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This I wonder— if the White Man is so uniquely evil, why do the throngs of dark-skinned people risk life and limb to come to his homelands? And why do those that live under his oppressive thumb stay?

You know oppression is real when you can make hundreds of millions of dollars as a black man in America with nothing more than a high school education, a la LeBron James. The powers-that-be are truly aligned against you. And who are those powers-that-be, exactly? The Left operates under the assumption that they have cornered the market on activism; that this nefarious board room stuffed with old white guys, probably located in Trump Tower, is pulling the global strings and ensuring that the Third World remains in squalor. They are seemingly unaware that China owns basically all of sub-Saharan Africa, plus a host of other nations such as Jamaica, or that there is a certain trans-national ethnoreligious body invested in mass population transfers, outsourcing, and the general erosion of the nation-state (with one exception). These are if you’ll pardon the pun, the “echoes of globalism.” Walk with me a little, will you?

We are told that the single most important thing in the world—more important than preserving your culture, traditions, and nation—is eradicating, once and for all, the sick scourge of RACISM. But this scourge only seems to work in one direction. It is, to quote Jean Raspail, a targeted pathologizing of one group (Europeans), whereby;

“opinion [is] shaped to believe that racism in the cause of self-defense is the scourge of humanity.”

Though I do not condone Apartheid, it is eminently clear that first Rhodesia and now South Africa were fitted for the same noose by the court of neo-liberal public opinion, but now that the black majorities say “Whites Need Not Apply,” where’s the universal outrage or condemnation of this new, black and brown Apartheid? Where is the next Nadine Gordimer to pull on our heart-strings and decry the terrible oppression suffered by the white South Africans at the hands of the ANC and EFF?


The entire cultural zeitgeist—the entertainment industry, the education system, professional sports, the justice system, the media complex, the commentariat, the technocracy, corporations, the financial sector, the race grievance industry, diversity advocates, Human Resources, big pharma, politicians, law enforcement (selective or lack thereof), global policy-making and neo-liberal consensus—all are aligned with the Resistance. What, pray tell, are they resisting exactly? All I see are a bunch of totalitarians engaged in activism and protesting to restrict rights. What cruel mockery is this? How much does their revolution retail for? As Jean Raspail wrote;

“The important thing about oppression if you’re going to keep it panting in the public eye without killing it outright, is to make sure there’s plenty of variety.”

I think it's important that both Corporate and Civic America take a stand against these people, and show them they cannot push us around, especially when what we are trying to do here is save lives. - David Hogg

Peace, love, harmony, and universal goodwill are a pipe-dream, a marketing ploy by globalists who gleefully pit one tribe against another (except, of course for The Tribe) in the age-old stratagem of divide and conquer. Wilhelm Marr, in 1879, understood that there is a certain strain in Judaism that he calls “rootless,” and that this particular, Bolshevik-inflected sub-set of Judaism wants nothing more than to obliterate the defining characteristics of its host in the express purpose of creating a plurality to navigate among with as little friction as possible. They are in the business of pushing the delusion that all people and all races are created equally and thus, interchangeable. They will not ever address such questions as, “What is a Germany without Germans, or a Sweden without Swedes, or an Italy without Italians?” We are witnessing what happens when change is the status quo, baked into the rhetoric of Progressivism.

The future, we are told, is brightly-colored, multi-ethnic, and genderless. Such vibrant diversity is, however, very rare in the same media conglomerates pushing this narrative, and curiously, it isn’t old white men clustered at the top. The endlessly-propagandized benefits of multi-culturalism apparently do not extend to the actual management structure of the major media and entertainment companies so thoroughly dominated by the Tribe; as Jason Bayz writes:

Jews are very well represented in Hollywood and the media despite their small size. Whites, on the other hand, are underrepresented in all categories measured. Even if all the individuals classified as “unknown” were instead classified as “White,” White people would still be underrepresented relative to their proportion of the population in all the categories. Non-Whites are even more underrepresented. Not a single President, Chairman or CEO in any of these companies is a Black American.

I, for one, find this lack of diversity to be highly problematic, but not everyone seems fazed. Chinese entrepreneur Chen Guangbiao, who has designs on becoming an American newspaper mogul, believes that in addition to his capital, he would be a major power player because, as he says;

“I am very good at working with Jews.”

He’ll need to be: Disney chairman and CEO Michael Eisner is of course Jewish, as is Comcast chairman and CEO Brian L. Roberts; National Amusements, which owns 80% of the voting shares in Viacom and CBS (whose chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves is Jewish), is run by Sumner Redstone (né Murray Rothstein) and his daughter, both Jews. Those are four of the six largest media corporations in the United States, and this is without considering the major role in information dissemination, networking, and hosting of content of companies like Facebook (CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish), Google (founder and CEO Larry Page is Jewish, as is co-founder Sergi Brin), Twitter (one of the founders, Noah Glass, is Jewish), and YouTube (CEO Susan Wojcicki is ethnically Jewish). Jews are overrepresented at places like CNN by a factor of twenty-five. Jews are over-represented among senior executive positions at the major television broadcast networks, cable networks, and movie production companies by a factor of 44.5! Just six media conglomerates control approximately 90% of American media: Viacom, Disney, CBS, News Corporation/21st Century Fox, and Comcast. As evidenced above, Disney, Time Warner, Viacom, Comcast, and CBS are under Jewish ownership and management; even PBS, “the nation’s largest non-commercial media organization with nearly 350 member stations throughout the country,” is under Jewish management in the form of president and CEO Paula Kerger.


And it’s not just the American media that has a- let’s call it “a heavy presence” of Jews: six of Sweden’s seven major newspapers are Jewish-owned; the Bronfman family’s Seagram Company has an outsized footprint in Canadian media; the three most-watched non-state-owned television stations in Finland are under the control of Sanoma WSOY and Alma Media, which are Jewish-owned, and the two companies own a majority stake in the nation’s premier news agency; the most widely-circulated newspapers in Latvia are Jewish-owned; LNK TV in Lithuania is Jewish-owned; several premier business papers, such as Finance in Slovenia, Äripäev in Estonia, and Puls Biznesu in Poland are Jewish-owned; a substantial swathe of the Danish media and finance commentariat is Jewish; and the list goes on. Understanding that this a group that is highly gifted with verbal acuity, this cannot itself account for the entirety of this dramatic overrepresentation. Mika Brzezinski’s slip on Morning Joe—“Keep it right here on Morning Jew!”—appears to be of the Freudian variety.

One thing I would urge all readers to do is to also dig into who is reinforcing with their “activism” all of the propaganda from the aforementioned media corporations. Find out who else is behind these monolithic facades that are, to be blunt, nothing but Potemkin villages. The Leftist/globalist worldview is a fiction and it cannot exist without something to parasitize or, as they say in critical theory, “critique.” Most are probably familiar with George Soros and his Open Society Foundations and assorted other fronts and pet projects (like Media Matters), but there are many more organizations out there working to push their brand of “activism,” such as the Tides Foundation, Common Cause, and so many others. is a terrific place to start in terms of think tanks, advocacy groups, and charitable foundations.

The Romanticist dream of a borderless and collectivist planet is a Coca-Cola advert philosophy, peddled to the naive and loaded with just as many additives and sweeteners. The vendors are the companies listed above.

Spend your attention wisely.


John Q. Publius

by John Q. Publius

John Q. Publius writes for Republic Standard and runs the blog The Anatomically Correct Banana.