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There has been some minor kerfuffle recently in the white wellbeing community (that is white people free of auto-genocidal tendencies) between followers of the Guru of Properterianism Curt Doolittle and popular Youtuber No White Guilt.

In short, No White Guilt took exception to what he saw as an insufficient denunciation of political violence from the Propertarian community.

One of the tenants of thought from Doolittle and his acolyte John Mark is not just the inevitability of widespread civil conflict in the United States but of the relative ease of victory for the right wing and thus its borderline desirability.

No White Guilt, who has a long history in pro-white movement, made what I think is a very sensible and convincing case for explicit pacifism in our movement and a total repudiation of any sort of violent action. To a point.

The basic points underlying his theory are perfectly sound. The State has not only the legal monopoly on violence but a cornucopia of violent means at its disposal. In short, the State, with its ballistic missiles, drones, and god knows what Roswell flying-sorcery, merely laughs at your tricked-out AR-15 and firecrackers filled with home-brewed fertilizer. As he put it, “The United States will not collapse because somebody blew up ten feet of railroad tracks.”

Another good point he made, was that the State possesses an all-pervasive surveillance apparatus, the likes of which not seen since the Stasi in its hey-day: electronic surveillance, infiltration of physical assets and possibly para-psychic soul reading or some such.

Finally, ill-advised, mis-targeted and just plain immoral actions hurt the cause by providing the State with an excuse to crack down, by painting the entire movement to the average bourgeois as unhinged fanatics, possibly in cahoots with ISIS and the North Koreans.

No White Guilt's advice is very sensible, born out of experience and anybody in the movement should heed it.

The position of the Doolittle Witnesses (just kidding, love ya Curt) and I’ll try to be careful not to straw man them, is that the United States, for the lack of a more original allegory, is a lead Colossus propped on clay ankles.

Despite possessing impressive military hardware, it was fought to a standstill (I am being generous here) in two wars by men in sandals. Thus a domestic insurgent force, well versed in the theory and practice of 4G  warfare, can bring the current US regime to its knees. Think less American Hillbilly Taliban (plus sandals) sallying out of the West Virginia woods, to blow up a disused train bridge overgrown with weeds. Think more a small cadre of ideologically desperate, lone wolf individuals identifying and then attacking vulnerable nodes in our societies. Possibly without the use of any classic weapons of war. The Propertarians point out the vulnerability of the American power grid or the limited capabilities of the police force to deal with multiple parallel events. I am not an expert in future warfare so I won’t comment on the particulars of its implementation.

Propertarians contend, not so much that this is desirable or actionable in any way, but merely inevitable. Something that No White Guilt possibly misconstrued as wink-wink, nudge-nudge type of denial.

In our world, the only certainty is change. Things thought impossible yesterday, are all but a certainty tomorrow.

A competent, cohesive White State of yesterday is rapidly devolving into incoherent, warring factionalism and affirmative incompetence. The Deep State of now is breaking up into competing Deep Statelets.

The Russian Revolution of 1905 was easily crushed under the hooves and whips of the merciless Cossacks. The Tsar and his Empire were certain to prosper for a thousand years hence. Yet within a little over a decade, the same Tsar fell under the Mauser bullets of the bespectacled Hebrew Bolsheviks. The Cossacks, once feared, were essentially wiped out as a people in organized genocide of starvation.

Likewise in 1985, on the eve of the Perestroika, the Soviet Empire looked nigh on invincible. It crushed internal dissent by “punitive psychiatry” in the padded rooms of its hospitals and spread its will and influence worldwide on the strength of its imposing military.

A decade later, rag-tag mixed units of the Russian Army failed to defeat even more rag-tag and numerically insignificant Chechen rebels.

Meanwhile, penniless pensioners fought for their parcels of American humanitarian aid - frozen chicken parts, colloquially known as “Bush’s thighs”.

From Prince to Pauper in five years. From a Soviet Citizen not being able to freely purchase a typewriter without a passport and a police reference to the State losing its monopoly on violence over large sways of its territory.

The United States today exhibits all the Soviet militarism, even more corruption, much less the societal cohesion, relative unforced racial harmony, scientific realism or enforced optimism of the late-stage USSR. The political and cultural enforcers of tomorrow will have double-digit IQ and time preference of a grasshopper, with all the loyalty to the State of a Judeo-Marxist professor.

May we live in interesting times.


Nikolai Petroff

by Nikolai Petroff

I squat therefore I Slav.