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An Extended Comment To John Q. Publius

Regarding this piece, published in Republic Standard Friday May 11 2018:

The problem with this subject is separating fact from fiction on both sides of the issue of race and culture. We all know that much of academia and therefore a great deal of published research come from a very deeply ingrained progressive culture. Some otherwise reasonable science is tainted by bias so who is to know the absolute truth.

People often use straw arguments to reinforce their desired point; an example can be seen in JQP’s reference to Sickle Cell. Sickle cell is a genetic affliction of peoples from sub-Saharan Africa; Spanish-speaking regions in the Western Hemisphere (South America, the Caribbean, and Central America); Saudi Arabia; India; and Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Hardly ‘black Africa’ and clearly something that has affected people who have quite literally been out in the sun too much. By inference I have a genetic affliction called Dupuytren’s Contracture which largely affects peoples with genetic history to peoples of Northern European (English, Scottish, Irish, Dutch, French) or Scandinavian (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish) descent. This of course would make Germans, French, Polish and Czechs less white- and just how White are those Russians? And does Sickle Cell make Italians black? Perhaps the advent of sunscreen can, over time, prevent us from one ill fate and push us into another but I doubt it will change our outlook on culture much.

What do we know about race today? Is it surprising that, after a hundred years of debate and inquiry by anthropologists, not only does the answer remain uncertain but also the very question is so fraught? In part, this reflects the deep investments modern societies have made in the notion of race. We can hardly know it objectively when it constitutes a pervasive aspect of our identities and social landscapes, determining advantage and disadvantage in a thoroughgoing manner.

Another ‘example’ that JQP refers to is the independent country of Liberia; established as a colonial off ramp of the US by the ACS. Not mentioned was that of the nearly 5000 people who went there, less than half survived the first 25 years. Without going into the many historical failings that occurred including resource exploitation, I will just mention a couple of germane points to the subject. While the US declared this area as a US colony and protectorate, it never intervened in the attacks of the indigenous populations on the sparsely settled Libero-Americans. Interestingly enough, not unlike a foreign born Japanese attempting to settle in Japan, indigenous peoples did not accept the cultures and Christian religions of these ‘foreigners’. So we have here a cultural clash and not a racial clash. The ‘colony’ was ‘gradually’ given its independence over the course of 25 years, the ACS and the US effectively washed their hands of the fledgling country.

The comment quoted by MLK and used to justify the principle of segregation was a wrong on so many levels. Of course black and white churches were segregated… so was business and neighbourhoods. As I have said elsewhere you cannot negate the affects of ‘Separate but Equal’ and later the antagonisms created by its antithesis, the 1964 civil rights act in this discussion. For a mere 35 years since the US Civil War have people ‘legally’ been allowed to sort out their own lives and draw their own conclusions. I can find many examples of just how perverted ‘law’ (clearly against the stated aims of the US dream and its founding documents) has affected the social and cultural aspects of society in a negative way.

None of this is to say that people don’t have personal preference… None of this isn’t to say that we aren’t attuned in many ways to the people who look like us, but just like people who love and hate sea food, that does not prevent them from absorbing and being part of the same culture. One thing I find interesting is that today, Middle America’s , mostly white had found itself excluded from the fortunes of America by bad trade policy and a strong bias against them by urban populations. These people struggle, have a high addiction to opiates and are really not very productive members of society… I wonder if you put all of them in housing projects located in the middle of economically and socially deprived areas of large cities, how they would fair.

I blame the better part of our countries entire racial animus on government. Government that refuses to see citizens… all citizens as equals in providing services and in administering law. Government that refuses to allow citizens to associate as they will… The time for red lining communities and quotas is far past its use by date. Of course the government is ours and I would say that the progressive movement is quite amored with making government omnipresent. The problem, far from being an issue of race, is government interference in the general flow of how people interact and how a culture naturally develops.


One thing that I find interesting in the ‘white’ argument is that they fantasize that it was the whites of the world who created everything and they generally tout intellect when speaking about blacks and Latinos but aren’t keen to accept the idea that maybe Asians are, in the long run smarter than everyone (tests tell us so). His Excellency Xi Jinping has certainly made it clear that whites have no special place in the world where everyone not Chinese is the inferior on the planet.

Interest conflicts between ethnic groups are inevitable because ethnic groups are genetic kinship groups and because the struggle for existence concerns the survival of our own genes through our own or our relatives’ descendants.

‘Our own genes’ For more than a century, natural and social scientists have been arguing about whether race is a useful classificatory tool in the biological sciences – can it elucidate the relationship between humans and their evolutionary history, between humans and their health. In the wake of the U.S. Human Genome Project, the answer seemed to be a pretty resounding “no.”

Genetic methods do not support the classification of humans into discrete races, and racial assumptions are not good biological guideposts. Races are not genetically homogenous and lack clear-cut genetic boundaries. And because of this, using race as a proxy to make clinical predictions is about probability… this goes to the point I made about Sickle Cell being a determiner of race; it just isn’t.

Also a finer point to consider; The US census and indeed medical enquiries of past years would always ask you your race and besides black and Asian etc would be the widely used term ‘Caucasian.’ Whites readily identified with the term but if you are a racial purist, you would be grouping yourself with some rather unsavoury peoples.

I think that far more important to look at is who is driving the division of race and who benefits. The argument of preservation of your patrimony is little more than a two part problem; One easy to solve and the other requiring a strong and determined engagement with the progressive left. Firstly, no one tells you who to procreate with… that, unless you have a proclivity to promiscuity with anything that breaths, is clearly a personal responsibility. The problem of anti-white discrimination in societies that are without written constitutions, is more difficult problem to address but in the US, this kind of over reverse-discrimination-come-discrimination is just plain against the law. Trump has managed to break the political correctness ceiling and yes, we should, in a most categorical fashion, engage in this subject because it isn’t about the destruction of a race as it is about the survival of a culture and the rule of law.

Slow assimilation of a sub group into a larger group will of course introduce change, but it will be change, in a free society (as in freedom of association) is in accordance with the wishes of the dominant culture. Make no mistake, the enemy of western culture are the people who set up the benefits that draw people from other places. Middle Eastern ‘refugees’ did not attack the white culture when they came in the thousands to the train station in Hungary. They chose a west bound ticket rather than an east bound one… either choice would put them in a predominately white culture. They came for the socialist benefits offered up to them by the same people who want to destroy our borders; the same people who look the other way at the atrocities of Islam, the same people who box white people in the corner with hate laws. Blacks and Hispanics may have rising clout but make no mistake, it is the white progressive left that are running this cattle drive. Some are doing it out of misguided sense of purpose while others are doing it for power and wealth.

Preservation of our culture is important and it is important to speak up and defend it but give XI’s desire to have the planet speaking Chinese and reciting Confucius, I would suggest that the issue is far more about culture than race and that the left has no clue about the journey they are attempting to force us into. I would also say that there are some things about our culture that we need be aware of; there are people who see a goal in human immortality. These are very much people of the ‘West’ and they have a very clear vision of reaching into the guts of humanity and ripping out its soul. Put the totality of your memory in an AI device and mount it on a self replicating robot and call it immortality. Only a few will be immortal and your brain and even your white body will be irrelevant.


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