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Tariq Nasheed has tried his hand at many things. He is what we call in the industry, an artiste. He raps. He makes documentaries. He writes books on how to pick up Asian chicks. Tariq loved Uncle Fidel more than the Cubans who were paid to love Uncle Fidel. He blames literally everything upon White supremacy and claims that  “white people invented racism”- that being said he isn't above discussing the merit of an ethnostate.

The online world is a spooky place sometimes. The idea of reinventing one's self is neither new nor particularly exciting, but Nasheed has taken reinvention to new levels of, if not success, at least oddness.

Yes, that is what you think it is.

Last night Tariq debated Jared Taylor of American Renaissance about white supremacy and a wide array of other topics- the full video is here. It's really quite illuminating to see just how many (horrible, evil) things White people can do without even trying.

The problem with debating Jared Taylor is that even if you disagree with his idea that "Whites deserve a homeland," you have to admit he is not a stupid person. He is an extremely knowledgable person in the field of race realism. Tariq knows this too, as he says during the discussion;

"White supremacists are the smartest people on the planet. The world is run by White supremacists."

The problem for Tariq in his mind is that all white people are White supremacists; by his own admission, White supremacists are the smartest people on the planet- thereby deserving to be supreme. Interestingly it falls to self-described "racialist who believes in race-realism" Jared Taylor to correct Nasheed. Yes- a man who is called a White supremacist by many, had to educate Tariq Nasheed on how White people are far from supreme. Taylor asked Nasheed why Japan, Korea, and China do so well if White supremacists control the world with an iron fist. This, he is told by Nasheed, is because Whites allow it to happen. For some reason, I am reminded of John Travolta's Battlefield Earth.

The primary problem with Nasheed is not just that he is the greatest lyricist of a generation. His music -no, it is in fact art- redefined hip hop and beat mumble rap to the lowest possible common denominator in music by a clean decade.

Wash yo ass
You gots to wash yo ass
You gots to wash yo ass
Wash wash
Wash yo ass

No, the major malfunction in the King of Woke isn't that he sees no conflict with saying he is both an Identity Extremist and also an Anti-Racism Strategist. Tariq Nasheed makes it quite clear that if you ain't black, you're either a White supremacist or a tool of White supremacy. When an Asian man was assaulted and thrown off a plane, Tariq had no anti-racism strategy.

Tariq's problem is not that if a Black man actually does something with his life, such as being a brain surgeon and then helping to run the country, it's because he's a house negro. You can say what you like about Ben Carson, but come on. Really?

If a black man says things that Tariq disagrees with, that man is either a coon or, if he's in some way well known, simply lying to the White men for money. That's a good thing, by the way. It's not even that he will literally defend the reputation of an ISIS terrorist on national TV by claiming there is something racist about lauding the cop who shot the bad guy.

Tariq's problem is not even that he really hates Mexicans and claims that America allows their immigration because Mexicans are White.


It's not even that Tariq says you are a coon if are a black person and are in anyway capable of thinking for yourself and decide that all your problems aren't the fault of Whitey. He even had a coon train award made to give to race-traitor black people. This is a normal thing to do in Tariq Nasheed's mind.


The problem Tariq Nasheed has doesn't begin with his suspicion that black people online who disagree with Tariq Nasheed are in fact White supremacists who are pretending to be black to discredit Tariq Nasheed. This is a completely normal event for Nasheed, apparently. You can try it out for yourself- the next time someone says you are wrong, imagine that they are actually pretending to be a different race as some kind of tactic to 'beat' you. Please email us and let us know how sane and well adjusted you felt- I'll give you extra bonus points if you manage to defend a rapist while doing it.


Tariq's problem isn't even that he contradicts himself with every sentence that comes out of his mouth. While we must now accept that The Master of Melanin has decreed that Amerindians and Latinos are white, everyone else in history was black. At least according to Nasheed in Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin in which he claimed Cleopatra, Hannibal and the Buddha as black people, but stated that Egyptology was invented by the Vatican church (to keep the brothers down) and of course, the same secret White supremacist organization hired William Shakespeare to write the King James Bible to cover up the fact that the son of God himself Jesus H. Christ was a black guy. No indeed, this is not Tariq's problem.


Tariq Nasheed's problem is Tariq Nasheed.

For some reason, this online charlatan is some kind of folk-leader in the black community- though he and his followers are more prone to falling for conspiracy theories than Alex Jones die-hards or David Icke. Seriously, Icke literally believed that during a solar eclipse trans-dimensional shapeshifting lizard aliens came through a portal and replaced the British Royal Family. Icke claimed to have spoken to people who had seen the Queen Mother eat babies- at the time she was an ancient woman of well over 90 years old. Even this kind of lunacy fails to hold a candle to Nasheed's lunatic brilliance, who not only has convinced himself that life as a Black man in the United States is horrible (despite all evidence to the contrary) but managed to convince others of it too.


The great work that Tariq does is of course none of the things he actually means to do. With every action- and I mean every action- he further proves that tolerance for radical ideas in the Western world is entirely contingent on one's race. Nasheed's partner in the debate last night, Jared Taylor, was purged from Twitter in December 2017- though Taylor's content is never profane, hateful nor abusive. The same cannot be said for Nasheed.


It is this example that Nasheed sets for all of us who recognize that 'diversity' is anti-White racism. The proof is evident- it is only thanks to Nasheed's race that he is allowed to continue publishing objectively racist material. What other reason could there be for YouTube or Twitter to leave his accounts unmolested, while non-black content creators are censored with gusto for innocuous trifles? Ironically the very thing that Tariq claims is everywhere -White supremacy- also appears to be protecting Nasheed himself from the consequences of his racism. Nasheed would claim that he cannot be racist, as he is an oppressed black man- hilarious, but okay, Tariq. Whatever you say.

Tariq's vanity and hubris are as limitless as his talent is limited; knowing this he plunges further into absurdity in a fool's quest for relevancy. I do wonder how Tariq feels about being on the leash of social media outlets that are predominantly White owned and operated. On the one hand, he needs their indulgence to continue peddling his lucrative confidence trick to his own people. On the other, the very fact he is allowed to con black people out of their time and money surely suggests that White supremacy is not a factor- or is it? Maybe that's what the White Devils want after all.

Maybe Tariq is the perfect weapon against a United Nation of Blackness.

The Editor

by The Editor