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The absolute state of England.

It would appear that Her Majesty's police service is now little more than a Sharia Law enforcement patrol.

According to reports in the Northumberland local press, private citizens who defame the religion of peace™ are being hunted down and corrected by The Fuzz.  Well hey; you know how much we like Islam at Republic Standard.

A recent investigation dubbed Operation Shelter uncovered an 18 member gang of mostly foreigners who would seek out troubled females and lure them to parties where they were plied with drugs and alcohol before being sexually abused.

The gang has been jailed, but when the news of the arrests was publicized, the public reacted with a heinous display of wrong think.

A police spokesman said;

“We would like to make it clear that we will not tolerate the posting of offensive remarks and we will take all reasonable steps to remove them and take appropriate action.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to remind people using social media that they should do so responsibly and ensure they do not post anything which could be considered offensive.”

What could be so offensive that the Police would need to intervene in public discourse? Why, only the British people correctly assuming these perpetrators of mass rape were followers of Mohammed.

As Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch comments,

The British police are more concerned that no one notice that Muslim rape gangs are made up of Muslims acting upon Islamic principles (the permission to take non-Muslim women as sex slaves in Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, and 70:30) than they are about the Muslim rape gangs themselves.

For decades, the Police and British political establishment ignored the raping of white British girls by Muslim men for fear of being branded as racist. Now that the cat is out of the bag, the police are now concerned with the general public pointing out that these crimes are racially motivated themselves.

How can the United Kingdom be a free society when the indigenous population are not only victims of racist crimes but have no right to reply for fear of police censure? Amazing. That the police are finally doing their jobs is a relief to all, except the estimated million victims of these attacks. As we have covered before on the site, Islam receives special treatment from both the British legal system and the press. Saying mean things to a Muslim will result in jail for you. If your daughter has been passed around a gang of Muslims- you might get justice. Just don't speak about it to anyone.

This dystopic abuse of the British system is a growing problem, and it extends far beyond the depraved vices of those Muslim men who rape white girls. The system itself is now arranged to benefit the migrant in extracting support from the country. Polygamy is now recognized in British law for the purpose of establishing which benefits are available for housing and child support. Never mind that there are laws against bigamy in the United Kingdom. Never mind that the polygamous Muslim family is a far greater drain on society than it could ever contribute. If you don't adapt to benefit the newcomer, you are a bigot.

Despite the evidence that it is, in fact, these gangs of rapists who are committing racially motivated crimes, Judge Penny Moreland claiming victims were targeted;

“not because of their race, but because they were young, impressionable, naive and vulnerable.”


Good to know that this is not racist abuse according to the British establishment. Good to see that the Police forces of the nation are fully devoted to catching real criminals- those with unsavory opinions online.

I don't mean to make the case that all Muslims endorse this behavior; but clearly many do.

With these crimes so endemic, surely cognitive dissonance must set in with British people who cannot see the parallels to the plight of the Yazidi.

All decent people recoil at the brutality.

The Yazidi people were persecuted and butchered because of who they are, not what they did; as if any crime could be worthy of such barbaric and draconian punishment. The white girls of Britain are being raped because of who they are, also. The difference between the two groups is only due to  the economics of scale. The minority of Muslims in the UK are kept in line by their minority status- and of course, I do not mean all Muslims will endorse raping non-Muslims. Some are moderates, who may only demand that apostates be killed.


What does 'Moderate' Islam Behave Like?

Over the last two decades in the United Kingdom, a population of around 3 million Muslims has produced a rape crisis that could have a million victims or more.

This is what happens when Islam is a minority representation in a Western country. What happened to the Yazidi is what happens when an aggressive doctrine of Islam goes on the warpath- and can we be at least honest enough to say that most Islamic thought leads to conquest and Jihad?

Blaming individual Muslims for the crimes of their kin is clearly wrong. However, the numbers do not lie; the more followers of Islam that you find in an area, the more crimes that are perpetrated against the Kuffar (non-Muslims.)

This being the case- who is foolish enough to allow more Islam into Western nations? The price we pay is high. Too high.

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