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I'm not a patriot, but I do always put my people first. The problem with being a patriot is that it binds you to your country, which can be taken over by foreign/subversive entities, and turned into something that doesn't reflect you. Your people, on the other hand, will always be your people. This is the problem that occurs when countries are not based on blood and soil; they become in a sense distant entities from the people they are meant to serve. Conservatives (whom nationalists rightly mock) are in essence the patriots of the modern age, following their country's flag, government and military without considering the lack of a deeper core to their country and identity.

It’s the same with the ‘fandom’ phenomenon which grips many young and even older people. Watching films and television shows now and again is fine, but there is no need for them to dominate your thoughts or life. Media consumption should be a side hobby or for use during downtime, it should not dominate your consciousness. Going to conventions dressed as superheroes, especially when you’re an adult, is a clear sign that you have adopted a shallow persona. People can do so much better.

In times gone by, a patriot would be someone who supported their country, and this was usually fine because their country was homogenous and sought to further their people’s interest. When the Ottomans took Constantinople, it didn’t just further the interests of the Sultan, it furthered the interest of the Turks as well, along with their religion of Islam. And when Spain conquered much of the Americas, it didn’t just benefit the King, but also his country as a whole, because the resources and trade brought back from the colonies lead to Spain becoming the world’s dominant power.

These days, however, it is difficult to see how growing a nation’s economy benefits anybody apart from a tiny clique of billionaires and millionaires. Unlike in the sixteenth century, there are no new foods, materials or treasures to bring back home from newly conquered lands. Instead, we have giant corporations making unprecedented profits and paying little or no tax, while at the same time showing barely any loyalty to the countries from which they are based. In the past, merchant companies and corporations were forced by law (or armed force) to trade in circumstances which benefited the country’s strategic interest. So for example, when Britain was at war with France, British merchants were forbidden from trading with France, to essentially blockade the enemy. It is hard to imagine in this day and age if a great war did occur, that our businessmen would stop trading with our enemies. The level of self-interest and short term thinking are currently so high that people no longer feel a collective sense of duty, and so it would be difficult for any western government, even with legal powers, to force companies to toe the line.

If the West is to recover from its current demographic and cultural Marxist predicament, then it must fundamentally make an effort to regain its soul. This doesn’t just mean expelling millions of migrants and their descendants, it also must encompass much broader criteria. The right/left political dichotomy must be eradicated because until that time nations will be continuously divided. In its place must rise a system where the choice isn’t between a free market and small government or lots of regulation with a bigger government. These choices are shallow and mediocre, and quite literally make no sense. For the past few decades, we have had subversive self-hating idiots on the political left aggressively supporting a welfare state, while on the political right, you have had welfare cutting, free market supporting voters who want to restrict immigration. It doesn’t have to be this way, and nor should it be.

It seems unfathomable that a party that supports both immigration restriction and a sensible version of the welfare state hasn’t emerged successfully in recent times, though there are signs in Europe that are encouraging. Many people, even some in the middle class, simply cannot afford private health insurance; and so if you want your people to be healthy and productive, then you have to accept the option of a single-payer system. If you can accept the government having a military to defend your country, then perhaps the government having an accident and emergency department to defend your body against illness isn’t so bad either.

But away from politics, the future must also care for your planet and environment, which is under unprecedented attack. Of course, the majority of pollution is being caused by India, China and other non-white, developing economies. This doesn’t mean that we can’t look after our own nations’ habitats though, because even in the West large scale house building and fossil fuel exploration are taking its toll. If we are mammals and part of the natural world, then logically this must mean we learn to live with the natural world to some degree.

There also needs to be a strong emphasis on reversing the low birth rates which plague every developed country on earth. The emphasis on the importance of ‘careers’ rather than ‘society’ has been a problem that many simply refuse to acknowledge. Yes, people need to work, however, any government in the future must make having children affordable, whether that be through state subsidies or other initiatives. There’s no point saving your people from mass immigration if they’re going to die out anyway because they refuse to reproduce.

Above all though, we must teach history to our children, and nurture the youngest generation in society to have, throughout their lives, a strong in-group preference towards their own ethnic and racial group. We must never allow the self-hatred in the West to return under any circumstance. The stupidity of today is caused, in part, by the bad education of yesterday. A tribal mindset must be the foundation of any positive future we hope to build, because judging by the last few decades, we have become completely lost without it.


Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.