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Life is hard, and death and taxes are inevitable. Or so I am told. Every day, the working American gets up. Maybe he mobilizes too early for his taste. He gets into his truck and drives to work. On the road, he is greeted by a cacophony of unskilled and inattentive, angry drivers who cut him off, flip him the bird, and generally, act like tantrum ridden children. If the man has his wits about him he shall stay his course and not react in kind. However, after years of insult upon injury, perhaps being the victim of accident or road-rage, he may well join the march of the man-children. Or more likely, years of seeing his lawful behavior met with childish antics will gradually erode his lawfulness.

They tell me that the road was not always this bad. My wife, who grew up in Nova Scotia, tells me that the roads are not that bad there as of 2012. Maybe Canada’s world really did end then and nothing ever got worse. What I do know is that where I live, drivers become exponentially worse by the year. Statistically, and observable. I can scarcely make a commute these days without pulling over for an Ambulance, Firetruck or Copcar. The principal issue is that people are stressed, and a windshield gives drivers a delusion of anonymity. It might not always be road-rage: stress upholds escapist fantasy; texting while driving is a response to stress, in addition to stupidity. However, it is the road rage, the transgressively antisocial behavior exhibited on the road which concerns this piece. When encased in your shell of sheet metal and glass, it is easy to forget that the driver holding you up is human, too. You don’t see the man, just the bumper stickers, things to annoy you.

This anonymity is human nature in action. Call it beer muscles, if you will, but people show their true colors when they think nobody is looking. Better yet: when they think they won’t be caught. In the years I have been driving, the human condition encased in automobilia has only worsened and depreciated. What are some corollaries? Workingmen are spread thin. Money is short and fast. Time is precious. Workers are underappreciated, underpaid, uncared for by their society. For a society that is disintegrating and refuses to supply citizens with upright emotional education and security, it is no wonder people are hostile. An issue we will discuss soon is that added to this cacophony of error is the unmitigated fact that the police force is ill-equipped to deal with what the American census is morphing, devolving, mutating into.    

Another example of anonymity in action is the internet. You see it all the time, online, people write things they would never dream of saying to a man’s face. Men’s faces have been bruised for far less. This less than wholesome component of the internet has led to a number of social maladies. I have discussed them at length in a book I have written, but seeing as it is unpublished it hurts nothing to discuss them here.

The internet has fostered an age of cowards. The Aryan concepts of honor once sublimated into every stratum of Europid society has been relegated to convenience methods. For instance, it was once held in common that you simply do not say something behind a man’s back you would lack the courage to say to his face. The internet seems to have destroyed this ideal. Although, one may glean from the net that, of course, every keyboard commando would say exactly whatever bloviating nonsense he has typed, out loud to your face – no doubt while polishing his rifle, smoking a cigar and massaging his three Russian brides. On the internet, every man is a myth and a legend.

Here is another point to ponder. Entire generations are being raised without ignorance of the internet. Men of my age remember exactly when SkyNet entered their house. Men younger than me take it for granted. They might not even be able to imagine life without it. Hell, some men in my bracket might be that dull that they cannot conceive of life outside the interwebz. This component of society has changed the social norm. People now intermingle online and IRL conducts. The result has been, at least for me, profoundly ironic. When I was young and so was the internet, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Today? Every Normie I worked with in school could have passed for dysfunctional childhood me.

Symptoms? Conversations remain unfinished. People have committal problems. Eye contact is becoming a rarity. People struggle with informal and informal speech. Having the supposed freedom to write anything online with hardly any real consequences has given people the illusion that their opinions are wanted, or that they must, in fact, be heard. It has damaged the sense of appropriate place, and the idea of sensitive topics is gradually eroding and topical conversation has become a free for all and stream of consciousness. In large part, that is. There are examples to these notations. However, the decline is real. I am dating myself, sounding like the Coastal Elites’ version of Harold Covington; however, these are issues that warrant exploration.

