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“The Game Of Global Domination”—the motto of the board game Risk

“They are dismantling the sleeping middle class.  More and more people are becoming poor.  We are their cattle.  We are being bred for slavery”---from the movie They Live

“Once the science of management had been perfected and everything was reduced to a unit of production it was perfectly natural that they turned their sights to their final prey, man”

Renaud Camus has gained fame and notoriety for his theory of the Great Replacement, for suggesting that perhaps Jews might not be the best interpreters of French Culture, and for being prosecuted right and left for saying sensible things about African immigration.  The Great Replacement is of course the hallmark of his work but it is only one component, and he possesses an even darker and more dystopian vision of our future, a future run by a hostile and malevolent elite clique managing the world, managing the “human park”, a neo-feudal system with full rights of ravage and no obligation of the honorable.  In short, he has a theory of the case.

His vision shares much with that of William Pierce’s idea of the New World Order. Pierce pointed out that in 1999 then NATO commander Wesley Clark gave voice to the emerging feudal overlords, the “we” being the most important part of what he said, and few grimmer words have been spoken:

“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states.  That is a 19th Century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with muti-ethnic states”

Pierce himself outlined the vision when he said that:

“The New World Order schemers have the ultimate aim of creating a homogeneous population of coffee-colored serfs---docile, predictable, and interchangeable”

Camus takes up this vision and shows how it operates, what the crime is, and who it’s perpetrators are.   He calls what they’re doing Global Replacism, the elites’ creation of a Global Slum which they will rule from their feudal redoubts, rule the docile serfs, who in the end will be dispensed with entirely, hence the catch phrase “genocide by substitution”--substitution is the means, genocide the goal.

In describing the global ruling class Mr. Camus cancels the distinction between the so-called democracies and the authoritarians indicating that they are but differing sides of the same global coin, they are all one overlord class seeking  to exercise universal rule and global domination:

“The torturing Chinese dictatorship and the self-liberating Western democracies reveal the same background, the generalized surveillance, the aspiration to the total control of the sections of the human park of which they respectively manage.”

In the future it will be humanity itself which will be the central obstacle to the dreams of our elites.

It is the “human park” that they are after, the relegation of human beings to zoo animals, penned in, livestock, serfs, slaves.  The central means by which this is accomplished is “Global Replacism” the reducing of everything to units of production that can be interchanged with anything else.   This happens on a global scale:

“For better or worse, everything is being replaced by something else: something simpler, more convenient, more practical, easier to produce, more at hand and, of course, cheaper. Las Vegas displays a fake Venice in Nevada, Spain establishes a mock Las Vegas in Castilla, China has its own Paris near Peking — a much safer place than the real one for the traveler and for the local dweller alike.”

His ultimate vision is dark indeed:

“Men, women, women's football ... The Clique presents this as a progress of equality, therefore of democracy. This is a progress only of Undifferentiated Human Matter, the industries of man, of the scraping of the species in standardized liquid for the plastic cans of the global slum.”

So if one were bent on the creation of a neo-feudal system, complete with dishonorable rights of ravage, a global slum, of global substitution, global replacism, of genocide by substitution, extermination, how would one go about it?  What are these crimes?   Who are these criminals?   And what judgment?


The first way the Replacist Power operates is by means of race-mixing, race-mixing in the sense of miscegenation  (the flood of ads showing black men and white women coupling) and race-mixing in the sense of mixing the races together, multi-racialism, multiculturalism (the famous French vivre ensemble “living together”).  Camus insists that anti-replacism is a humanism, and that he is for the preservation of all races in their indigenous, pristine, and original form.  So like the Dalai Lama he would say Europe is for the Europeans, Tibet for Tibetans etc.  But elites know that there is an unimaginable strength in these primordial identities and hence their desire to break them up via race-mixing, to demoralize and disorient the peoples of the world so they can offer no resistance.  They want to pick us off, one free white man at a time.

The nominal belief in the non-existence and the equality of the races preceded World War 2 but it was the negative reaction to Hitler’s racial nationalism that allowed it to prevail wholesale. To paraphrase Peter Brimelow the entire ideology of the modern left, of the official anti-racism as dogma, is the posthumous revenge of Adolf Hitler.  Camus believes that the turning point came in the 1970s:

“I am convinced that the termination of the concept of race in the 1970s was the moment which made everything that followed possible; and made (almost) impossible any resistance to what was to happen — mass immigration, invasion, colonization, ethnic substitution.”

“The dogma of the inexistence of races, proclaimed in 1970s, is the credo quia absurdum of both anti-racism (in its second phase) and global replacism. It has much in common with the Roman Catholic dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.”

The not so subtle sleight of hand is that if races don’t exist then there can be no objection to their mixing, because there’s nothing there to be mixed, nothing mixing, so of course it’s not a problem for a country to be inundated by different races, to be subject to racial swamping, because, of course, that’s not what’s happening---because races don’t exist.  Such is the absurd logic foisted on us to such an extent that is has become official ideology, unimpeachable dogma.

The title under which belief in the non-existence of the races goes is “anti-racism”, the evil teaching of our time.  Like it’s progenitor, human rights, anti-racism is inherently genocidal.  As a hatred of war led to the Second World War so anti-racism has led to the racial swamping of France, Europe, and America.  Anti-racism and it’s offspring, tolerance and diversity, is what has made everything possible.

“Anti-racism plays exactly the same role leading to the Second Occupation and its Collaboration, as pacifism did to lead to the First Occupation and to it’s own Collaboration. One cannot want to step out of history and at the same time pretend to remain free.”

And if there is one thing that the Ruling Class knows except that the races don’t exist it’s that these non-existent entities are all equal (even as some of these things that don't exist are more equal than others).


“Equality between parents and children has destroyed family and transmission. Equality between teachers and students destroyed the School. Equality between citizens and non-citizens has destroyed the nation. The equality between Christianity and Islam destroys France.”

