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Another day and the Mainstream Media are again doing their level best to Make America Stupid Again.

Ash Sharp

So it turns out that seven years ago a porn actress gave an interview saying she banged Donald J. Trump 11 years ago and was paid a handsome sum as an NDA two years ago. Stormy Daniels appears on Jimmy Kimmel this week, folks! But you knew that already. That's all the press can talk about. Well, that and Nutella riots.

What you might not know is that it has finally come to light thanks to the Dutch media that there is conclusive proof of Russian interference in the 2016 Election. The facts are in. According to Volkskrant, a highly reputable news source in the Netherlands:

Three American intelligence services state with 'high confidence' that the Kremlin was behind the attack on the Democratic Party. That certainty, sources say, is derived from the AIVD (Dutch intelligence service) hackers having had access to the office-like space in the center of Moscow for years.

The same news site reported candidly how the FBI, President Obama and the DNC all dropped the ball. Tens of thousands of e-mails came to the streets via Wikileaks, bringing to light the favoring of Clinton over Bernie Sanders- causing the fall of Debbie Wassermann Schultz and the unmasking of the Podesta Brothers as being... well, we're still trying to work that one out.

Whether the hacks have pushed Clinton over the edge we cannot know. Even without the hacks, Clinton was a weak candidate: however strong she was, she dragged her entangled ambitions and the burden of a dynastic power with her, while the electorate was waiting for the weightlessness of an outsider.

The upshot today is that President Trump's denial of the reality of the Russian hack must come to an end. The evidence is now there for us all to see and corroborated by multiple international and domestic intelligence agencies. We can now take it as fact that Russian hacker group 'Cozy Bear' infiltrated both the DNC, The White House and were thwarted in their attempts to access The State Department. Thanks to Dutch intelligence services who had access to Cozy Bear for over two years beginning in 2014.

Naturally, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov rejected the Dutch reports on Friday.

“If Dutch newspapers want to add fuel to the fire of anti-Russian hysteria that exists in America, this is not the most noble occupation,” he said, according to Russia's Tass news agency.

We can now say with qualified certainty that Donald Trump did not collude with Russian agents in order to influence the election. Not only does this evidence from the Dutch intelligence service AIVD  rule out Cozy Bear from taking instruction from Donald Trump. As CBS News' Jeff Pegues reports:

Investigators believe that Putin initially wanted to damage Hillary Clinton and to inject chaos and doubt into the election process, reported CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues. U.S. officials said it was an added bonus that Donald Trump, then seen as more friendly to Russian interests, became the Republican nominee.

This is the understanding I hold, also. Despite the best efforts of the Fake News media establishment to push the idea of the Trump colluding with Russian agents, it is preposterous. The timeline doesn't fit, the evidence doesn't fit either. Robert Mueller's investigation must soon conclude its investigation into the Trump administration, and return to establishing the facts of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

It is not as if the concept of Russia hacking elections for the sake of it is off the table- the Netherlands themselves ran a pen and paper, hand counted ballot in 2017. Even the New York Times reported on it.

“The cabinet cannot exclude the possibility that state actors might gain advantage from influencing political decision-making and public opinion in the Netherlands and might use means to try and achieve such influence,” Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk said in a statement. “We’re talking about actors that both have the intention and ability to do this.”

Clever cloggies. You can also take as fact that Russian hackers and disinformation teams are going to try to influence European elections as they come around in 2018. Some reports from the Czech Republic allege that the narrow victory for pro-Russian incumbent Milos Zeman had a helping hand from Russian smears against his opponent.

The reason why the reality of the Russian hacks has been ignored by the Mainstream Media is that even when irrefutable evidence has been unearthed, it damages the narrative of #TrumpRussia. It turns out the President is wrong. Russia did hack the election. It also turns out that almost certainly the President is innocent of colluding with foreign agents as if that was ever in doubt by serious people.

As we know already, CNN and Chums are not serious people. Robyn Curnow at CNN International interviewed the Dutch journalist who broke this story, but for some reason, that is as far as it goes. Jim Acosta, where are you at? I thought you were some kind of real newsman? This staggering news story is too mundane, without a clear bad-guy to oppose with politically weaponized moral outrage.

Even a fair and balanced article from the Washington Post is buried under lurid Stormy Daniels tales and lies about Nikki Haley. It is nothing short of a tragedy that Rick Noack's fine reporting is both out of sight and surrounded by total silence from his colleagues. Even the Pro-Trump Fox News cover the story in passing on Fox Business. So afraid is the Mainstream Media on both sides of damaging their own positions that they will make no report at all. From Noack's report in the WaPo:

In a congressional report released this January, Democrats raised renewed concerns about mounting evidence of Russian interference in at least 19 European nations.

The report, commissioned by Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Md.) and numbering more than 200 pages, directly criticizes President Trump for failing to respond to the threat, even as other nations in Europe have taken much stronger measures to counter Russian efforts in the region. “Never before has a president ignored such a clear national security threat,” Cardin wrote in an op-ed for The Post.

While being naturally partisan in his damning assessment of the President -the blame is actually shared by many at institutional level- the kernel of truth remains. The establishment at large in the United States on both sides of the divide have failed to respond to a clear and present Russian hack threat. The DNC, NSA and the FBI all failed to respond with the required alacrity or intelligence before the election began. President Trump may well have been hedging his bets or playing politics until he knew for sure that Russian agents had indeed interfered. That policy must now end.

Russian agents are hacking the Western World. Time for politicians to put aside the bickering and figure out a solution, in the national interest.

The Editor

by The Editor