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The left doesn’t care about your free speech. No matter how precise you are about how imperative it is that unpopular opinions be heard or how correct you are that this loss of freedom would be an express slide into state oppression, the left will not care about your speech. They have already labeled your speech as “hate speech” and they think that your speech can be justly stifled and in some cases completely criminalized. They delight when people with right-wing opinions cross whichever line it takes for them to be fired from their jobs. I could name drop a few but you already are familiar with those people and have already ardently championed their cause, and for it, I admire your audacity. In a world like ours, those that can stand by their values in the face of such scrutiny and opposition is very brave. However, I am sorry to say, that in the case of the left you are doing them and yourself a disservice by applying your ethics equally.

In order to get the result that you want, you must be willing to sometimes behave in a way that is counter-intuitive and in opposition to your true beliefs. The term for this is reverse psychology. You might use reverse psychology against a stubborn child. In order to produce a desired result -the vegetables are eaten by the child- tell the child to not eat their veggies. This may or may not work, it depends on how much that child hates broccoli.

Reverse psychology often works on children if you order them not to laugh when they are bratty. The more assertive you are about not laughing, the more the urge to completely defy you swells; and your foe will end up squealing in delight as they fail to meet your expectations.


In order to make someone value something that they don’t, in order to make a political concern a bi-partisan concern, you have to allow suffering. The left has stacked its ranks with people who have long been seen as a protected minority. They have padded their own speech, no matter how appalling, with the supposition that they are some marginalized group like women, or LGBT, or black, or refugee, or (my personal favorite) a Holocaust survivor by proxy.

A perceived victim is allowed to say anything that they want to say. Criticizing a victim is ingrained in our society to be callous and rude. Empathy is given priority over propriety and thus the left enjoys a level of levity in the repercussions that they would otherwise receive. You can see this clearly if you pay attention to left wing homosexuals versus right-wing homosexuals or left-wing blacks versus right-wing blacks. The victim perception only exists on the left. Once an individual has abandoned the left -fled the democrat plantation- they are no longer sheltered by their intersectional victim web but considered an enemy where their speech is no longer valued. Race, gender, or sexuality may be used to discredit what they have previously said -or are currently saying-that doesn’t align with the agenda.


A staunch conservative that cares about the first amendment may feel the need to stick to the Voltairean adage “I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it.” That is lovely, and one day we will be on the same page regarding free speech once more. In the meantime, Republicans are being fired from their jobs for their political beliefs. Teenagers are being attacked in public for their choice in classy head wear. The elderly are being physically knocked into the dirt. There are fewer instances where someone on the left makes such a grievous error in their words that they face real-world repercussions. which is as interesting as it is alarming. They get a free pass for racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. The Line Which Shall Not Be Crossed is currently being redrawn to bring jokes about child rape within the circled wagons.

Film director James Gunn tweeted so many “jokes” referencing various forms of pedophilia he was fired by Disney and deleted around 10,000 tweets. Yes, someone made more tweets about child rape than Kim Kardashian has made about herself. So where do free-speech advocates stand on this? We must allow the left to experience the repercussions, such as job loss and social ostracism. Instead of jumping to the aid of a celebrity who fell to the wrong side of what is and isn’t allowed by playing the free speech card, let them fall, and think about what degree that leftist had to go to in order to lose their position.

Papa John Schnatter -a Republican who supported Mitt Romney and donated to President Trump’s campaign- lost his status through a context-free soundbite. Think about that, the founder of one of the most recognizable pizza brands was working with a PR company to avoid PR snafus and made a PR snafu in a controlled environment set up by the PR company.

James Gunn tweeted about raping children 10,000 times and lost his position on the third installment of one film franchise. He has support from the cast and crew, and much of Hollywood. Not to mention that Disney is currently second-guessing their decision and may re-hire James Gunn because of Hollywood pressure to do so. This after James Gunn supported the firing of Roseanne Barr and the cancellation of her entire show. The hypocrisy that we are experiencing in the cultural and political realm is staggering.


Naturally, Ben Shapiro is a fool.


The #MeToo movement urges women to recount their stories of sexual harassment, exploitation, rape, and molestation on the public stage; where real and imagined abuse are treated equally. The very same people who are busy blowing every interaction they have had with a man out of proportion in a race to attain victim status (so that their speech is padded with the allowances granted to marginalized people) are the same people that are throwing their support behind vocal leftist and prolific child molestation poster, James Gunn. Michael Ian Black is one such individual who has tweeted in the Me Too hashtag that is in support of James Gunn, who as it turns out has quite a history of posting the same type of tweets. I suppose birds of a feather flock together.

Should we take the high road? We are not going to convince the left to appreciate and fight for our right to free speech. You are helping them avoid responsibility for their own actions and words so that they can continue to fight against yours. Your values are weaponized against you- as per Saul Alinsky, Rule 4, The Rules for Radicals. You are being played. You are fighting daily for the rights of people to fight against your rights, and that is absurd.

The fastest way to protect the First Amendment rights of all Americans -including the ones with whom you disagree- is to allow them to experience the fear of losing it. It’s colloquially referred to as getting a taste of your own medicine. Sometimes it’s necessary.

If you can’t morally stomach the process of making someone live up to their own rules the next time a vocal leftist faces scrutiny for something they have said; then please do your best to stay silent. If you feel the need to antagonize other right-wing voices who are seemingly violating their own principles, I hope you remember that it is an alternative tactic to achieve the same goal, protection of the First Amendment.

Eat your broccoli. It’s good for you.


Sophie Schwindlig

by Sophie Schwindlig

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