If anti-racism is the official ideology of the Ruling Class, the Replacist Power, the belief in equality is it’s evil twin.  Equality is the official dogma of Human Rights which, as such, are inherently genocidal. Equality is a leveling of all distinctions into the great digested mass of undifferentiated human matter (UHM).  It is an industrial process of liquefying meant for easy handling and for best storage.

“The principal ideal involved is equality. The principal interest at work is normalization, standardization, similarity, sameness — needless to say, equality is the condition to those.”

“Do you know that every time someone proposes to abolish a border, between nations, between peoples, between civilizations, between races, between classes, between genres, between genders, between levels, this person works for Human Nutella?”

Camus calls any indication of inequality “ideological bad news” which is the one thing the Ruling Cass is unable to bear.  So thorough has been this brainwashing and this indoctrination that it is impossible even to think anything other than equality:

“The conceptual apparatus of our time do not allow, by chance, for the conviction that men and women are not equal, or, for that matter, that there is any statutory, or natural, inequality. It is impossible to think that, just as it is impossible to reach by car a fishermen village which is not linked to the hinterland by any road”

The famous Old Republican John Randolph said “I love liberty, I hate equality”.   Camus feels much the same way:

“I believe in the equality of nothing—except by chance, or by a sometimes legitimate coup d’État of the law. Equality, as soon as it leaves its legal and political bed, destroys everything it touches — vessels, ramparts, cities, men — as Æschylus said Helen of Troy did. Equality between parents and children has destroyed the family, transmission, civilization. Equality between teachers and pupils, or between good pupils and bad pupils, has destroyed schools, teaching, knowledge. Equality between high culture and entertainment has destroyed culture. Equality between citizens and non-citizens is destroying citizenship, states, nations. Equality between century-old local traditions and mores and imported ways of life and foreign traditions will leave nothing standing, or worth standing, of any nation. In France and in Europe, equality between Christianity and Islam spells death for French culture and European civilization.”

Thus equality is a dissolving agent, an evil homogenizing scourge which wrecks everything in it’s path, liquefying it, cutting it down and cutting it down to size. Equality is the path of least resistance, the path of genocide.

And equality takes the lead in the creation of what Camus calls undifferentiated human matter (UHM), an eradication of all differences, everything reduced to a common denominator in a flat standardized mass.  It’s also what he calls Human Nutella, something liable to be easily and smoothly spread across the face of the earth.  For the Replacist Power wants nothing more than to do away with, to abolish all differences, between nations, peoples, cultures, races, sexes, because they know that nothing presages the totalitarian like Global Humanity.

“Who does not see that the incessant appeals for more equality, between the sexes, between ages, between souls, between classes, between races, serve in fact only to better grind down man, to make him more homogeneous and standardized, for the industries of the UHM?”

And, of course, we see that massive push for “gender” equality, for trans rights, for the denial of biological sex, for men in women’s sports, for hormone blockers, for boys being girls and vice versa.  Rooting out the most fundamental of all natural differences is the most fundamental of their wishes:

“It is becoming more and more evident that the Replacist Davocracy and its Clique now consider the question of races as outdated just as they planned. It is the question of the sexes which it now wishes to settle and, like the preceding one, by disappearance, fusion, UHM.”

What they did to the races they want to do to the sexes, make them disappear.

When man is ground down, when he is but an equal mass, he becomes defenseless in the face of slow if relentless assaults by the Ruling Class.

Concomitant with the denial of race and the ideology of equality comes the wholesale attacks of the root of everything, of culture itself, of civilization, for the small replacement heralds the big one like the sea water receding precedes the tsunami.


Camus is a prolific author; two of his books are called, respectively, The Small Replacement and The Great Replacement.  In his theory the small replacement is what he calls “deculturation”, the end of culture, what T Lothorop Stoddard called “the revolt against civilization”, the creation of an anti-culture, an anti-civilization.  It is the attack on high culture and replacing it with the low, it is an attack on the classics and replacing them with Gender Studies.   It is a universal daze, a kind of stunning of the cattle, and the small replacement heralds the big one like the sea water receding precedes the tsunami.

If you want to destroy a people you destroy their heritage, you destroy their history, you destroy their classics, their past, their heroes, their culture, their language, their literature; perhaps in the end you leave them only with their eyes so they can witness their destitution.

Recently we have seen Mark Zuckerberg’s sister attack the Western Classics, no less a personage than Meghan Markle has suggested that we “decolonize the curriculum” and of course as far back as the 1980s at Stanford anti white zealot and too slick by half race impresario Jesse Jackson made the infantile chant “hey hey ho ho western civ has to go” which set Peter Thiel on the road to anti PC.  And of course Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who had some reason to know, said that if you want to destroy a people first sever it’s roots.

Mr. Camus calls this severing the “small replacement”, that which heralds the big one the way the sea water receding precedes the tsunami. The small replacement is the eradication of standards, the erosion of taste, the disqualification of distinction, the outlawing of discrimination.  It’s a world where seventy year old thinks nothing of dancing as if they were twelve.

His prime culprit, at least in France, is sociologist Pierre Bourdieu.  Mr. Bordieu came up with the novel idea that people with educated parents tended to be more educated, determined that this was unfair, and solved it by recommending that no one become educated.   An ill educated mass of people equally ill educated is at least equal.

“Bourdieusians and pedagogists in French and other educational systems, whatever they might have wanted to do, have in fact operated along exactly contrary lines. Since they could not insure that the non-inheritors would inherit, they made it sure that the inheritors would not.”

“He (Bourdieu), at least, and, I imagine, most of the innumerable disciples he has had in France — where they have been running the educational system for forty years —, and in the world, wanted the privilege of children with educated parents put to an end, as a privilege, by being offered to all children.”

Of course what you offer to everyone you offer to no one.  For Camus there has to be privilege, there has to be inheritance, there has to be transmission, there has to be lineage, and distinction, discrimination, taste.

“The hereditary class (and it must be a class) has a privilege, it’s privilege, namely culture, won’t always be transmitted: there will always be failures in transmission. For that reason it has to be partly renewed with each generation: lineages dropping out, lineages coming in. But it has to remain partly hereditary.”

