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On Tuesday we witnessed the Kabuki theater of the UN discussing action in Syria following the chemical attack on April 8. It is not a shock that Russia would exercise its veto power to avoid any sanctions. It is what official Russia news told its citizens that gives us pause.

Of course in the US, we are discussing important issues, such as hearings with Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook and the latest on Stormy Daniels suit against Trump. In the wake of the fruitless UN meeting, airlines and civilian aviation all changed routes and are avoiding Syrian airspace.

Russia threatens to shoot down any missiles the US fires and Trump replied with a tweet (of course) to essentially, “Bring it on!” Official state news in Russia warned its citizens of possible nuclear war with the US and told the people to gather provisions to take with them to their local bomb shelter. Naturally, they told people not to panic, but they told them to be ready.

Putin does not make idle threats, he is a master chess player from the old USSR and every move he makes is calculated.  Did he tell them to prepare knowing we’d hear the warning and believe he’s seriously considering firing the first shot of a nuclear war?  Is he simply using it as propaganda to build loyalty at home and generate hatred for the west?

Let’s see; Iran is involved in Yemen trying to upset the situation there and fighting a proxy war with Saudi Arabia.  Iran has also been filling the void left by ISIS in Iraq. Erdogan and Turkey are killing Kurds and Yezidis. Syria’s Assad is gassing its citizens, torture and murder of white farmers in South Africa continues.  Efforts by Putin’s Russia to undermine the Ukrainian government and the former Russian agent who was poisoned by a nerve agent leading to the expelling of Russian diplomats all over the world.


While the American taxpayer did get a modest tax cut, the US government added $1 trillion to the deficit in just five months, and with the new Omnibus Spending Bill will continue to spend $1 trillion more than we take in annually.  The proposed tariffs have instigated the beginnings of a trade war unless cooler heads prevail. US debt stands at over $21 trillion with unfunded liabilities over $112 trillion. At least North Korea seems to have settled down.

Many western European countries are dealing with increasing sexual assaults directly related to the influx of middle eastern immigrants. The US FBI and Justice department seem to give obvious violations a pass while searching under every pebble and speck of dust to hang a sitting president.

Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms are under attack in the US, and both of those rights have already been lost in much of the western world.  Liberty is sitting in a precarious place and tyranny is trying to push it over the edge.

Some people are simply whistling past the graveyard, while others ignore the problems of the world.  In some ways we are all just along for the ride and have very little we can do to alter the direction of our governments. One thing we can do is to be aware, prepare, and be ready for just about anything.

Remember Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will, and at the worst possible moment.

Michael Murphy

by Michael Murphy

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