The desocialization of the younger generation will impact future generations. Boomers complain about lazy youth. And men my age will replace them and be hated by the younger generation, for we will worry about the communication, organization and completion skills and coping mechanisms of the younger. More than that, we will worry because nothing tends to get better with time unassisted. Kind of like that supposed second law of thermodynamics I read about when I was younger.      This brings me to the crux of my article here. The Slippery Slope. As it goes, drivers on the road are becoming more brazen and antagonistic. The rules of the road are a joke. Who hasn’t heard a variation of this story why am I going to follow the road rules when I just watched a cop pass a guy doing an illegal turn? Or why should I be a sucker when the guy in front of me is doing 20 over and he hasn’t been pulled over? Or, I just watched a guy blow through a 4 way stop and I get pulled over for a headlight being out?  Or as time goes on you will hear: I probably won’t get pulled over anyway. I do this all the time.

Pretty soon the rules are a joke, a laughing stock, and everyone knows it. Every day I am cut off at least once per intersection because some entitled dingbat felt he could bumrush the fresh red light. He cuts through, and most often, the rightful green light traffic knows to wait a new two seconds to accommodate the moron who will aggressively run the obvious red. I’ve considered ramming them multiple times, because, if I am not mistaken, my insurance would cover it and my truck is getting long in the tooth. All this happens because the drivers who had accustomed themselves to taking advantage of the legal precedence that allows you to pass a yellow light to avoid being stuck in the intersection have come to justify ignoring when yellow becomes red. It was a slippery slope. Whatever. This message spreads.
Every dirtbag that runs a red, passes illegally and gets away with it causes two subdividing problems: A. he is emboldened to continue breaking the law and taking bigger risks and, B. others will see him and in their annoyance, follow suit vis a vis me vs. them mentality. The issue with problem A. is that chickens always come home to roost – unless eaten by fox and hawk. The arrogant driver will increase his market value in stupidity until he gets himself, or more likely, somebody innocent of his idiocy that doesn’t deserve it, killed. Now the issue with Problem B is that it multiplies the instance of Problem A and creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of thoroughly unenjoyable driving.

This slippery slope is worthy of investigation because it is no longer just the road rules. The internet and driving are symptomatic of a larger problem, which we know, and shall discuss. There have always been crimes, there have always been misdemeanors. However, reports of crime dominate the news. One can hardly pass a day without hearing about rape or theft or murder. How long until all laws are treated like road rules? Say what you will of Police, but they are spread thin. The civilian populace smells blood on the water. Police on the road have to select what offenders they will punish selectively. There will come a time, and that time has come, when police begin selectively choosing which domestic crimes and which rampant crimes to deal with. There will come a time when the civilian populace is no longer satisfied with bread and circus and we shall see the true nature of the post-White America’s American.

Now, I write for the Right. This is no secret and it is no lie. To that end, it should come as no surprise that the commute and web diatribe leads us to the daunting future that may well like at stake. When the civilian populace is unhampered when laws are increasingly selectively followed and considered negotiable… and when we know the law is often selectively applied, it creates a potential for a dramatically erratic and unstable future. Why now? I presume we can be agreed that the present is, at present, rather unwell?      Anyone in the Alt-Right proper or Dissident Right abroad will be acquainted with the disaster of Charlottesville. Anyone of a significantly Right of Centre leaning will be familiar with the selective way, say, crimes against sensitivity and political correctness are punished. Anyone who has been called a Fascist or a Nazi will be familiar with the exploits of the degenerate cadre known as Anti-Fa. You will know they are on George Soros’ payroll, and that this merry band of nonconformists who all dress, look and smell the same is on the corporate dole – toeing the line they’ve been fed.

These Anti-Fa have committed assault, which I believe is still according to United States law a felony. The cases are countless. When Charlottesville happened and Anti-Fa attacked at an otherwise peaceful protest, the Police were ordered to stand down. Or so I am told. A very poor legal precedent that emboldened further Leftist violence. But. According to the Portland Phoenix and the Bollard, the Anti-Fa have never killed anyone where Nazis killed all kinds of people. So, naturally, it is okay to punch a Nazi, mace him, throw bottles of your own urine at him. It is okay to insult him, deride him. Anti-Fa have stalked the family members of Right Wing Dissidents. Anti-Fa has threatened the mothers of Fascist Sons. They have ruined lives and gloated of their deeds. They have acted shamelessly and without reproach. Are they condemned? Not very strongly. They are occasionally applauded. As to the Anti-Fa themselves? I suspect they rationalize their poor behavior, if they are intelligent enough, by claiming they are anticipating violence from their enemy. They are preventing the next inevitable Holocaust, I suppose.