When the lines of heritage and the roots are cut the message of our ancestors can’t get through, no longer speaks.   It’s like a plant that has been uprooted and is living synthetically with chemicals above ground.

“History of equality and its ravages, history of the industrialization of man & Undifferentiated Human Matter, history of the end of lineages & transmission, the perpetual present, the anti-inheritance. Needless to say, these three stories are one story, the story of anti-history”

“The educational system has radically collapsed, cultural transmission is in shambles.”

“Civilization of first names, collapse of the school systems, failure of the transmission, teaching of the forgetting, blocking of the inheritance in the name of equality, end of the lineages, presentism - prelude to the end Time, the end of time.”

Culture gives way to entertainment and, though it hasn’t the right, still calls itself by the name. Camus uses music as his prime example, from high to low, from classical to Pop, from Beethoven and Bach to the banality of Beatles, and from there an even steeper and more  precipitous decline on to the unholy abomination called rap, and says that more than anything contemporary popular music is black music, is the imposition of blackness into the heart of the European peoples.

Plato said that when the music changes the gates of the city crash but when it changes to black music the city itself disappears.

“Those rhythms, generally binary, military, insistent and disquieting like the obstinate sound (boum-boum, boum-boum, boum-boum) of an artificial heart in the operation room of a hospital, are themselves largely inspired, if only through jazz, by African musical traditions. Those also manifest their influence directly, in Europe, without the detour by the United-States but unfortunately through commercial filters which are as many philistine adaptations, if not downright treasons, of what would be, all things being equal, African “classical” music.”

“Music in the new sense, combined with dancing, can be seen, through its huge success in all classes and all ages, as a rising back of Africa in the European body.”

This is an abrogation of culture that ends up in nonsense, in baby talk, in babble, in anti-culture, non-culture, non-civilization, savagery.

“Such ascent is obviously made much easier by the highly noticeable infantilization which has been provoked by general deculturation and which so curiously coincides with the growth of violence and brutality in daily social relations. It seems the more people call themselves by their first names on their first encounter, use baby talk even in a political or official context (ministers or other officials speaking of moms and dads, les mamans et les papas, even in public speeches or official appearances), turn to a flabby and namby-pamby way of expressing themselves, replace manners by the expansive expression of a no less conventional good will—in short shorten if not abolish the distances between them (or so they think), the more the common space is becoming a place of constant aggressive and often criminal behavior.”

Glory was replaced by fame, and fame by notoriety, becomes gossip and finally insensibility and senility.

“The said dictatorship and the Small Replacement (of high culture by popular culture) is never so evident as on the days when a pop star, even a minor one, dies: national programs on television are entirely dedicated to them, all other news disappear, and the general consensus is that the dead artist, who may very well have had no importance whatsoever in the life of his cultured contemporaries, was a life companion for the entire people.”

“But if men and women have to be prepared for general interchangeability, distances between them must be abolished as much as possible, and individuals must be deprived of all the social protections that étiquette, grammar, private property, race, sex or nationality could offer them against global replacement.”

It is the classic case of Frantz Fanon, of how colonial subjects are subject and subjected to:

“Expropriation, spoliation, raids, straight murder are accompanied by a ransacking of cultural systems, or to the very least make the enabling conditions of such ransacking. The social landscape is disrupted; values are flouted, crushed, gutted.”

The small replacement precedes the bigger one, the severing of roots, the weakening of culture, the abandonment of rules, the loss of standards, the abandonment of the past, the end of discrimination, the abolition of taste, the killing of heroes, dead civilizations, worlds washed away.

And this decultured culture, this babble of chaos, is of course made available instantly everywhere, and though if someone had a drinking problem you would not recommend they put kegs and a tap in their basement, most of us walk around with devices eternally hooked up to a fetid, open, global sewer.

What they have now is a raceless mass of equal humanity without a past. This creation lacks distinction, distinction between the races, distinction between the sexes, distinction between each other, distinction of any kind, it is pure product, a ground down Inhuman Nutella ripe for being spread smoothly across the face of the earth, ripe for Global Replacism, they have been prepared to be victims of an enormous crime, ritually prepared.


The powers that be want more power and they ask themselves: who's stopping us? And they conclude the only ones in the way of total global domination are the national populists and they notice these tend to be white folk wedded to tradition, so they do all in their power to destroy them, including allying with the left whom they must regard with chilling contempt

“Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915) is the common inspirer, for all practical purposes, of nazism, soviet communism and global replacism. What those three have in common is totalitarianism, concentrationnism, standardization, managerial gestion of the human park.”

“Faux, simulation, imitation, ersatz, simulacrum, copies, counterfeiting, fakes, forgeries, lures, mimics, are the key words of modern human experience. Stone masonry is being replaced by ferroconcrete, concrete by plaster, marble by chip aggregate, timber by PVC, town and countryside by the universal suburb, earth by cement and tar, seaside by seaside resorts, mountains by ski resorts and ski lifts, paths by hiking trails, nature by land-use planning in expectation of economic spinoffs, real people by B&B hosts, clients by friends, friends by clients, culture by entertainment and the leisure industry, exercise by sport, sport by the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games by big business, business by corruption, corruption by doping, literature by journalism, journalism by information, news by fake news, truth by fallacy, last name by first name, last name and first name by pseudonyms, intimacy by familiarity, hearts by artificial hearts, every part of the body by spare parts, history by ideology, the destiny of nations by plain politics, politics by economics, economics by finance, the experience of looking and living by sociology, sorrow by statistics, residents by tourists, natives by non-natives, Europeans by Africans, White Anglo-Saxons by Afro-Americans and Latinos, mothers by surrogate mothers, men by women, women by inflatable dolls, men and women by robots, robots by robot-like humans, peoples by other peoples and communities, humanity by post-humanity, humanism by transhumanism, man by Undifferentiated Human Matter (UHM)”

Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915) was a direct descendant of a traveler on the Mayflower, descendant of abolitionists, White Anglo-Saxon-Protestant, the father of scientific management and the efficiency movement. It is on his works that rested the unprecedented surge of affluence in the 20th century.  He was a machine worker who turned man into a machine, into a unit of production. He is the Isaac Newton of work, and he has blood on his hands.

