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In our second installment of a series of interviews profiling some of the Dissident Right’s “rising stars,” we have the privilege of catching up with the host of both “The Alt-Right’s Most Huggable Podcast: The Third Rail” as well as his solo venture “Midnight Special,” Spectre. Follow him on Twitter @SpectatorTM.

In ten words or less, describe your political persuasion.

I’m pretty much an American fascist.

How and when did you become “red pilled”?

I’ve always been a low-key race realist, but for most of my young adulthood, I was either an “opportunity Republican” or libertarian individualist. I knew there were differences but I did the whole NAXALT thing and pandered to the multicultural/equality narrative. Further, because I grew up in a largely White small town, my idea of diversity was what I saw on TV.

Contact with actual diversity and its consequences came when I moved to New York. That’s when I learned the thing about foreign people – they are really f*cking foreign. There is no real assimilation possible. The Trayvon Martin saga really cemented that for me.

The final hurdle for me was the big JQ hurdle, but living in New York really exposed me to how different, dishonest and conniving they could be. Once you see that, there’s no going back.

Still, I didn’t want to be “that guy.” My idea of a racist or White nationalist was still as much a media-created caricature as what I thought diversity was when I was in high school. I thought it was for mouth-breathers, dead-enders, and guys with neck tattoos.

It really was discovering TRS and especially Fash the Nation where I started realizing that I’d been duped on the White nationalism/far right politics. Here I was hearing these ordinary, middle American, educated guys and not only were they highly informed and sharp, but they were also witty and funny. They were people I would want to hang out with. They created a permission structure for me to say what I’d been thinking without feeling like I was some throw-back Hollywood stereotype swamp person.

And that’s when I realized that in the middle of the biggest city in America I was completely isolated. I heard these guys and I felt a sense I’d been missing since undergrad – a sense of fellowship with people like me who thought like me.

I that's the moment I realized that one, I wasn't going crazy - the world is, and two - everything I was feeling that was driving me crazy was just an indication that I was normal.


Is “great ethnic cuisine” a sufficient justification for obliterating your country in the service of “diversity”?

LOL. Here’s the thing. I like diversity in my food. And I’m actually a great home chef. But we have the recipes. They can go back.

What (or who) is the single biggest threat to the continued existence of Western civilization?

It’s several things all tied together – White complacency and decadence, pathological White compassion and guilt and White self-hate, all fostered and stoked by our ancient, shape-shifting, Red Sea walking, oven-dodging friends.

What figure has been the greatest influence on the development of your political/ideological beliefs?

My father. He taught me from an early age to pursue truth no matter where it took me and no matter whether I liked what I found or not.

What are some other influences on you personally but maybe not politically?

The obvious answers are the works of people like Pat Buchanan, early PJ O’Rourke, Kevin McDonald, HL Mencken, Ezra Pound, and George Lincoln Rockwell, but those are more recent. I have a strong grounding in the Western history and the classics of Western literature – Shakespeare, Twain, Cervantes – as well as more recent writers like Orwell – and it’s the understanding of human nature they provide that informs my political outlook. Times change, politics change - but human nature doesn't change.

“Optics”: Irrelevant or vital?

Absolutely critical. We can have the Triumph of the Will parades after we win.

Cicero or Caesar?

Caesar with a side of Marcus Aurelius, please.

Will Albanians be allowed in the ethno-state?

That’s their business.

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any future projects in the works?

What’s free time? I lift, I like to shoot and hunt, and I’m a pretty good cook. I'm actually a good ballroom dancer. I boxed a little and still do martial arts. I still love baseball, and I play on a softball team.

I’m still dancing around the idea of writing a novel – an anthology of interrelated stories of a post-America. It would be subtle and low-key red-pilled, aimed at a broad audience but with subversive Alt-Right themes.

How do you define success, both personally and in terms of the movement?

I think our success will come when we have politicians and pundits unabashed about openly promoting White interests in our own countries. I don’t think there’s a magic metric for success, but when every White congressman talks like Steve King of Iowa would if you gave him a few beers, there’s nothing that will stop us from taking our future back.

How do you see this ending? Is the West doomed? Or do we triumph and ultimately soar to glory, conquering the cosmos behind President Trump’s Space Force?

Why not both? I think the West as it is, is doomed. The center cannot hold. Now, the question is – does this house of cards get taken apart, peacefully, over the course of another generation, or does it get knocked down?
I actually hope for the former. What’s wrong with this country began in earnest just 50 years ago. Maybe 75 if you count the years of quiet subversion. And it was all the result of deliberate political actions.

But now we’re the quiet subversives. We’re at about 1960 right now. We have a small window to make some big changes that will ramp up our momentum enough that we can steer this ship back on the right course within a generation or two.

If things don’t go that way, well, we’ve seen how nasty, violent and vindictive the enemy is. Once they think they have us on numbers, they’re going to go full South Africa on us.

And I don’t think that will go well for them. We have always been a global minority. Little Albion conquered the world – creating the British Empire. In the last century, it literally took the whole world to defeat an awakened nation smaller than Texas.

Remember what I said about divining human nature from the classics? Rudyard Kipling had it right in “The Beginnings.”

You don’t want to make the White kids angry. But I'd rather this be resolved peacefully. We're not ghouls and we're not the monsters that our adversaries are. We're better than them. But we should do what we must to secure our future.


John Q. Publius

by John Q. Publius

John Q. Publius writes for Republic Standard and runs the blog The Anatomically Correct Banana.