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John Rousseau

"Impeach Trump" they squeal, 60ft high billboards for all to see. Times Square. Freeways. Oh The Resistance truly is powerful.

Recently, anti-Trump demagogue and billionaire Tom Steyer has sponsored advertisements promoting the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

Democrat Party members believe Donald Trump is on the ropes. According to some polls, his approval ratings are in the tank. The never-Trump neoconservative crowd, which Trump had silenced for several months, is now screeching against his actions once again. As evidenced by this tweet from the current cuck-in-residence for the Neoliberal elite, Max Boot:

From texts it's obvious that FBI's Peter Strzok Lisa Page expressed widespread feelings about Trump, Sanders and Clinton gave ZERO indication that they were using legal process for partisan ends. This isn't a scandal. It's a distraction from real scandal: Kremlingate.

— Max Boot (@MaxBoot) December 13, 2017

Low approval ratings and attacks by the Neoconservative and Neoliberal Elite has inspired anti-Trump billionaires to spend vast amounts of money advertising for his impeachment: This is a grave mistake. At least when this paper called for the impeachment of Obama in 2014, there were things to impeach him for.

Trump may, or may not, be losing popularity. However, the vast majority of Americans do not wish to see any president unseated; as evidenced by the recent drop in the stock market when ABC broadcast fake news about Russian Collusion, a possible Trump impeachment would crash the stock market. Most Americans know that if the stock market declines unemployment will rise. While many Americans are uncomfortable with Trump's rhetoric, and many Americans did not vote for him, NO common American wants to see the economy crash. Impeachment may sound promising to the 'Never Drumpf!' crowd. Yet if these crackpot advertisements lead to actual impeachment hearings, the Democrat Part will see massive declines in popularity as the stock market drops, and unemployment rises.

Let us forget Trump's popularity (or lack thereof) for a moment. During the 2016 election, many people felt disconnected from the Democrat power structure. The former D.N.C. Chairwoman stated that the Democrat Party colluded against populist candidate Bernie Sanders. Democrats live in a bubble. The man who is sponsoring IMPEACH TRUMP advertisements in downtown New York does not worry about his income.

Everyone in the Democrat power structure now admits that the Democrat part must reach out to the common man. They lost vast sections of the Midwestern union vote in the 2016 elections, which the Democrats had NEVER lost before.

Does Impeach Trump advertising connect to a union man looking for more hours? No.

Does Impeach Trump advertising inspire an African-American woman that her son or grandson may get out of her house and find gainful employment? No.

In the end, people vote their pocketbooks.

Trump is not popular, but the Democrat Party does not connect with the common man. The Democrat elite lives in a "latte-sipping" bubble as Obama famously quipped. Does this advertising reach out to the Trump voter and tell him, "You are heard, and jobs are returning?"

No. Jobs are returning: unemployment is at a generational low.

Legal Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low.

Black homeownership is at an all-time high.

How does paying for 'Impeach Trump' billboards in downtown New York address the Democrat weakness? It does not. As the economy improves, it will be harder and harder for the Democrat Party to pin the world's sins on Trump. This asinine and economically threatening advertising may play well to the latte-sipping elite that populates 5th Avenue, but it further distances the Democrat Party from fixing their real and measurable problems.

The Democrat Impeach Trump party is fiddling while the economy of Rome soars. In 2020, they may well find the common man looking at his paycheck and his bank account and voting Trump.

IMPEACH TRUMP may play well in some circles, but it does nothing to address the Democrat Party's corruption, cronyism, or its connection with the common man.

The Editor

by The Editor