“Frederick Winslow Taylor is the central figure in the history of Replacism, or pre-Replacism.   Although he is certainly not a figure of comparable intellectual scope, he is to replacism what Marx is to communism.  That, of course, is an enormous responsibility.  As writes his most recent editor, “Frederick Taylor has blood on his hands”.  I certainly agree with that: not only blood but sweat, tears UHM (Undifferentiated Human Matter), not to mention mad cows and deaths by drowning across the Mediterranean.  And as he wrote himself, “In the past man has been first; in the future the machine must be first”.  In other words, man will be replaced by machines (robots, electronics, computers, numbers, statistics). From a movie buff’s point of view, global replacism is Metropolis + Modern Times + Soylent Green.”

“In the past man had been first but now the machine, the system will be first”

When a city is under siege the attackers are trying to reduce it, the Global Replacist power wants more than anything to be reductionist, to reduce everything, first to units of production, then to nothing.

“Taylor’s central concept is that of normalization, or standardization. Products, objects, instruments, machine parts will cost less, in time and money, and will henceforth yield bigger profits, if they are the same and can be easily exchanged with one another. Taylorization is always a process towards the same, the sameness of the world, it’s looking like itself (but, consequently, not being it). Standardization is a similarization, but this word has two meanings which, although very similar, must not be confused. Making things, objects, products similar to each other means that they will look and may be the same, but it also means that they won’t be exactly what they were, that to look or be like other objects, instruments, piece of mechanics or products they will have to be similis, copies, imitations, same as others but, by this very fact, different from their original version. Imitation, reproduction, factitiousness, are at the very core  of the Taylorian revolution, which amounts to nothing less than a second Industrial Revolution. Imitation for the sake of mass production, precipitating the era of mass reproduction so well observed and analyzed by Walter Benjamin (and so well exploited by Andy Warhol, Pop Art and Pop Music), is what made Taylorism particularly appropriate and suitable for the advent of the petite-bourgeoisie as the new ruling class, which it certainly helped to achieve”

Frederick Winslow Taylor has blood on his hands.   For once the science of management is perfected it becomes perfectly natural that human management comes next, the tailoring of human beings to fit the Replacist System. The future is too important to leave to humanity.

Global Replacism is the science of human management, of tailoring humans to meet the needs of the system and it’s rulers, for when the science of management had perfected itself and turned everything into a unit of productivity, it was perfectly natural that they would then turn their aim towards man.

In addition to reducing everything the Replacist Power wants to devalue everything, to strip it of value.  They want inflation of words and the currency of reality devalued, until everyone is pushing a wheelbarrow of worthless conceptual dollars through Berlin to buy some butter; and when that happens you can be sure soon there will be transvestites roaming the streets, and worse.

One thinks identity is fantasy, they can be what they dream, man-woman, straight-gay, black-white, a whim, the other thinks it's inscribed in blood, lineage, heritage, ancestors, one is rooted in the real the other takes it perilous flight from it headlong into a raving new world.

They can call a newly arrived person an American, more American than the Americans really, more American than the original, this newly made American, that all they lack is a paper, but really the ones saying that are Americans in name only, the only thing American about them is the paper.

America was created by words on paper and has never lived it down.

In America there is a constant battle over identity, there are those who think that America was based on a race, the white race, and the further one gets away from that origin the more perilous things become; and there are those who think it’s based on a creed (‘all men are created equal’, ‘dedicated to a proposition’, ‘make the world safe for democracy’, ‘a nation of immigrants’) that we are a proposition nation and that any border crosser who stands up on his or her hind legs and assents to the proposition (four score and twenty years ago!) is as American as any Daughter Of The American Revolution, or  more American, really, more original  than the originals. But if a national identity is infinitely malleable then there isn’t one.  Race is older than ideology and will always vanquish it.

Judith Butler is the reigning philosopher of the replacement, she says identity has nothing to do with time, lineage, history, heritage, ancestors, blood, but rather it’s as modern as tomorrow afternoon and often as unknown, and, as such, she has blood on her hands.

“To put it simply, once one accepts the idea that a man can become a woman just by thinking he is one, it is remarkably easy to be persuaded, for example, that England can become ‘other’ than the homogeneous home of the English.”---Andrew Joyce

To explicate this devaluing, this fake real, Camus uses the Platonic dialogue between Cratylus and Hermogene.

“For Hermogene words mean what their common users have decided they would mean, and nothing else; and if the same common users, or others, decide to change that meaning, then it will be changed, whether that pleases the speakers or not. Meaning is but a pure convention, a contract, a deliberation, a pact, an agreement.”

“For Cratylus, on the contrary, words are just as many survivors of time, and their letters and syllables have much to say about their signification and their long journey throughout the centuries. What they are and what they mean do not depend on some arbitrary decision, but on their origin, and on the origin of that origin, and on their endless run uphill in the nervous stream of history, like a salmon swimming counter-current towards the singing spring. Do words like French or British refer to an administrative stamp on some legal document, or to an ancestry, a long experience, a shared history, blood, race, love, culture, civilization?”

“Nouns and adjectives pertaining to nationalities are probably the best and simplest testimonies that for every given word there exists a mute and ferocious rivalry between its Hermogenian meaning — the superficial, administrative, official, legal, scientific, triumphant one, with its ID papers always in perfect order — and its Cratylian meaning, real, deep, profound, hard to explain, poetic and literary.”

“Hermogene, champion of stamping, and who has easier, simpler, more authoritative (be it only the authority of the law, or of dictionaries) ways of playing the game, or running the war, always wins. It is highly probable, though, that he has never won more than he is winning now, if only because a Taylorian world of normalization, standardization, general substitution, badly needs the power to name things and people pretty much as it pleases.  Quartiers populaires, in French, popular districts, refer to districts from which the original, indigenous people, have been expelled.”

