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Ash Sharp

The veil keeps slipping from the Crooked Democratic Party.

Time and again they have had the opportunity in the first year of the Trump Administration to do the right thing by America, but have blown it in a fit of pique. Obstructionism is not a partisan issue, Republicans have tried it on with Democratic presidents too, but never before have we seen such rank tribalism and disregard for the best interests of the people.

After the Tax Bill which passed and improved the lot of millions of Americans overnight -despite unanimous opposition from Democrats- we now how have government shutdown: because Democrats favor the guaranteed votes of illegal immigrants over the certain opposition of the servicemen and women of the United States military.

Of course, the DNC fires up the spin engine to deflect attention away from the fact they've just harmed millions of low-income kids across the nation.

“A Republican president occupies the White House, and Republicans hold the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, It is outrageous that, even with unified control of government, the majority could not chart a course toward keeping the government open, the most basic responsibility of Congress.” ~Representative Nita Lowey, Democrat of New York.

A claim so ludicrous even CNN Polls disagree.
Ms. Lowey, 60 votes out of 100 were needed to end the debate and move onto a vote. The Republicans have a majority of 51 in the Senate. This means, that in the interests of the nation, a bi-partisan deal must be reached. It's a bare-faced lie to suggest that a Senate and House majority means that the Republicans have a unified control of government- if that were the case, what would be the point in voting at all beteen now and 2020? Why not scrap the democratic process entirely and let the administration get on with it with no checks or balances? Not at all totalitarian. It seems Ms. Lowey has discovered the only worse solution than shutting the government down because she favors a protected class of illegal immigrants.

What Ms. Lowey clearly believes is that the Democrats have no agency in the Senate at all, and should stay at home.  If this concept is too difficult for any remaining Democrat readers to comprehend, we here at Republic Standard have done that pesky math for you.

92% of Senate Republicans voted to KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OPEN.

89.7% of Senate Democrats voted to SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT.


This is the Schumer Shutdown.

Over what? This is a spending bill that has bi-partisan support, but because the children at the DNC have got their panties in a bunch over the completely unrelated DACA issue, the government is being shut down. Rapturous applause from the gallery. Unless you are a dyed in the wool leftist who demands open borders, this ploy isn't going to appeal to you. Have the Democratic leaders learned nothing from the 2016 election? You cannot pander to minority interests over the interests of hard working Americans and expect to prosper. This isn't 2008. It's over! Middle America will remember this at midterms- mark my words.


As Nick Short comments, American sovreignty is meaningless to Chuck Schumer and his Democrat cronies.

As usual, James Woods nails the solution right between the eyes.

Even the much-maligned Mitch O'Connel achieved something close to real human emotion as he tore strips off the Democrats:

Shutdown effects on American people will come as no surprise, all week as we've sat on the floor and begged our colleagues to come to their senses Senate Republicans have described exactly what this will mean for America's men and women in Uniform, shutting down the government means delayed pay. FOr the many thousands of civilian employees who support their missions, it means furloughs.  For the families of fallen heroes it may mean a freeze on survivor death benefits.

For veterans who rely on our promise of care, shutting down government threatens their access to treatment, for so many Americans struggling with opioid addiction the same is true. Thanks to the Democratic leader's decision to filibuster an extension of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) low-income families will slip closer to losing health coverage for their kids- and in many states, this is an emergency. I'm having trouble understanding which one of these outcomes my democratic colleagues could possibly be proud of. I think our friends on the other side took some bad advice. I'd hate to have to be trying to explain this, myself. They ignored the governors, including seven Democrats who wrote to Congress begging us to extend SCHIP for nine million children. They ignored the needs of millions of Americans who rely on the Federal Government for important services. They held all of this hostage over the completely unrelated issue of illegal immigration.

No matter how the liberal media try to spin this into being about the Trump Administration's incompetence in failing to keep the government from shutdown, this is an act of political sabtage. I have an easy technique that I like to employ whenever leftist politicians speak. I listen to what they say, and then I listen to what the most vocal activists have to say. The results are illuminating without fail.

Regardless of what the DNC talking heads will parrot- this is the meat. This is what this is all about- illegal immigrants being given priority by ideologues over the orderly running of the government. The political spin is deployed to provide cover for the ideological attack. When Nita Lowey says the shutdown is on the Republicans, what she isn't saying is anything about DACA. No Democrat will make the connection in public right now, the narrative will be all about Republican incompetence.

I keep expecting better ethics from Liberals, but I am let down again. You might say that I'm a dreamer.

The Editor

by The Editor