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Even if populist-nationalist governments in Europe and North America eventually succeed and mass immigration is stopped, the West’s power is unlikely to remain at the same level in the future. China and India are themselves growing both economically and militarily at such an alarming rate, that the West simply does not have the economic or military might to suppress or even contain them beyond the next 15 years. This will completely shift the power of the world towards Asia, which in itself would leave whites in a secondary position on the global stage – something we have not experienced for 500 years.

There is a possible light in this new dark strategic reality though; a solution which is obvious yet would create fury among political elites in Washington, London, Paris, and Jerusalem – Russia. Russia’s military, natural resources, and territory (which stretches the entire northern length of Asia), would provide much needed strategic weight. An alliance between America, Europe and Russia would definitely bring a more cohesive geopolitical strategy, provided mass immigration was finally stopped as well. It is the idiotic rivalry between the West and Russia which is currently splitting the white world in two. This rivalry was understandable in the Cold War, but now it is quite frankly ridiculous.

If Russia wants to re-conquer former territory in Eastern Europe like Crimea, Belarus, and the Baltic states then why should we really care? I would prefer at the very least a non-aggression pact with Russia than to fight a large war over such pointless issues as these. With the demographic situation as it is, a major white vs white war would be a disastrous blow to our people.

After its successful campaigns in the Syrian Civil War, Russia is beginning to spread its wings and push its influence around the world – with Africa being the latest example. This is good in this particular case because it acts as a white competitor to China in Africa. Beijing’s elite are developing interests on the continent (and thus outflanking Europe), at the exact same time when America’s influence there is on shaky ground. Meanwhile, in Venezuela, Putin’s decision to send small numbers of military planes and troops to help sure up Maduro’s regime has significantly decreased Washington’s ability to enact regime change there.

Now imagine what could be done on the global stage if Europe and America were allied to Russia just as it was pushing its influence across the globe. The recent cooperation between Russia and France in support of General Haftar in Libya proves that such alliances are possible.

The unification (in a strategic sense) of America, Europe and Russia could only come about with the defeat of one major obstacle – the Israeli lobby. The Zionists in America will keep pushing the narrative that paints Russia as the enemy of the West as part of their strategy. This is because Russia’s military bases and intervention in Syria are gradually wearing away Israeli air supremacy in that part of the Middle East, and Moscow’s strong ties with Iran, Israel’s mortal enemy, seriously challenges Israel’s military power. This is why Jews of all political persuasions are increasingly rallying behind any cause that seeks to harm Russia’s strategic interest.
Despite the Cold War ending nearly 30 years ago, the foreign policy of the West with regards to Moscow has changed very little. Yet Russia has transformed from being a Communist despotic regime into a semi-democratic productive state. It is obviously not an explicitly pro-white nation, but it does support traditional values, common sense thinking and has a certain reactionary essence to its soul. Its people, especially the white Slavic majority, have a very patriotic mindset, something which whites in the West should seek to emulate.

Whatever your views on what the future could hold, the reality that all white countries need to be allied with one another should be obvious. As the demographics worsen, having a friend in Russia would be no bad thing at all – it may even be the final destination for whites who choose to flee the Brazilification of the West. Ending the anti-Russian narrative in the Capitals of Europe and North America could pay dividends later on, and judging by our current predicament, such efforts can be no bad thing.


Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.