used to legally justify anchor babies, overturn anti-miscegenation laws, force integration in public spaces, and many other things that have diminished the European complexion of the US. Additionally, the Fair Housing Act is a consequence of the 14th Amendment’s “equal protection” clause, precluding any legally defensible, homogeneous enclaves inside US borders. If we analyze Jefferson's statement, he envisioned a contiguous outgrowth of European people across the Americas, but the 14th Amendment is the antithesis to this, providing a legal pretext for reversing the flow of people from inside out, to outside in. Specifically, it legally compels the "mixture" of peoples within the US and allows illegal immigrants to "blot" the country with their offspring. What's even more confounding, is that most of the Founding Fathers of the US are on record expressing views similar to Jefferson's.

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any future projects in the works?

Voracious reader and nature enthusiast. Also very active – workout, swim, hike, play sports, etc. There are a few projects I've been considering pursuing, but likely won't move ahead on until next year. There are a lot of gaps right now and I think we should all be considering ways to address the demand for alternative media and technology.

How do you define success, both personally and in terms of your political and social aims/beliefs?

The first rule to being successful is that you need to have measurable goals. Maybe this is recruitment numbers, social channel following, funds raised, petition signatures, etc. This obviously transcends politics. Subsequently, success is achieved by accomplishing goals. Social media is such a black box on our side of the fence, it's really impossible to forecast anything or get any clear picture about how well your messages are resonating, thus making goal-setting impossible. I'm shadow-banned constantly on Twitter, lose as much as 1% of my followers every day, and feel like I'm on borrowed time. I wouldn't be surprised if I get banned while I'm writing this. But alas, we all suffer this Corporate Communism.

How do you see this ending? Is the West doomed?

110 and we win™


John Q. Publius

by John Q. Publius

John Q. Publius writes for Republic Standard and runs the blog The Anatomically Correct Banana.