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The introduction of a mixed-race American actress with left-wing and feminist sympathies into the British Royal Family was always going to cause a headache for many. On top of that, it didn’t help that Meghan Markle (now known as the Duchess of Sussex), seemed to have that publicity hungry, virtue signaling personality trait that drives many people up the wall.

As the months have progressed since Prince Harry and Meghan’s summer wedding, the mainstream media, although initially over-the-top in their support for the latter, have begun to retreat from this position. The reason for this is that Meghan’s private behavior has already started to leak into the public domain. There was evidence even before the wedding that she was an ambitious actress who would throw people under the bus to get what she wanted. Her first husband, Trevor Engleson, said that her treatment of him was so bad that he felt like "a piece of something stuck to the bottom of her shoe".

Over the last 2 weeks, it has become clear that a growing rift has emerged between Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan. Katherine, with her charming, modest and sensible demeanor, is almost the complete opposite of Meghan’s left-wing celebrity characteristics, traits which she developed after years working in Hollywood. The initial plan after this year’s wedding was for the Royal brothers, William and Harry, to live in apartments next door to each other in Kensington Palace, which even has a door connecting the two living spaces, which would have allowed the brothers and their spouses to mingle without ever going outside. However the growing tension between the two couples has seen this plan being abandoned; with Harry and Meghan now set to move to Frogmore Cottage, located in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The problems seem to have begun with Prince William ‘expressing doubt’ about Meghan’s suitability during the initial phase of courtship, and then intensified when Meghan told off a member of Katherine’s staff, even though Meghan at the time was not a member of the Royal Family. There was also another incident involving Meghan’s wedding preparation team and Buckingham Palace’s staff. Meghan had complained that St George’s Chapel, where she was due to marry, had a bad smell when in reality it simply had the odor that all old stone buildings have. The Chapel has been used by the Royal Family for worship since the 15th Century, and Buckingham Palace, upon hearing Meghan’s demands for air fresheners, reportedly replied "if it was good enough for them, it would be good enough for her".

Meghan’s personal assistant, Melissa Toubati, resigned in tears after just 6 months in the job, after not being able to cope with the Duchess’s lists of demands, many of which came in the form of e-mails in the early hours of the morning. The fact that Melissa Toubati has ‘happily’ worked for other high profile names in the past, including Robbie Williams, hints that she was not the unreasonable one when in a working relationship with Meghan.

It is responsible to be cautious when allegations about anyone emerge; however, when multiple allegations, from multiple sources, are leaked from people close to the person of whom the complaints are about, pattern recognition kicks in, and an assessment can be made.

Of course, it is easy to go into the apparent errors of marrying somebody who is racially different from you. This factor will mean Harry and Meghan’s future children, despite being members of the Royal Family, will have mixed identities, and therefore will inevitably have mixed loyalties as well. This is a slight similarity to marriages in the 19th century when wealthy American heiresses (including Winston Churchill’s mother) married into the British aristocracy. The difference there was that those couples were of the same race, and so the extra factor of racial conflict (which is intensifying across the West) never occurred within their relationship.

The British Royal Family is the most important Royal bloodline in the world, and has both a ceremonial and constitutional role involving multiple countries in multiple continents, and has a history which fascinates millions of people every year. It would be awful if the cohesiveness and durability of the Royals was being put under pressure or ruptured by a new arrival. Judging by Prince Harry’s approach to his wife, ‘what Meghan wants she gets’; I think there is definitely a cause for concern.


Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.