And here we get to the crux, or next to the crux, of the matter. Global Replacism at it’s heart, not surprisingly, is about replacing.  It wants to replace something real with something unreal or at least with something virtual, to denature nature and deculture culture, to decivilize civilization, until there is nothing left, except their own fabrication.

“What is being French? What is being European?   Is it a physical reality inscribed in time, in history, in lineages, in verticality, in origins, in the origins of origins?  Or is it a pure convention, a treaty, a protocol, a rubber stamp?”

Judith Butler is the reigning philosopher of the replacement, she says identity has nothing to do with time, lineage, history, heritage, ancestors, blood, but is as modern as tomorrow afternoon and as unknown, and, as such, Judith Butler has blood on her hands, blood mixed with Nutella.

“In industrial and post-industrial societies, especially those where the main industry is the industry of Undifferentiated Human Matter, where man is the producer, product and consumer at once, there is no such thing as a genuine product. The product is what the industrialists say it is on the package. Name is all. And if the name vanishes, then the thing that was named is bound to vanish too.”

“Fakeal is the non-stop creation of the Industries of Daze, a colossal conglomerate which operates in three principal fields: schools, and the educational system in general, busy providing lessons in forgetfulness, the teaching of oblivion; mass dumbing down, operated by the media, the Press, television, the show business, advertising industry, keen to offer, as films and series do, permanent misrepresentations of everything, particularly of races relations, much more intense in their images than they are in reality, with crossbreeding given as an obsessive example, its omnipresence amounting, like all the rest, to uninterrupted propaganda; and, finally, drugs, of which it is interesting to note that, if the other two departments are still largely in replacist hands, this one, at least as far as distribution goes, is already the replacers’ reserved domain.”

If identity is infinitely malleable then there isn’t one, which is exactly what the Replacist Power wants, a nameless, faceless, raceless, sexless easily digestible mass, ripe for the picking, one free white man at a time.

One stampede’s cattle, to herd them into the pen.  Whenever anyone accuses the anti-immigrant forces of being heartless they will invariably accuse them of wanting to round people up. If you are going to shoot fish it’s best they be in a barrel.

“The victimization competition between slavery and concentration camp will soon be rendered meaningless, the two phenomena converging under the effect of the global Davocratic Replacism, which makes man an industrial product like any other, undifferentiated human matter.”

“The relations between concentration, replacement and space, especially space division, is also called attention to by the French philosopher and metaphysician Georges Gusdorf, whose thought, at times, reminds one of his contemporary Gunther Anders, the great theoretician of The Obsolescence of Man, to whom my own reflection is very much indebted.

“One could even say that one of the tragedies of our times consists of the increasing disqualification of human space.  The natural milieu is more and more obliterated, crossed out by the settlement of technique’s new milieu. Spatial structures tend to become more and more homogenous, the differences between the sites blurred by the growing monotony and uniformity of the ways of living.  All cities tend to look alike, as all houses, as do all flats, all lives as well as all the political regimes.  Modern uprooting makes men interchangeable.  For that matter the value of individuals seems to go down at the same time, as that of places, and the modern man is wondering with anguish whether there will soon be nothing but people being displaced in a concentrationnary universe”

With industrialization people left the rural spaces and moved to the cities, concentrating there, white flight moved them out into the suburbs but with more dark skinned people flooding in the last open, white spaces will be gone soon.

Of the change of people itself we have seen how it has become current for a simple reason, in the single magical word “replace” Camus found something devastatingly accurate, terrifyingly simple, and with tremendous explanatory power, it was like hitting the mother lode with the simple stroke of a pen.  Sound doctrine and a lapidary style have a lightening effect.

The Replacist Power engages in the racial swamping of the white countries for many reasons, for cheap labor, to deracinate the native stock, to create consumers, to drive down wages, to make housing expensive, to demoralize, all of which serve the purposes of the  eradication of the middle class and the creation of slaves, the creation of industrial slaves on an industrial scale.

“Never forget that the proletariat, etymologically speaking, is the class whose function it is to reproduce, to proliferate, to provide slaves.   The proletarianization of the world is the reduction of man to the status of a product, preferably industrial.”

“The Global Davocratic elites advocate the Great Replacement, supporting the change of the people and civilization for the sake of the industry of man, the economic system which produces the Undifferentiated Human Matter, the Human Nutella, spreadable at will.”

In Europe they have Eurabia in America we have the browning of America, it is always aimed at the Europeans because the ruling power knows that it is this people, this singular people, this once great people, this formerly great race, and this people alone who are capable of providing any resistance.   With them gone they will be playing the game of world domination with all borders down, with so many coffee colored slaves for their world-wide plantation, all of the rights of ravage---no noblesse oblige.

“The absences of the races, the absences of the nations.  Soon they will proclaim the inexistence of the species, allowing to be sent into the air with the goats, to put the camel in the Human Nutella and to reassure on the biodiversity.”

“If you can get it in your head that the goal is the abolition of every boundary, all distinctions, hierarchies, nuances, to obtain a homogeneous industrial material, man, undifferentiated human material, then everything will become perfectly clear.”

Human rights are their battle cry, but it’s human rights walking on it’s head, to commit a crime against humanity, to clothe genocide in the rhetoric of human rights, is quite a feat, to dress up tyranny as tolerance, enslavement as freedom, standardization as diversity, and genocide as the rights of peoples.

While the sleeping middle class remains asleep their plans thrive.

Raceless, sexless, genderless, totalitarian global humanity, decivilized, denatured, decultured, rootless, deracinated, demoralized, disoriented, equal, standardized, homogenous, concentrated, allowing them to take dead aim.

So if Global Replacism is the crime, this unprecedented crime, this crime against humanity of the 21st Century, then who are these criminals that no Nuremberg could ever possibly call to account?


For this unprecedented crime, and for the criminals, there will be no Nuremberg, for what tribunal could judge it?

