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Feminism. Despite having the most privileged possible position in the Western World and the power to ruin a man's life in an instant with a phone call, women want more.

What do they want? They want more money, of course. They want to make sure that other women lose out. They want to make sure working-class women lose their jobs because men might look at them. They want to set up Lesbianic Obesity Fight Clubs in order to take down the Government. They want so much -not families, of course, having a family is oppressive- that is hard to know with what to begin. In lieu of a formal beginning, let us start with how narrow in focus this idea of Modern Feminism has become.

As Brendan O'Neill points out in The Spectator:

"This is the nature of feminism today: it has become a well-off women’s racket. It has become a means for educated women to secure their position in the media, business, and politics. Witness the new feminism’s myopic obsession with numbers of women on company boards, or the exact ratio of male-to-female guests on the Today programme, or how female MPs are addressed on Twitter. The vast majority of women and men do not work in these fields, of course. Feminism, clearly, isn’t for them. In fact, feminism is very often against them, especially if they are those ‘bad women’ who take jobs or have points of view that mainstream feminists disapprove of. Those women will be raged against by the sisterhood."

The reason both Brendan and I are looking at Feminism again after all this time is that 'Feminism' -which any good Feminist will tell you is simply the radical idea that men and women are equal, no longer thinks that women and women are equal.

In fact, feminists now believe that a man who identifies as a woman and holds the right opinions is now more of a woman than a biological female who has the wrong opinion.

In London, Ph.D. researcher and 'artist' Phoebe Patey-Ferguson (which I need not tell you is the most middle-class name possible) has started a fight club. A feminist fight club. Anyone who identifies as a woman can join, to fight women in order to-

"Bring down the Conservative Government, destroy the patriarchy, take up space and make lots of noise."

This wresting group of middle-class lesbians and mentally ill homosexual men deliberately don't get good at fighting. That would be exclusionary. This 'Queer Femme Fighting Force' is open to everyone provided you have a sufficiently right-on worldview. What does that feminist worldview contain? Screaming.

"Fuck Theresa May! Fuck Theresa May! Fuck Theresa May!"

Screaming, screaming, they are always screaming. So much screaming. Screaming about just the second woman Prime Minister of Britain because she has chosen the wrong ideas, despite May also overtly capitulating to feminists many times in the past. It's not enough. In times of economic hardship, May has presided over a government that has reduced public spending, which as we know, hurts women. Or Womyn. Or Wammens. Whatever. On their Facebook page, the description screams.


Interesting. As I feared, these middle-class homosexuals are also a Neo-Marxist cell, no doubt entirely by mistake. I wonder if  Phoebe Patey-Ferguson has quite thought this through. After all, it would need a particularly desperate bunch of men of allegedly North African or Middle Eastern persuasion to engage in Taharrush Jamai with this lot- therefore the demand for abolishing borders is an entirely safe move. Not so for the working class women that very recent history tells us are so frequently the victims of the consequences of such callous ideas being put into policy.

Patey-Ferguson, being predictable.

Abolish the borders. Hate your country. Hate everyone who doesn't agree with you. Patey-Ferguson says:

“Most of the spaces we perform in our queer spaces so often people haven’t been able to really allow themselves to feel the anger and rage that they do feel. So often they are thankful to us for the space that we can feel that together… You don’t feel like you are locked in your room staring at the internet alone. There is a kind of empowerment in that because if we express that together, there is a possibility of change.”

I am sorry you feel a bit sad, alone in your room, Miss Patey-Ferguson. That said I imagine it is less sad to be alone on the internet at your mum's house than to be a 17-year-old girl who is gang-raped and then set on fire. I don't mean to play the whataboutery game here, to say- well, it could be worse. Indeed, it could be worse for us all. In fact, I can say with absolute clarity that it will be worse.

The point is that this tragic inevitability of violent rape is the consequence of the brainless feminism of Patey-Ferguson. She is screaming for open borders, screaming at the patriarchy, screaming at the Prime Minister. When Sweden bent to the whims of these moronic zealots, took down the border, hated itself for being Swedish, hated itself for having men at all- and provided a free ticket to anyone who can display a little diversity of skin colour, the diversity of morality that comes with it has women raped in the street. I don't think that is what Patey-Ferguson wants. It's just the conclusion of her ideas when they run the course.

Real women, in the real world paying the real consequences of ideas disseminated by lesbians who are wrestling men who think they are women, to save women from the patriarchy.

Yup. That's normal. In part 2 we will look at middle-class feminist establishment actors forcing working-class girls out of jobs because these jobs involve looking nice in public. The Horror!

Ready for Part 2? Feminist Intellectuals Get Working Women Fired - For Women's Rights!

The Editor

by The Editor