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Ash Sharp


Nancy Pelosi rushed to CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime” last night to stutter and wobble her way through a garbled few minutes of television. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) discussed the House Intelligence Committee voting to make public a classified memo on potential FBI political bias. Instead of dealing with the topic directly Pelosi went after Chairman Nunes, dropped more chaff about the debunked #TrumpRussia allegations, and then told the American people that the same intelligence services that have colluded against Donald Trump are trustworthy and we should allow them to redact the FISA Memo.

Just another day in Liberal World, where talk is cheap and facts don't matter.

Pelosi told Chris Cuomo on CNN:

“I’m very proud of Adam Schiff and our House Democrats for protecting the integrity of the intelligence community. This is a very big honor that the leader gives to the ranking member, that the speaker gives to the chairman, to be deputized, to protect the intelligence. Intelligence for force protection of our troops, for fighting terrorism and the rest of that. Instead, Chairman Nunes has acted like a stooge with the speaker.”


A Stooge- Yes, that's right. Chairman Nunes, who has been diligently working this investigation for more than a year. Nunes, who back in June told the world that the allegations of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia were a nothing-burger.

Nunes, back in June 2017.

“I said ‘OK, I don’t think there’s any collusion here.’ And what happened to me? All the major papers in the country did a total character assassination on me. Why? Because I was telling the truth, that there was never any collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians.”

“I have to ask myself, Was this really an investigation in search of a crime? And I will tell you, if that’s what it ends up being, there will be a huge, huge division in this country.”

A stooge, who has consistently said the same thing for months, and has so far shown himself to be a man of flawless integrity. To detail the number of different stories coming from the Democrats on this issue would take a book. No wonder Pelosi was stuttering and spluttering on her words.

Pelosi continued,

“A stooge of the White House, at the acquiescence, or maybe the guidance, of the Speaker of the House [Paul Ryan]. This is not about one thing or another. This is about the integrity and the safety of our national security.”

The integrity. and safety. Of our national security.

This is bad comedy when the national security of America has been compromised by political bias at the highest levels of the agencies concerned with the national security defense.

As  Joe diGenova, a former federal prosecutor, said this month in a great interview with The Daily Caller;

"The FBI used to spy on Russians. This time they spied on us. what this story is about - a brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton from a clear violation of the law with regard to the way she handled classified information with her classified server. Absolutely a crime, absolutely a felony. It's about finding out why - as the Inspector General is doing at the department of justice - why Comey and the senior DOJ officials conducted a fake criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton. Followed none of the regular rules, gave her every break in the book, immunized all kinds of people, allowed the destruction of evidence, no grand jury, no subpoenas, no search warrant. That's not an investigation, that's a Potemkin village. It's a farce.

And everybody knew it was a farce. The problem was, she didn't win. And because she didn't win, the farce became a very serious opera. It wasn't a comic opera anymore, it was a tragic opera. And she was going to be the focus.

What this is about, this is about a lavabo, a cleansing of FBI and the upper echelons of the Department of Justice.

But yes, tell us more, Nancy. Tell us more about the integrity of the Department of Justice and the FBI, when Deputy Director McCabe steps down the day after Director Christopher Wray saw the FISA Memo.

Integrity! Safety! Be afraid, America! The truth is coming.

Pelosi added,

“They have crossed from dangerously and recklessly dealing with intelligence to a cover-up of an investigation that they don’t want the American people to see come to fruition, and that is most unfortunate."

Pelosi is referring to the allegations of Russian collusion that have dogged President Trump for over a year, that Nunes stated didn't exist. The Dutch intelligence services, who had secretly hacked the Russian hackers who infiltrated the DNC, also threw cold water on the idea over the weekend. There is no Russian collusion- but Pelosi wants us all to think that there might be. Pelosi looked shaken. Pelosi knows what is in the Memo- this appearance is part of a last-gasp attempt to prevent the truth coming out.

Allegedly, the Memo details FBI abusing FISA to eavesdrop. The Memo covers the spurious opposition research dossier on Trump and Russia put together by ex-British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. Steele's work with Fusion GPS was paid through Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

The FISA Memo will lead to arrests. It has to, or the Democrats would not be running around like blind men trapped in a burning building.



Now, I have probably longer standing than anybody in the history of the Congress on intelligence. I’ve served there as a member. I was a ranking member in my time there, and then in the leadership as a member of the Gang of Eight. So I’ve had access to all of the intelligence, which Mr. Nunes could have access to, but has not.

She continued,

“I’ve seen it. I’ve seen not only the memo and the basis for the memo but the underlying documents. What they’re putting forth is totally false. And they’re putting it out there as if it is factual and then saying, we’re going to show this to the American people, but we’re not going to show the rebuttal to it by the Democrats. Now, the Democrats have said rightfully. We shouldn’t be putting anything out unless it has been reviewed and redacted by intelligence.”

CNN Host Chris Cuomo did his job for once and shot back-

"But they (Republicans) say that they don't want the DoJ to look at it because they are part of their concerns about how things were done during the campaign."

Pelosi countered with a bizarre appeal for the victim of an illegal government-sponsored investigation to step in and stop the release of the memo that will prove it.

"The DoJ is only one part of the intelligence community, the intelligence community, it's vast, it's the CIA, the DNI, the national defense, uh... everybody has their element- the methods and sources must be protected.

