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Rosie O'Donnell, an overweight and unemployed Hollywood has-been, is now selling low-quality 'sadness rage' art on Etsy as a means to fund the #resistance.

Despite not having the typical physique or talent of a starving artist, Rosie has nonetheless committed her life to the cause of the resistance art activism movement. Her goal is to save America from tyranny.

When Rosie is not spending her days crying or screaming into pillows, she can be found making cheap 5x7 prints of finger paintings done on her iPhone. Rosie shared her inspiration on Etsy:

til trump is out
I will keep making these
I started doodling on my I phone
many images of trump and his regime
my sadness rage disappointment
will now be expressed
with these pieces

Rosie claims that all proceeds will be used to fund political campaigns for #resistance candidates. She has made a total of 12 sales and her store is currently sold out.

Best of luck Rosie!

A. Landholder

by A. Landholder

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