So heroic.

Yet it goes that despite their wanton ignorance of the law, the popular mind transfers their guilt to men like myself. Anti-Fa is on the loose and the popular mind wants to kvetch til She’ol about the horrors of something someone said somewhere on something on the internet… somehow… it’s all so… asinine. They selectively cherrypick the real crimes committed by immigrants, coloreds, legitimate terroristic organizations, gangs… the actual government… homosexuals and liberals… and ignore them. Then, whenever a self-aware White goes off the rails, or whether some ill-advised fool or bad-faith criminal uses our politick as a springboard to vent his savagery… it is by default what the news shall discuss. Yet it follows that for every act of White on Protected Minority Class violence, you can find equal or greater systemic acts of violence or oppression committed against Whites because they are White, and, with increasing brazenness those crimes committed simply because it is in the nature of the subgroup named to do so. Spend time researching statistics, which yes can be manipulated (in either direction) and you shall eventually see that the way the question is presented leans heavily to one direction, and that direction is not Right.

I follow the road rules – begrudgingly. I have never seen the inside of a jail, nor done anything to warrant seeing one. I pay my taxes like a good Goy. I’m married. As far as anyone knows, I am a well-balanced member of society who is generous, if brusque. I love my wife and go to great lengths to help those I care for. My biggest sin is I oppose multiculturalism. I point out discrepancies which make polite ladies cringe. Even this would have been forgiven if I made those polite ladies cringe in the service of uplifting Negroes. But I don’t. I am an Identitarian, who happens to be White. You can, therefore, call me a White Nationalist. According to the recent government hearing, this means I am a Domestic Terrorist. A law abiding, generous terrorist. Indeed.

Recently to the writing of this article, there was Government appointed meetings to discuss Right-Wing extremism as the ‘biggest threat’ facing this country. It was intimated that White Supremacists commit the majority of crime in the US. I suppose it was Richard Spencer who did 9/11 then? How many people were reported dead, there at 9/11? What “White Supremacist” attack made such a death toll? Or has Al Qaeda been forgotten, did the Government extract the oil it wanted and conveniently forget the wars that followed and the freely encouraged “Islamophobia” because they readily contravene the Planet Kumbayah narrative of MultiKulti? Was it the oh-so-radical Jared Taylor who shot up that tart Arianna Grande’s concert? How many dull-eyed teenage drug addicts died there? Shall I presume Mike Enoch orchestrated the bombing of the Pentagon that followed 9/11? And it must be none other than David Duke who jumps across the Mexican Border every day, drunk, and runs down random civilians in whatever State he escapes to?
White Supremacy indeed. Or did they fail to list the documented cases in which Immigrants, both legal and illegal, who murder, rape, steal, fraud and overall stink up the joint? Yes. Immigrants. I am singling out a category of people I don’t want here with WORDS. Lawfully (as of publishing this piece) written words. This Country, which could have been a Nation, is theoretically a Republic based upon Anglo-Roman Law. Laws are words, you know. These were words written by White men for other Whites. We are told, of course, that Jews played a pivotal role in defining that law but I shall elect to keep my faith in men like Thomas Jefferson, wicked Anglo-supremacists that we are. Then again, you have your Barbara Lerner Spectre’s whose hubris is burned into the minds of Nationalists for all time.
If you are a self-aware White you are at risk, period. Cowardice won’t save you now. You might as well cast your die. You can’t fake Clown World, White Man and Woman. The Media, Clown World, will continue to expand the perimeter of how Supremacist is defined until everything that doesn’t fit their broadly degenerate programme is encapsulated there. White Supremacists make a special case because it is an unpopular trope. Nevermind the fact that the White Supremacist as defined by an idiot (((media))) does not exist. So. If you are someone outside the Nationalist sphere reading this, if you have a dram of honesty in you, you will consider my point.