It isn't about democrats versus republicans, it's about national security. Our President is the Command in Chief and he should stop this immediately... no release should happen without the intelligence communities reviewing and redacting."

If it's not about Democrats versus Republicans, why are the Democrats trying everything possible to keep this Memo under wraps?

The House Intelligence committee's nine Democrats issued a joint statement arguing that if the memo is released, they won't be able to explain why it's inaccurate and flawed because the underlying intelligence will remain classified. On January 20th, they said:

"Yesterday, HPSCI Republicans voted to make available to any Member of the House a misleading set of talking points attacking the FBI. They did so as a prelude to seeking the talking points' public release -- for the political purpose of spreading a false narrative and undermining legitimate investigations."

But Pelosi makes methods and sources a key aspect of her reasoning why the FISA Memo must not be released! So, you can't read the FISA Memo because it's wrong, but you can't know why it's wrong because sources must be protected. Also even though the Memo is wrong, the Democrats need to make a counter-memo to spin- I mean, correct- the FISA memo.

“We need to produce our own memo that lays out the actual facts and show how the majority memo distorts the work of the FBI and the Department of Justice.” Adam Schiff

The legitimate investigation the Democrats were referring to? Trump-Russia, of course. Now, the Democrats couldn't know last week that Dutch TV and newspapers were about to annihilate the idea that Trump colluded with Russian agents. They couldn't know how exposed the DNC, FBI and the DoJ were about to become. Still, that was their angle. Revealing the memo without the sources would compromise the sources.

Meanwhile, Rep. Mike Conaway, the Texas Republican leading the committee's Russia investigation said:

"There's classified information in there, but there's not sources in methods. So I think it needs to be released."

Mike Conaway

The 4-page FISA Memo apparently describes how the powers granted by FISA to spy on American citizens has been abused for political purposes. Now the Memo is ready to drop- we still don't know what is in it. We can, however, make judgments on the reactions of people who do know what is in the Memo or have access to it.

Tucker Carlson reported last night that;

"As of tonight, according to House Intel. Committee staff, about 190 Republicans in the House-outside [of] the intel committee- read the memo. Meanwhile -outside [of] the committee- only about a dozen Democratic members have read it."

Tucker, astute as usual, goes on to express incredulity that although the Democrats have by and large not read the Memo, they are to a man opposed to the release of it. But remember, Nancy Pelosi said it's not about Democrats versus Republicans.

Pelosi on CNN:

It's a cover-up, also it's a distraction. What really we are trying to do right now is to keep government open. They have a problem with that because they are ineffective. Whatever they do is a distraction.

No, Mrs. Pelosi. It's not a distraction. The sources can stay redacted. The methods likewise. If a memo is so explosive that when it is written it can only be explained by revealing classified information then it is poorly written. That's the point of the memo, it's a summary of events. To suggest now that releasing the memo is a matter of national security, a distraction from Trump's collusion with Russia.

Not only that, the FISA Memo itself needs another memo concocted by the Democrats to explain the first memo that implicates the Democrats to the American public! Please. More liberal elitism, thinking the average American can't understand the difference between right and wrong. Drain the swamp. For years the American people have been starved of the truth, and now Pelosi and her cohorts want to give the evidence of the Deep State conspiracy against Donald Trump back to the Deep State before the public sees it? They are terrified of you, America.

You can see it in Pelosi's eyes, behind those peepers she is shook.

As Dan Bongino said on Tucker Tonight:

"Where are the Democrats on this? I thought this was the party of civil liberties. You do not have to be a Trump supporter to understand that the Constitutional Republic as we know it cannot continue to exist if the 4th Amendment is subject to the 'R' or the 'D' in front of your name. Make no mistake, because the liberals are hiding now, and they're all scurrying like roaches when the lights come on."

Well, the memo is likely being read into the congressional record early next week, so we can make our own judgment. Personally, I cannot wait to see what CNN and MSNBC try to pull when it drops. How do you cover up that the Intelligence services are politicized and have undertaken criminal abuses of the constitution? No evidence that there is any justification for spying on American citizens has ever been produced.

Oh, we were told it was real. Adam Schiff said:

“I don’t to want go into specifics, but I will say that there is evidence that is not circumstantial, and it very much worthy of investigation. So, that is what we ought to do.” - March 2017

Oh really? Where is it, Mr. Schiff? He's talking about evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, which would justify the FISA investigation entirely. Adam Schiff is a liar, or else the FISA Memo would be completely without merit. All he needs to do is come forth with the evidence he says he has seen- and yet, Schiff is tied up protecting the intelligence agencies? The reality we live in shows that Schiff lied through his teeth for partisan purposes- not only does the Dutch intelligence reports prove it, his own actions prove it.

Bad luck, old bean.

We don't think so, Maxine.

Based on what we have seen so far we can expect to hear how irresponsible the Republicans are, how lives are now in danger from Russian assassin sleeper cells, and how Hillary Clinton is now guarded by a 20 womyn strong activist bitch posse armed with hot sauce. Perhaps there will be a sex-crime scandal thrown to the wolves to distract us. Who is ready for #MeToo round 2? Is the FISA Memo racist AND sexist? Remember to subscribe to Buzzfeed to find out.

Hold tight, folks. Extreme damage control ahead.

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