So who are these criminals?  Frederick Taylor, for one, has blood on his hands.  In the White Nationalist movement the answer would be easy: Jews.  Jews were the Replacist Power before there ever was such a thing, they were the Replacist Power avant la lettre, as it were, but certainly sine qua non.  Camus rejects this identification out of hand and indeed the cry in Charlottesville of Jews Will Not Replace Us! occasioned him to release his only work on the Great Replacement yet translated into English, an amalgam of his various writings on the subject called, pointedly, You Will Not Replace Us!  Now perhaps if you could create an eternal media embargo and shoot him full of sodium pentothol he might admit that somewhere some way there was a Jew or two in the woodpile somewhere, but perhaps not:

“I was deeply shocked to learn that, during the notorious anti-replacist demonstration in Charlottesville, in 2017, next to the people who were shouting You will not replace us!, which, of course, I thoroughly and enthusiastically approve of, as the very cry against post-humanism, some, a minority, and a very small one I hope—I am very much accustomed to the ways of the mainstream press, and I know their delight in mentioning as central, in the actions of their adversaries, what was in fact totally marginal—were shouting Jews will not replace Us! It is not the Jews that are replacing you. Taylor was not a Jew. Ford was not a Jew, and indeed, as we have seen, he was highly anti-Semitic. Soros is, admittedly, Jewish, and he does play an essential part in global replacism, as have done, on a smaller scale and with much more limited means, many a Jewish intellectual, journalist, columnist or writer, red-hot promoters in their time of massive immigration, or mass migration. But this has perceptibly changed, fortunately (from my point of view); and the proportion of replacist Jews and anti-replacist Jews is now almost reversed. In any case, Jews are very much divided on that issue, which makes them no different from any other community.”

Who, then, does he consider the guilty?  He has many names for them: the clique, the hyper-rich, the Replacist Power, Davocratic Replacists, and, most usually and simply, the Davocracy (Macron being it’s foremost errand boy, having ended the traditional parties) Concerned as he is with lineages he writes:

“I have tried on several occasions to sum up (through tweets!) the genealogy of Replacism and its present marital status. It could run more or less like this: Replacism, the son of Antiracism and High Finance (themselves, respectively son of Egalitarianism and Anti-Facism, and daughter of Taylorization and Ultraliberalism, granddaughter of Industrial Revolution and Capitalism) marries Petite-Bourgeoisie, daughter of Democratization and Welfare State, grand-daughter of French Revolution and Proletariat. Several of those names are names of dynasties, that have been running for several generations. It is notably the case of Industrial Revolution, whose dowry provides the opulence of the whole tribe. Central here to the family tree is Taylorization, and, before that, plain Taylorism”

These criminals will always cry human rights, they dress up genocide in it’s rhetoric, which is a neat trick, this international gang of criminals, they have a hundred year plan; is it an accident that space travel is being privatized?  No mere government will ever restrain their boundless perfidy, they have insulated themselves in the prefect cocoon, they have denationalized themselves, slipped surly bonds of their birth, they have made a separate peace, and for these unprecedented crimes, these crimes against humanity, the crime sine qua non of the 21st century, they will never have their Nuremberg, no mere tribunal can deal with the enormity.

Another word for this international gang of criminals is the elite, the managerial class:

“The Replacist Power can also be described in Soviet terms as the media-political-industrial-intellectual complex, empowered by it's judge-like journalists, it's censor-like judges, it's industrial-like publishers, it's media-magnate-like industrialists, it's organic intellectuals, it’s backroom controls, it’s court sociologists.”

Their ambition is limitless:

“We can see the powers, and in this case the Davocratic Replacist Powers, arrogating progressively over all beings all the powers of the ancient gods, and especially the unique gods - hence their easy alliance with Islam.”

It is in short the entire ruling class, the “meritocratic” elite, the creative class, the rich, the hyper rich, the Davos Set, the symbolic analysts, the ones who control the perfected algorithms of the future.

“They all belong to the hyper-rich, and what the hyper-rich want is the uninterrupted mass production of the factories which churn out Undifferentiated Human Matter (UHM). Nothing else matters to them.”

Macron is the perfect poster boy for this set, the emblem par excellence, a Rothschild banker who ran as a technocratic managerial centrist, got rid of the parties and spoke indiscreetly of becoming Jupiter in his court of sycophants and minions:

“As for the other, upper, end of the economic and political spectrum, I think the media and the people did not pay enough attention to an innocuous remark of ex-president François Hollande about his much criticized successor Emmanuel Macron. Asked whether Macron was the president of the rich, Holland snapped:  “No, he is not the president of the rich (long surprised silence).  He is the president of the very rich”.

“Macron is indeed, in my opinion, the best local representative on earth of what I have called Davocracy, the government of the planet by Davos, that Swiss ski resort where the Great Paymasters of the world, bankers and giants of finance, congregate once a year to decide how the planet should be run according to its best interest and theirs.”

“Macron is even, again in my opinion, the best example of the reality of direct Davocracy, the takeover by Davos of the management, without intermediaries, of the human park, to speak like Peter Sloterdijk. This implies the neutralization of the political strata which used to be the interface between the peoples and high finance: now Davos feels strong enough do to without this in-between body, unreliable as it always was.”

These rich masquerade under the guise of any political ideology which will suit them at the moment, they cut their fashions to fit the fevers of the moment, but their only ideology is themselves:

“The official political sympathies of the media, who are the principal instrument of ideological repression—journalists playing all the parts at once, informer, police officer, commissar, prosecutor, judge, executioner—of the Thought Police, are of no significance whatsoever.”

He sees these managers, however, as essentially using the left for their purposes, though there is no power on earth more in favor of open borders than Global Capital:

“Replacism is the implementation of an idea of the left, anti-racism, serving interests of the right, general interchangeability.”

