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Voter identification laws are enacted to safeguard the electoral process and preserve the sanctity of voting rights for all Americans. Don't believe the liberal hype.

Currently, there are thirty-four states with laws that require or request a form of identification from voters at the polls. There are seven states that have strict voter identification laws that require voters to produce specific types of government-issued photo identification prior to voting. If the required identification is not produced, no ballot will be cast. No exceptions are made.


Those against voter ID laws, like the American Civil Liberties Union, argue that low-income, racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly, and people with disabilities have difficulty obtaining ID, because they cannot afford or cannot obtain the underlying documents that are a prerequisite to obtaining a government-issued photo ID card.

This is a message that the ACLU and their friends in the media have perpetuated ad nauseum.

The only problem is, it isn't true. In fact, the only people who really seem to buy into this line of thinking are white liberals. African Americans feel otherwise:

In reality, the majority of Americans have at least one of the forms of identification that states with strict voter ID laws have determined to be acceptable for voting. In fact, what groups like the ACLU fail to mention is that in all fifty states of the United States of America an individual requires a valid government-issued form of photo identification to do the following:

  • Drive a car
  • Rent a car
  • Buy a car
  • Rent an apartment
  • Buy a house
  • Open a bank account
  • Write a check
  • Cash a check
  • Buy alcohol
  • Buy cigarettes
  • Apply for food stamps
  • Apply for Social Security
  • Apply for Medicaid
  • Buy a cell phone
  • Pick up a prescription

Even though the overwhelming majority of adult Americans have and use a government-issued photo ID on a daily basis, the Democratic Party has railed against voter ID laws for decades. According to the official party platform of the DNC:

The right to vote is fundamental — it is the right that protects and expands all other rights. That’s why the Democratic Party has continuously remained dedicated to making it easier and more convenient for Americans of all backgrounds to cast their ballot.

We adopted the boldest and most pro-voter platform in history — calling for expanding early voting and vote-by-mail, implementing universal automatic voter registration and same-day voter registration, ending partisan and racial gerrymandering, and making Election Day a national holiday.

We do this by supporting candidates for state secretary of state and state legislative seats who want to expand voting rights. And we do this by supporting efforts in all 50 states to ensure that every eligible citizen can register and vote, and that each vote is accurately counted.

That looks good on paper, right? The Democrats just want to make voting "easier" and "more convenient" for everyone! Kumbaya.

What the Democrats are actually saying is that they want to eliminate all forms of reasonable accountability associated with the electoral process and put in place mechanisms that make it impossible to accurately determine the veracity of the ballot. If this were to happen voter fraud would be rampant and the United States would be permanently controlled by Democrats.

Despite all of their bluster, Democrats have actually supported using photo IDs as a way to prevent unauthorized delegate voter participation at the Democratic National Convention in both 2012 and 2016.

During the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Donna Brazille, then Chair of the DNC, took the voter ID process one step further.

When voting for new DNC party officers, Brazile required the use of a signed paper ballot that could be compared against the name and signature of each voting delegate's government-issued photo ID. The voting and verification process that Brazile laid out actually went much further than any state that has implemented strict voter ID laws to date. No state requires a voter to sign their ballot or have their ballot cross-referenced against the signature on their identification. Electoral ballots in every state are always anonymous.

Clearly, the DNC believes that preserving the integrity of their own internal electoral process is so important that steps must be put in place to prevent even a single fraudulent vote from being cast.

If a secure voting process is good enough for elite Democrats, then surely the process of requiring a citizen to show a form of government-issued photo identification is good enough for the rest of us.

Don't wait until the next election cycle. Demand strict voter-ID laws in your state today. We all have to do our part in protecting the electoral process.

A. Landholder

by A. Landholder

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