Consider also, the popular media cherry picks and presents the worst elements of Nationalism found online and in history. It ignores the fact that the overwhelming majority of us are struggling individuals. Or, when the Media is bold, they mock and kick us when we are down. Because surely, this will increase our emotional stability. To be fair, many of our younger lads take this cherry-picking as a challenge and troll you online because they think of you collectively as an idiot. If you believe their online rants… then they would be correct. The truth is that the extreme majority of us would have settled for Freedom of Association, an end to forced diversity and not being made to kneel at the altar of MLK and the ever-increasing liberties regarding how our history is defined by those who are not us. I personally do not want an Ethnostate or to go live in a ridiculous compound in the Northwest and milk Aryan super cows until I am dead. I don’t own guns and on the one instance, my very good friend convinced me to go shooting… I hit five targets out of the fifty-five rounds I shot. I am a Mainer who wants Maine to keep on Dirigoing. Revolutionary, I am sure.

You know who else was (not) a Mainer who wanted Maine to keep on Dirigoing? Tom Kaczynski. What did he do? He said STUFF. Had a project, wrote a couple books. Did he deserve to be unanimously vilified by the apparently cowardly town of Jackman? He did if you honk your nose and have rainbow colored hair.
The slope is slippery. The definition of White Supremacist is ever expanding. It is amorphous and convenience driven, now. Someday, you will fall under that umbrage. Don’t you think you won’t. You will have to whore yourself increasingly to uncomfortable depths to maintain your illusion of purity in the eyes of MultiKulti. MultiKulti makes demands on your conscience now. Today you have to pretend to support the LTBBQ-XYZ agenda. You have to bow at the knee to MLK. Tomorrow you will have to marry someone you do not love, to prove you are not a bigot. You pay mere lip service to Blacks today, you think they will be satisfied tomorrow? The day after, you will see your children robbed from your home by government agents because you were not open and inclusive enough.

Do you think your complacency will save you? Did it save the Boomers? At home and abroad the Boomers, the Government’s single greatest financial achievement, are now starting to be bled by the Fed to feed diversity. They like to point the finger at their younger generations while the immigrants they hosted run amuck. They haven’t the courage to deal with the problem they created. It is our problem now. There is hope for you. You can always admit that you were wrong. You painted us with a broad brush. Some of our guys will never forgive you. Most of us understand.
You can start advocating for yourself, for your people, your race. You don’t even have to listen to Renegade Broadcasting or The Right Stuff to do this. All it takes is a whisper of testicular fortitude. You could point out at your dinner parties and barbecues that there is an unfair double standard. You could refuse to let your friend’s wife off the hook when she says something patently false to upholster her pet narrative. You could turn off the Sportsball. You could refuse to clap enthusiastically the next time your workplace hosts some pompous celebration of diversity. Keep calling Columbus Day what it is – suggest the “indigenous” make their own holiday if it pleases them. You can open your eyes and see the entitled monster that White egalitarianism has created, and you can start asking yourself if your money wouldn’t be better spent elsewhere – for you pay for that monster’s very expensive pet food.      Or silence.

Cowardice has prompted many to sell us under the bus, it is a race to condemn us the hardest. Many have done this Judas deed for their thirty pieces. (Yes, I did just make a Christ reference – it is fitting. We have our people’s interest in mind and are constantly betrayed by short-sighted buffoons.) Many have done this to increase their social capital. They think it will ease their passage through life if they think at all. Others are moved like polarities in a gravitational current – dead objects floating through space. The youngsters call them NPCs. NPCs are programmed to seek gratification by regurgitating society approved virtue signals, they think this will increase their social capital because they know bigots get fired. They do not consider the slippery slope.

However, it changes nothing. Your moment in the sun that you gained from virtue signaling? It will end. You too will become unfashionable. You will be asked to sacrifice a virtue, and you will be asked one day to give up one thing too precious. Then, my friend, you shall be a Nazi too. And it will no longer matter if you believed what I believe (and you do NOT know what I believe unless you have taken the time to ask) or if you simply did not want to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple that defiled your religious beliefs. To your future enemy, it is the same.
You may be content to remain silent when a strange looking, sexually ambiguous human with gauges and tattoos you don’t understand condemns the Christian Religion to Secular Hell… even though you yourself are Christian. Tomorrow, Christian, they will ask you to show your support for homosexuality. If you are a Conservative American who secretly understands it is the White parts of America that he loves, you already know the slippery slope.

So. Shall you sell out? Or shall you eventually say to this strange new god of Political Correctness “non-serviam?”