Camus started out a man of the left, a novelist and literary icon, a gay icon, hob nobber with the Warhol set, an enabler of the small replacement (there’s blood on his hands for an in the spirit of the Cultural Revolution 1970s novel called Tricks about twenty-five random sexual encounters, the manual of the Small Replacement clearly specifies that however tenderly rendered eight is the absolute limit); and he still retains parts of this ideology, such as a concern with over-population and ecology; he also has libertarian streak a la Pym Fortuyn.  But whatever else he is he has officially migrated hard to the hard right, or at least he has created fellow travelers of the right, or become one himself, and birds of a feather are tarred together, and has gained the lasting enmity of the left.  As he has said he follows the truth wherever it takes him which is why the swastika follows him wherever he goes, it’s an unerring barometer; where truth has been the swastika follows.

He sees the left as deeply complicit with replacism, perhaps unwittingly so, perhaps cynically so.  We see this in the Bernie Sanders of the world complaining that open borders are a “Koch Brothers idea” and talking about the American working class and the prerogatives of nation states and then turning around and waiving in 80 year old diabetic grandmothers because he has to appeal to the freak show his party has become, deploring the ever laying one finger on one hair on the head of an illegal because, of course, he has no integrity and he wants to win.  It’s how capital, allegedly, famously even, of the right, is woke and takes the side of every far left cause, to beat us down.   It’s how antifa has become the jackboots of global capital. It’s how cultural Marxism led them to abandon the white working class in favor of fashionable and exotic pet minorities, and led them to strip away the substance of the middle class even as it imported global humanity to keep wages down and investors' profits up.  Corporations know that every body added means wages are a little lower, prices are little higher, land is worth a little more, houses are a little more expensive, and so they use global humanity as a hammer, to beat us down. The sleeping middle class is not sleeping, it’s dead, they breed us for slaves.  Corporations had a bad reputation so they decided to take up every deviant notion of the left to buy their silence, buy their complicity, rainbow flags, men in the restrooms with girls, fetus murdering in Georgia, they’re fully on board in the boardroom.  Kowtowing to fashionable minorities is not even a price to pay for getting a pass on shipping the jobs overseas, even as the barista with the green hair and the steel hoop in her septum waives them on.

When Ralph Nader was around corporations were execrated by the left, they had their Battles Of Seattle and their Occupy Wall Street, then in a change of breathless gall they acquiesced to them when Corporations abandoned White America and threw in with the most unholy thing the left could think up, buying their silence, when we were young we used to just call them weirdos and move on but now they are all decked out with their own ideology complete with corporate sponsorship.

“High Finance was an old lady of practically unlimited means but execrable reputation. She was well aware of being obliged, in a media saturated society, where one’s “image” is everything, to try and build a better one. Someone introduced to her Anti-racism, a popular young man of impeccable credentials (at that time)……..”

“Contrary to what one may have thought, those two (High Finance and Anti-Racism) soon discovered they had a lot in common, notably the hatred of segregation, discrimination, borders, frontiers and the like, everything that might lead to a distinction between human beings. They were also highly complementary. Anti-racism provided the couple with a good name and with absolute protection against all criticism: how could anyone criticize virtue, goodness, generosity, equality, fraternity between people from all walks of life? Finance provided it with money, power, total mastery of the media—all the more so that money and power, thanks to that unexpected union, had virtue on their side, which might one day come handy, and it did, to alleviate the qualms of a few idealistic or extremely naive journalists.”

The left love the rich now, and the rich love the left, in America the Democrat Party used to be the party of society’s downward falling and the Republicans of the winners, but the reversal of this in now almost complete.

“One could object here that the power or powers which want this state of affairs, the Great Replacement, global replacism, the industries of replaceable man, and who have chosen Macron to be their representative in France, the local governor for Davocracy, are probably the richest people in the world”

The left love the rich now, and the rich love the left, in America the Democrat Party used to be the party of the society’s downward falling and the Republicans of the winners, but the reversal of this in now almost complete.   Everywhere the rich and the left are in an unholy alliance.

In this way the Replacist Power sides with the "noble" causes that are strictly none of it's concern, selling slavery as freedom, tyranny as tolerance, sameness as diversity, genocide as human rights.

“The genius of the Replacist Davocracy is to make work incessantly for the interests of the hyper rich (the increase of the number of the consumers, the industrialization of the man, etc.) the progressive forces of left, the antifas, the beautiful souls ...”

“If the Left were what it believes itself to be, humanist and the protector of the humanity of man, it would stand up against the industrialization of human matter, the general interchangeability, all that the interests of the hyper rich demand, and that it actually serves.”

The elites, the clique, the powers that be, the left, who specifically is guilty of this unprecedented crime, this crime against humanity?

At times Camus seems to think it’s a machine that’s been wound up, an interplay of evil forces beyond any one person’s or one group’s control:

“Personally I have never imagined that a group of people with evil intentions congregated one day in some big luxurious executive room and decided that they would change the population of Europe for a cheaper one that would growth faster in quantity. I think it is more evil than that. Some people incriminate the Jews, others incriminate the European Union, some think Wall Street or the IMF are entirely responsible. There might be some truth in any of those assumptions, but I would rather think of some enormous, bizarre and complex processes, so intricate that no one can understand perfectly how they work and why, and no one can master and stop them once they are started. They are very much started. It is for us to break the machines which churn out men like other churn out cookies, or Nutella. The problem, as I see it, is not so much the replacement of men by robots as the replacement of robots by men, dazed machines made of flesh, covered in diplomas, extremely violent to one another but fundamentally obedient to the general plan.”

It is that most time honored of things: the Ruling Class, the meritocratic elite, the college professor, the aid worker, the NGO, the State Department employee, the public union employee, the newspaper editor, the fashion magazine publisher, the movie producer, the script writer, the CEO, the op-ed writer, the diversity czar, the barista with the green hair and the steel hoop in her septum,  they all are wittingly or unwittingly in favor of the Great Replacement, they work for it night and day.  That some do it out of what they consider to be humanitarianism is irrelevant; others do it from greed, or malevolence, but once a sound doctrine is in place these distinctions lose their meaning:  and humanitarianism can as easily be misplaced guilt, and all are foes in the friend/foe binary, so the perpetrators of the great replacement, of global replacism are those who are working for it, or who approve of it, or who ignore it when they should know better, or are blind to it, or who do nothing about it when they certainly could.  That there are generals and foot soldiers, collaborators, occupants, fools, traitors, quislings, opportunists, and more, will become less important over time, when the fatal trajectories converge.

