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Rebutting Civic Nationalism

While conservatives of yore sought to combat the very real and very significant threat of communism, they failed to notice two things: one, that its practitioners had also colonized their own countries, and two, who, exactly, was behind the introduction of these spores of communism. While the West ultimately triumphed over the USSR, it may be the ghosts of Lenin and company have the last laugh. In many ways, life in the West is worse than it was in the Eastern Bloc. Such a comparison may seem laughable—we have plenty of stuff after all—but advance just one unpopular opinion about race, sex, and the like and watch what happens to your gainful employment, your placid home life, and your ability to even cash a check. The totalitarianism is more sinister precisely because it is more covert and because it is more invasive. Don’t like it? Build your own platform.

Whilst Baby Boomers were sold a bill of goods regarding “the content of our character,” Generation X was treated to the cognitive dissonance of merit-based race-blindness and the notice-but-disregard quirks of post-racialism; in an interesting twist, culturally, for a brief period in the 1990s, they actually almost got the formula right, but continued mass immigration and the ascendance of anti-Western ideologies continued to rush headlong toward the Barack Obama boiling point, where, quoting from Mark Point’s brilliant essay at American Thinker, “Racism on the Rise”:

Millennials were taught from childhood that the highest moral good was serving the self-esteem of non-Whites… According to the implicit demands of the experiment, Whites and by extension what could be perceived as “White culture” was selected for strategic downsizing… It’s unsurprising that when Whites were encouraged to jettison the exigencies of tradition in favor of debasing themselves, that we ended up with an entire class of people now lost in the wilderness without past or future. Over the past thirty years, conservatives were busy building an entire culture around anti-socialism while the Left was busy pushing its cultural trojan horse to unleash a whole different kind of plague.

Though there is essentially no difference between the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama in effect, the clear division is in the former’s final exhaustion of Ronald Reagan’s “moral majority” and the latter’s at-times antagonistic relationship toward Israel. Let’s be clear about something, though: they essentially served the same master as two sides of the same coin.


There are not two Americas. There is one America—ours—and the Tower of Babel-esque post-liberalist hellscape of the future that looks like the Golden Triangle in the remnants of Pittsburgh in George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead. Nevertheless, too many Americans have deluded themselves into thinking that voluntarily abasing themselves and their culture will somehow lead to unity, especially as they themselves accept the mantle of cultural and racial whipping-posts. This can only lead to contempt from the other races, for though Francis Fukuyama and his ilk decided that the fall of the USSR meant “the end of history,” it was only Western liberals who bought into such a premise fully. Unfortunately, though, conservatives, so fixated on defeating the Reds, had missed the deep rot setting in their own culture while they vicariously fought Ivan Drago. They’re now fighting ghosts. Returning to Point:

Indeed, it's nice that wrangler-wearing boomers have had their war paint ready to conserve their nest egg from the perennial specter of Soviet-style economics. Railing against socialized medicine and magazine limits is not without its merit, but for the sake of their grandchildren maybe they’d like to also counter the forces that seek to degrade Whites and for the first time in 2,000 years, permanently disconnect culture associated with them. Is it not obvious that every group on the planet both within and outside the West is encouraged to embrace the legacy of their ancestors except for Whites?... Don’t expect the Japanese or Chinese to do anything but look in amazement and take notes as Ford F150 ten-gallon hat types indignantly yell “out of my cold dead hands!” meanwhile their granddaughter is likely to spend the same twilight years in a very dangerous world because her grandfather was too worried about his bumpstock or the return of Fidel Castro to take a stand against the toppling of his ancestors and the deracination of his heirs. If conservatives were half as serious about combatting anti-White racism as they are about their guns, the wall would have been built 30 years ago and Mr. “It’s in our DNA” Obama would have never been elected to anything but a tribal warlord.

90% of Blacks, 80% of Jews, 77% of Asians, and 69% of Hispanics voted Democrat in the 2018 mid-term elections; these overwhelming percentages voted for the present radical, anti-White iteration of the Democrat Party. Using CNN’s exit polling data, 79% of the respondents who answered that electing more racial and ethnic minorities was “very important” were Democrats. 87% of respondents who felt that Whites were favored in society today were Democrats as opposed to 69% of the Republicans who felt that no group is favored. This is depressing on two fronts: one, a whole lot of Republicans, mostly Whites, either have their heads in the sand or are so deeply marinated in post-“Civil Rights” propaganda that they refused to see the reality playing itself out before them, and two, that most Democrats are just as delusional in feeling that Whites, with all of the venom and anti-White policies directed at them, are somehow a privileged group.

“All cultures are created equal except your own,” we are told, except yours. Europeans and the European Diaspora are responsible for 97% of all human achievement and innovations in the sciences, notions of human rights and democracy (which are now being weaponized against us), and the eradication of many diseases as well as the minimization of the effects of famine. As election after election has proven, non-Whites do not, and will not, ever, in any appreciable numbers value the same things that we do. They do not vote Republican (and let’s be honest, it’s not like all Republicans are worth voting for), but rather hew toward the “liberal” Democrats—“liberal” in this instance meaning genocidal totalitarians who literally threaten to use nuclear weapons against their own people who refuse to turn their guns over to the federal government. This is not hyperbole: they want you dead. Eradicated. Erased. Point asks:

So where have three decades of feverish placation and encouraging our sons and daughters to take a backseat landed us? Statue toppling, knock out games, self-self-segregated graduations, implicit this, privilege that, people being fired for thought-crimes, higher taxes on struggling families to subsidized race-based transfers, racialized comic book warriors, real historical heroes defaced with graffiti, suppressed speech, our national anthem undermined, and an endless torrent of millions of new immigrants adding more complexity to a difficult situation… Your daughter’s daffy feminism, the lionization of increasingly bizarre sexual anomalies, the undying dream of economic collectivism and Christophobia are all skirmishes that need managing but America is becoming dangerously anti-White at a time when with the world’s only White-majority societies are becoming White-minority.

Americans (to quote Revilo P. Oliver, “When I use that word, I mean Americans, descendants, and heirs of the creators of the Western world; I do not mean all featherless bipeds that, ‘regardless of race, color, or creed,’ happen to be on our soil at the present time”) and their Western kin must decide what kind of nation—if one at all—they want moving forward.


John Q. Publius

by John Q. Publius

John Q. Publius writes for Republic Standard and runs the blog The Anatomically Correct Banana.