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John Rousseau

Liberals are bigots and liars.

It is well-known that liberals are afraid of minorities. When liberals live with minorities, white-liberals do not educate their children with minority children. Hypocritical, as shown by now disgraced Hollywood-mogul HarveyWeinstein.

Even so, liberals have rarely make their hypocrisy this obvious. In these two headlines you see two competing, and highly-contradictory, narratives. The left pushes both of these points on a daily basis because Soros-funded groups want you poor, possessing low information, and easy to control. A careful reading of the Soros funded Open Society’s mission statement shows their desire to control. One of the left’s most hypocritical arguments involves hard-work and immigrant-owned businesses. They state two major claims:

  1. Hard work does not work, so we need a welfare state.


  1. Immigrants always work very hard, so we are benefited by letting them settle in our lands.

The left’s favorite examples of immigrant-driven wealth generation are Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, whom they cite as immigrant-success stories. This is true.

Musk and Jobs are laudable people, but they completely contradict the left’s competing narrative that minorities, and the poor, cannot get ahead by working hard. This contradiction is stark. To further illustrate the leftists’ hypocrisy, we need only examine the frankly racist application of leftist-logic to gun control.

  1. Guns are used to kill minorities by other minorities in disproportionate numbers, so no members of a minority should own guns. This is shown in the below chart, which shows that blacks are dangerous to each other.


2.Middle-class-whites need to protect themselves against minorities gives whites the rights to own guns. This is shown by the below chart, which shows blacks kill more whites than whites kill blacks.


Nobody, not even the most virulent racist argues that law-abiding blacks should not own guns due to the societal risk to black and whites alike.

The right-wing, which is considered racist by many commentators, does not make the argument that blacks should not own guns. When prosecutors attempted to punish a black woman for accidentally carrying a legal firearm licensed in another state, the right-wing sprung to her defense. The right-wing encourages urbanites to own guns legally. Chicago and Washington D.C. have some of the highest murder rates in America and the civilized world. They have strict gun regulations, so many regular citizens cannot obtain a gun in Chicago or Washington D.C.

Does anyone on the right side of the aisle cheer gun deaths in the inner-city? No, they do not, for the right-wing, by and large, want all to be safe and take responsibility for their own safety. Further, the right-wing understands that all Americans have rights, and those rights apply to everyone legally living in America. It would be hypocritical and frankly bigoted for the right-wing to promote gun-ownership for only one group, class, or race of people.

Yet, liberals lie. Liberals tell minorities, the natively-born-poor and especially African-Americans that hard-work will get them nowhere without handouts from a welfare state. However, when it comes to illegal -and legal- aliens, the left-wing promotes the idea that the migrant is naturally disposed to a life of hard work. Jack Dorsey, the Saudi-aligned CEO of Twitter, visited Knoxville, Tennessee to promoteimmigrant-owned businesses. Jack, and other Soros-aligned globalists like him, regularly tell regular citizens that without immigrant contributions to our economy that the economic system itself will collapse.

Can this be true?

Of course not: This is where the fantasy metastasizes into full-blown deception and duplicity.Japan has almost zero immigration, and it has an aging population. Jack and his minions tell us that without an immigration boom of new Americans to work hard and pay taxes, we will be unable to afford the boomers' healthcare. Does an aging population, or declining population make a country vulnerable to collapse?Let's look at Japan again. What has happened in Japan since its slow population decline? Their economy is strong. The fewer people that compete for jobs, the more jobs pay workers.

Not only are liberals hypocrites, bigots, and racists for implying that only certain groups can benefit from hard work, but the left-wing do not want our population to prosper as the Japanese population is doing! Yes,there’s an adjustment period -were a Japanese model to be adopted, the social drawbacks Japan has experienced cannot be ignored.

Seriously, go throw a football or something.

Even so, in basic terms fewer people always means more competition in the labor market. Do you think that George Soros, the Saudis, or Jack Dorsey want to see American wages increase? Hell no. Thankfully in Japan, the Japanese people, the rightful inhabitants of Japan, will eventually benefit from more living-space, higher-wages, less competition in schools due to its aging population. The lies the open-borders Soros-inspired people tell are unbelievable.

Let's explore this issue a bit more in-depth: Is there any evidence that declines in population create less productivity or wealth for a specific society? In a word, no- so long as you free yourself from the yoke of Neoclassical economics.

Let's examine the Black Death in the Middle Ages. What did the Black Death due to Europe? It eviscerated and annihilated large portions of Europe. Tens of millions of people died in Europe alone during the Black Death. What occurred after the Black Death?

Firstly, farmers converted land from labor-intensive gain-farming, to low-labor intensive animal farming. Before the Black Death, Europe's population was too dense for the feudal economic system of the day; high-intensity grain farmers used labor-intensive practices to maximize grain yields with little thought to the efficiency of the practice. Things were done in a particular way as they had usually been done that way in the past.

Justly put: Europeans spent so much time growing grain before the Black Death that their poor had little time for innovation, learning, or skill-building! While the economies of Europe would still only grow at ~1% per annum until the Industrial Revolution, it is here that the long road to a modernized world began.

This change in farming styles after the plague allowed more people in Europe to learn skills, and demand higher wages.

Secondly- even unskilled labor was worth more, almost over night.

Following the Black Death, laborers on farms were able to leave and travel to urban areas in search of higher pay. In these urban areas laborers with skills participated in the free-market, which as serfs on feudal-lands their lords restricted them from doing. Therefore, wages go up, and Europe began to prosper.

Third, the Renaissance itself began!


It is no coincidence that higher wages, less labor-intensive farming methods, and increasing urban populations full of skilled laborers led to something big. No one could have predicted just how big that change would be, for that change was the Renaissance. Without the Black Death to clear space, population, and provide a chance for workers to participate in the free-labor market perhaps Europeans would not have broken their cycle of feudalism and serfdom for many more centuries.

The liberal agenda is not only duplicitous, and bigoted, but it undermines the right that every citizen, of every country, has to benefit from demographic changes. Why would anyone want the West to be less prosperous and powerful? The open-borders types want an easily controlled population so that Soros and those like him can remorselessly practice the rapine he showed in World-War II! We have a right to live in a less-densely populated nation where our labor is worth more! In Maine business owners are finally hiring Americans again. For years business owners in Maine stated that Americans would not do the work they wished to see performed. Yet, as soon as Donald Trump announced that he would enforce immigration laws the business owners of Maine found money to hire Americans! Imagine. My. Shock.

Stop the liberal agenda. Liberals are bigots. Progressives are racists. Liberals hate borders and the peoples of a nation, any nation, rightfully prospering from the fruits of the people’s labor! With some qualifications, the freer the market, the freer the people. What do you call those who demand to control the market with an iron grip, and return all to the same level of the peasant?

This is what Soros and his ilk are working towards; a borderless gulag archipelago with each man set against his neighbour over the last grain.

The Editor

by The Editor