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Following his most recent appearance on the Third Rail podcast (listen here), our own John Q. Publius had a chance to catch up with the frost giant that is the final third of the permanent Third Rail roster we have not yet featured. You can follow him @LauritzGuildies. Enjoy!

In ten words or less, describe your political persuasion.

National Socialism with a smile

How and when did you become “red pilled”?

I’ve always been kind of red-pilled as a staunch nationalist who also benefited from a youth spent mostly on the chans, but I had never really developed a conscious relationship to any ideology or been very political about my views. However, a one-two combo of Gamergate and the European migrant crisis quickly opened my eyes to how dire our situation is. Stumbling onto TRS (The Right Stuff) completed this process.

What (or who) is the single biggest threat to the continued existence of Western civilization?

My answer to this question changes consistently depending on new input, but it’s a dead heat between ourselves and a certain Semitic tribe. Western civilization is falling apart equally as much a result of its own inertia and lack of external enemies, as it is due to a rootless cosmopolitan clique doing everything it can to facilitate this process.

What figure has been the greatest influence on the development of your political/ideological beliefs?

Seventh Son

Who or what are some other influences on you personally and/or politically?

I am an avid student of history so there’s a very large cast of characters from which I draw inspiration, Uncle Adolf deserves an honorable mention but so too does any number of Roman dignitaries and Enlightenment thinkers. A group that I find heavily underrated is actually the Founding Fathers of America, who continue to amaze me with their wisdom and foresight.


What got you into the podcasting “game”?

Jazzhands McFeels of the best political podcast on the internet (Fash the Nation) was advertising a job opening for the Europa Report. Being that I was European and had the uncanny ability to pronounce German place names, I volunteered myself. Unfortunately, that position was already taken, but he mentioned he needed someone to make something out of the more trivial stories that seemed to pile up in his inbox every week, I wrote a quick pitch of “my minutes” and the rest is history.

Optics: irrelevant or essential?

It is important, but not the most important trait for a movement to have. Definitely somewhere in the top ten list of traits though.

Fill in the blank: Knut Hamsun was_______.

One of the greatest writers of all time.

Fill in the blank: Anders Breivik is________.

In jail.

How black-pilled are you really?

I have just returned from black-pill rehab so I am not at all black-pilled, ask me again in three months.

What does the future hold for Norway, Scandinavia, and the West in general?

The man who had an answer to that question would become a very rich man.

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any future projects in the works?

I read, I shitpost, I work out, and work on supplementing my own skills. If there’s additional spare time I enjoy strategy games. I am working on another episode of Honoring our History (A history podcast that I do) which will be dealing with the discovery and colonization of the Americas.


John Q. Publius

by John Q. Publius

John Q. Publius writes for Republic Standard and runs the blog The Anatomically Correct Banana.