“Governments — and not only governments: the Press, the media, intellectuals, judges — are not only coping with this state of affairs, as mere collaborators would. They have created it, either because they think it is right, because they think it is unavoidable, or because they have construed it as an instrument serving their own interest. And most likely they think it is right because they feel (wrongly, in the long run, as we shall probably see) that it is both unavoidable and in their interest. They are not collaborators, they are perpetrators (of the crime of ethnic substitution). And such, and so tragic, is the conjuncture in Europe today, as it is given over to invasion, chaos, Islamization and that worst of all genetic manipulations, the change of people, that all the words which try and describe what is happening evolve through the same three phases as collaboration, occupation, or colonization went through : at first they seem widely exaggerated  then they appear sadly adequate, and finally they prove sorely understated, embarrassingly inferior to the reality of the horror, guilt and grief they are purported to denote.”

The perfect crime is when the perpetrators can brand any one who objects a criminal.

After such knowledge, can there be forgiveness?


This is the general plan that they are obedient to, these are the perpetrators of the crime, but what judgment can be meted out?   What solution?  What’s to be done? Who will remember the people?

First, Camus is an anti-natalist.  Contrary to many white nationalists who want a proliferation of white people he sees nothing wrong with a slow decline in white numbers provided they can do so in relative peace, relative insularity, the peace of having that thing that seems the most evil to the powers that be, having a country to call their own.

“The state of the Earth requires population decline (and probably all others). The interests of the Davocracy require the permanent increase of the number of consumers.  It replaces declining races everywhere with proliferating races.”

If he has a magical word it is remigration, they have to go back where they came from, the should be famous French Degas!

“Without remigration there will be no liberation. Liberation (of conquered land, occupied country, colonized people) and remigration (of the conqueror, occupying forces, colonialist settlers) are one and the same thing.”

Conservatism has now long since passed it’s sell by date, there’s little to nothing remaining worthy of conservation, only a thorough, remorseless and unsparing and draconian rooting out will do.

“In a world that has become horrible - the global slum - I do not understand how one can be conservative. One must be a reactionary, that is to say, require polluters to clean up, vandals erased, wind turbines destroyed & invaders they must remigrate”

Anti-natalism, remigration, reaction: but what prospect for this is there?  Is not a long stalemate more likely? Given the sad state of affairs in the so called self-liberating democracies, what are the odds that this is not a chimera?  There may be a way, or several ways, but the will, thus far, is sorely lacking, and the media reigning official ideology exerts it’s deadening, monotonous and powerful effects:

“Mind Control has improved in unimaginable proportions. Information is everywhere; it passes into our utmost intimacy; we even produce it ourselves, for each other, and in the dictatorship of petite-bourgeoisie, as we have seen earlier, everyone is the dictator of all the others”

“Acceptance of the unacceptable is a mystery, unless one realizes that technological progress has made the industry of illusion and the manufacturing of daze infinitely more efficient than it used to be even in the relatively recent period of the Soviet dictatorship.”

“Davocratic Replacism and the UHM industries will give a new meaning to the old word of "autocracy": government by the government, management of the human park by robots (sometimes human), dictatorship without dictator other than the algorithm, to profit alone.”

In short, there is an ideological blackout, the truth is forbidden, criminalized, they have turned the neat trick of committing the perfect crime so enormous is it and anyone who says so is branded a criminal or a lunatic.  The people are perishing but talking about it is bad form.

If all else fails there’s always the old American social custom of self defense.

“In all the history of humanity rare are the leaders who have deliberately surrendered their country to foreign conquest and their people to the replacement. This crime is virtually unprecedented.”

Camus says anti-racism, diversity, tolerance is Hitler, but Hitler walking on his head. Silicon Valley introduced itself to America with a famous Super Bowl Commercial where they were hurling a hammer at Big Brother and his oppression but in an insidious twist of fate they've become the power that needs to have the hammer hurled at.   The ones who promised liberation have become the enslaving power.

The very ones who celebrate diversity are the ones who want to abolish all borders, all distinctions, all discrimination, all differences, between nations, peoples, cultures, races, sexes.

Perhaps the only hope is in accelerationism or in playing for time, and perhaps which doesn’t matter.  Eventually things will come to the sticking point, the number of whites will decline and the number of whites who flock to our banner will increase, and these fatal trajectories will converge in the twilight of civil war.

The national populist movements that have been cropping up around the world are in fact the last chance to rein in the present Ruling Class and prevent them from turning the world into what they want it to be, their private plantation.

“Population swamping or ‘demographic invasion’ is a different matter entirely.  It undermines the very identity of a nation or the people targeted by the swamping.  The major threat associated with it is that it might very well be irreversible.”

The signal word “irreversible” here is the headline, what grabs our attention, we all sense the end of something, the coming to the end of the line, the end of the story. That arch racist Jean Raspail wrote a sympathetic novel called Who Will Remember The People?  It is about the eradication of an indigenous South American tribe as the result of repeated encroachment and invasions, and he wrote it because as a humanist he knows that nothing on earth is sadder than to witness the passing away of a people, any people, or to witness the passing away of a distinct way of life.

We all know that ultimately we will need to take our destiny in our own hands, rise up, by political means or otherwise, and do so before the Power perfects it’s last algorithms.

If all else fails there’s always the old American social custom of self defense.

Against this fate of suicidal dispossession may the European peoples speak with one united voice, may they speak in clear tones and with wild cries of execration.

And soon, too, for as Mr. Camus reminds us somewhere we are not bereft of examples, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, South Africa; and their fate could be our fate in the future or, of course, tomorrow afternoon. And should such a fate befall us, as such, there will be blood on our hands

“Truth has a lightning effect, especially on an organism that has been confronted on a daily basis and for years, as the ideal of living together has been, to crushing and often bloodstained denials of its dearest convictions.”


by Douglas Mercer

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