These are important questions to ask because someday, inevitably, things are going to get worse. The beatings will continue until morale improves. And you, my friends, are on the wrong side of history. And I should wager that you know this, too. You are there because you do not understand us.

Speaking of the slippery slope… you know, many men in my bracket would not be where we are, in the Dissident Right, were the double standard not so glaringly obvious. Ten years ago I was still lying to myself, telling myself how awful I was for having a racist thought and that maybe I didn’t actually love negroes and gays as much as the LGBT committee at my college said I should. And eventually, it hit me: everybody got a pass but me, the straight White male. I was told I had privilege, though.

A bald-faced lie. And you know it is a lie if you pay taxes. But it won’t get better. If you won’t join us and help, you can help by doing something else. Keep your mouth shut. When Nazi and Right Wing things come up in conversation? Ignore them. Don’t condemn. Don’t disavow. Don’t pretend to agree with something unless you actually do. Take away the Left’s monopoly on free speech by starving them with silence.

I know many who claim to hate the Right to not actually oppose us and our ideas so much as they do not understand, or feel we are too extreme. If the situation was not so dire, I would agree. I dislike extremity, but it shall become increasingly warranted as the government strangles the life out of her civilians moving forward.
The McCarthy Era never ended. It is now fashionable to support or refuse to condemn anti-White violence, especially when Nationalists are targeted. You know the famous Holocaust maxim. First, they came for my gold teeth, and then they came for my lampshades, then they came for my showers and they stayed for my pedal powered skull bashing brain machines. They come for the Nazis today, but when they run out of ‘us,’ you will fit the bill. I want you to remember this: the word Nazi has no meaning. You can keep using it if you want, but fairly soon, you will be calling yourself a Nazi when you do. Christians are Nazis, you understand – White Supremacists. That argument is already underway. The Christian confectioner that wouldn’t make the sodomy cake? Nazi, now. Christian protests against revolting displays of public sodomy? You guessed it. The group Patriot Prayer who regularly hosts Blacks? Nazi. Proud Boys (a joke and mess)? Nazi. These groups all share this in common: to them White and Black are interchangeable, they may not be color blind but they are not racist. Yet somehow, in the retarded logic of the MultiKulti ambassadorial mind, they are equally “Nazi.”

That’s right. Someday you and I and Tom Kaczynski can all have brunch at a Thai restaurant and be accused of sedition someday because we want our mutual children to have a future that doesn’t look like Kenya. Then the Bollard will write a comically dramatic puff piece about how they infiltrated our lunch by wearing a Groucho Marx costume and spying on us. Admittedly, after that, a bunch of people are going to think we’re idiots, but they’re going to wonder why three people that aren’t all Nazis are all of a sudden being labeled such. And here’s another thing, before I run out of ambition with this piece. You’ll notice I’ve provided approximately zero proposals for some kind of solution outside of social advice. The NSA and other alphabet soup agencies can quote me if they ever read this, but the words put in our mouths by others are invalid. I have no solutions. The problem I was handed is too big for me. I know what I want. I want children. I want those children to grow up in a clean, safe, White America. Even if that means they just live in a small town in Maine and visit diversity when they’re of age and no longer bound by the rules of my house. I want it acknowledged that the standard is double and that the lie we’ve been sold about mass immigration is just that – a lie. We do not need third world immigrants. Why should my future posterity sacrifice wellbeing to suit a narrative that nobody ever asked me if I wanted?

Something to keep in mind before we part: extremists on both sides already think the Law is a joke. Their behavior is going to increase in volition and hostility as well as scope. Why? Same with road rules. Blood is on the water, government agencies cannot or will not keep up. So when they come for you, how bold will they be by then? This law abiding Nationalist here will not seem so bad then when you have experienced Liberal Tolerance in an enriched and diverse future. All we wanted was a White American niche. But short-sighted fools decided to turn a molehill of opinion into a mountain of opposition. They will control every aspect of your life, and if they cannot shame you into submission, eventually they will resort to trickery and then force. And we? We would have left you well enough alone in your Clown World. They will force you to sit; it will make Clockwork Orange look like a Baptism Party at Catholic Charities.

You can mark my words.


Kettle Black

by Kettle Black

Husband. Craftsman. Nationalist.

The Republic of Maine