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Keep your seatbelts on, folks. According to Vanity Fair, Meghan revealed at her baby shower that her imminently expected will be raised as a gender-fluid child. Of course, this was denied by Buckingham Palace. But nobody would be surprised if this progressive princess, supported by her widely popular and slightly wild husband Harry, fully meant what she allegedly said.

It was predictable from the outset that Meghan would be a wrong ‘un (should anyone imply such inference, I attribute none of this to her ethnicity or American nationality, which freshen the Windsorhood). She is the epitome of the self-righteous, virtue-signaling, celebrity social justice warrior. Narcissistic Meghan wants to emulate and exceed Diana, and ensure that in future movies she will be not the actress but the actual heroine.

Never being a fan of Diana, my response to her untimely death in 1997 was coolly detached as I saw all those flowers, all those personal messages from people who never met her. However, Diana obviously fulfilled a need in society, and the outpouring of grief after the tragedy marked a turning point in British culture, from the traditional stiff-upper-lip to open emoting. As Tony Blair said when taking office earlier that year, ‘A new dawn has broken, has it not?’

We all wish Meghan and Harry a healthy and happy child. A boy is rumored, and perhaps that explains the gender fluidity. As a devout feminist, Meghan would probably be less keen on undermining the sex of a daughter: instead, she would be raised a strong female, preparing to right the wrongs of the patriarchal world.

So allow me to introduce, by sneak preview, Princex Madison. He will wear trousers one day and a skirt the next. But enough of the cisgender pronouns. For Madison will be known by the royal ‘they’.

Yet for all that the Woke generation will laud Meghan, the concept of gender fluidity has a short shelf-life. The vociferous and often aggressively intolerant transgender movement is pushing the boundaries too far for the generally ‘live and let live’ public. A backlash is inevitable at the 2020 Olympics when many a podium will be occupied by men posing as female athletes.

Okay, transgenderism is not the same thing as eschewing gender stereotypes in childrearing. Moreover, there is no way of Meghan and Harry keeping the sex of their child secret, as Leftie singer Paloma Faith has done. But the same subversive ideology is at work, deconstructing gender to create a brave new world.

I’m sure that the seventh-in-line heir to the throne will grow out of it.


by Niall McCrae

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