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These are curious times to hold conservative opinions. Around the same time that Donald Trump, Theresa May, and Emmanuel Macron took it upon themselves to mete out punitive justice to the Syrian people for a crime the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has yet to verify, Twitter launched another attack on us, the free speech press. This time, they're getting personal.

Overnight, both the Twitter accounts of Republic Standard and myself personally were suspended. No rationale has been provided. Moreover, all the accounts that are operated by other administrators of Republic Standard -even those unrelated to the magazine- have also been suspended.

Once again for the cheap seats; unrelated business accounts operated by people who merely have access to the Republic Standard account have been suspended for the crime of associating with a magazine that publishes uncomfortable truths.

The point of interest is that while I have expected to be booted from the platform for being a horrible edgelord, the Republic Standard account only published the articles from this site and adverts for our merchandise. This can only mean that this is a targeted and ideologically motivated attack against the alternative press by Twitter, either unilaterally or at the behest of a co-ordinated campaign by hard left activists. Suffice to say; we will not be silenced by social media companies pushing a neo-Marxist and pro-war agenda.

You can find Republic Standard on Gab, and all our articles are mirrored on our sister site, the Freebird Forum which also curates our comment sections that you find at the bottom of the page. It feels a little ironic that on our sites we have one all-encompassing commitment; to uphold and defend the First Amendment of the Constitution. This is our line in the sand- beyond political ideology, beyond our personal opinions is the commitment to upholding freedom of speech; for everybody.

As a Briton, I know the consequences of allowing the state to define what kinds of speech are permissible. I have to return to my homeland soon, to make arrangements for my wedding- and we will see what happens when I arrive. Is that paranoia? Hopefully. Who can say what will happen in a day or a week?

A month ago, Martin Sellner of Generation Identity and the YouTuber Brittney Pettibone were prevented from entering the United Kingdom. Pettibone was due to interview the anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson. With no crime having been committed, the British state detained both Sellner and Pettibone and then deported them back to Austria.

Two weeks ago, Tommy Robinson was permanently banned from Twitter, for so-called hateful conduct. Robinson gave the speech Sellner had been due to give at Speaker's Corner, to a crowd of thousands. You can follow Tommy Robinson on Gab.

Last night Martin Sellner discovered he has been banned permanently from the United Kingdom, for the crime of leading a "right-wing organization."

Today, we all face a future which has taken a turn for the totalitarian. The governments of the free West are bombing Syria with impunity, for crimes that have not been proven.


In 2003 I was one of the millions who marched against the criminal wars of the Tony Blair and George Bush in London. It feels little different today; that our governments are falling into lock-step towards a war which is almost certainly illegal. We have received unverified reports from serving members of the United States military that the Marines, Rangers and Air Force have received deployment orders to the region, as "the largest US Strike Force since Iraq" takes shape. Unlike in 2003, there has been no need for a dossier, dodgy or otherwise, to convince three nuclear powers to attack Syria. All we have been told is that it is "likely" that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against civilians in a rebel-held town that his army had surrounded and was about to conquer.

Without OPCW verification, we will now never know the truth. All we will be told is that our cause is just. Trump good. Assad bad! In his earlier address, President Trump had said:

"We are prepared to sustain this response until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents."

US Secretary of Defence Mattis claims that "right now, this is a one-time shot," but let us be real. There is no reason for this scale of deployment unless the West is going in hard. "We" are going in without a UN mandate, again; to effect futile regime change, again; to condemn Christians to genocide, again. And for what? Is it a coincidence that these strikes took place shortly after the solemnity of the Shabbat Mevorchim prayers, guaranteeing a prime-time Israeli television audience?

That is just the speculation of some online delinquents who cannot be trusted to behave in the authorized manner on mainstream social media- don't quote me on it. Just by making the suggestion that this is the beginning of a war at the behest of the Knesset, we would have broken many unwritten terms of service; and probably British laws, too. I find myself in the odd position of agreeing with Labour's Jeremy Corbyn and former BNP leader Nick Griffin; this war is a mistake that we will live to regret; this war is illegal, and this war is immoral. It was wrong when John McCain funded radical Islamic terrorists and called them moderates in 2013, and it is immoral today when Trump, May, and Macron unilaterally attack a nation based only on guesswork and allegations.

The war is not just one of clear war crimes against the much-troubled Syrians, but one against reality itself waged by the combined powers of Silicon Valley, the mainstream media and our own governments. It is the product of an agenda that is beyond politics. I have written before the fight for the future of the West itself taking place right now- and I believe I have, unfortunately, been proven right. Dispel any doubt in your mind that there is a war being prosecuted against you.

I wrote a little while ago about the price of truth; and it is still not for sale. In terms of the Twitter ban, I cannot say that we are surprised- perhaps only in that Republic Standard has managed to become so notorious in four short months since its inception that Twitter felt we had to be expunged from the site.

If you are reading this, you are part of a struggle that will be remembered in history; if we are victorious. If we lose, no-one will even know we tried. We will continue to defend and uphold the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment, across as much internet real-estate as it is possible to occupy.

All of us at Republic Standard thank you for your continued support. We are citizens from many countries, just like you. Just like you we want to live in peace, and with freedom. Join us, and let the truth be known.

The Editor

by The Editor