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Winston Churchill once said, “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”. For half a century, conservatives have trotted out this quote to justify all manner of foreign interventions and war-making in every conceivable third world backwater. In reality, though, the quote is far more applicable in the domestic context than the foreign one. Saddam was not the crocodile. He was never going to eat Americans. Neither was Gaddafi nor is Maduro. The crocodile is right here at home. The crocodile is the Cultural Marxist left. It is the political left devouring America.

Blackface is not racist. It is not inherently demeaning (it is just face paint), nor does it imply black intellectual or moral inferiority, or discriminate against or somehow marginalize black people. Sure, there was a time, long ago, when whites wore blackface and caricatured black conduct in rather crude and offensive ways, in minstrel shows and the like. However, the link between old minstrel shows and yearbook photos from the ’80s or costume parties from the ’90s, is tenuous at best.

What’s more, Dave Chappelle wore whiteface and caricatured whites and white speech patterns and white mannerisms in offensive ways on his popular comedy show hardly a decade ago. Yet no outrage! Many prominent black actors and comedians continue to do so to this day, mocking and caricaturing white people on the big screen, in ways not fundamentally different nor less demeaning than how white minstrel performers in blackface used to depict blacks (White Chicks or Red Mercedes, anyone?)! Hey, if it’s moral for them to do it, why is it immoral for us to do it? -This is moral philosophy 101. What we have before us then is an inconsistent (read: hypocritical) ethical system. If the rules aren’t the same for everyone, you are not dealing with a genuine ethical system at all, but something else altogether (in this case a Cultural Marxist pseudo-ethical system that is designed to advance the racial interests of non-whites).

The KKK is a racist organization to be sure, but Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) was not in the Klan. He is being pressured to resign over a spoof, a crass joke, or something to this effect. The problem is, aren’t costume parties and Halloween parties supposed to be places where people do dumb and frivolous things and dress up in comical, absurd, sometimes incendiary ways? Aren’t costumes, like memes and yearbook trolls, supposed to be fatuous, and dare I say, offensive? Costumes are jokes, and like jokes, they fall into the category of free expression.

Trying to ruin people for speaking or expressing themselves is totalitarian (“fascist” in normie-speak). It is totalitarian always and everywhere, no matter if you believe that racism (if this is indeed racism, which it isn’t) is the greatest evil imaginable, no matter how trivial or inconsequential that racism might be. It is even more unthinkable when the primary purpose of that speech is laughter, merriment, mirth. It seems to me anyhow that we are now in totalitarian territory now. We are not only materially punishing racist expression; we are now materially punishing mere expression that isn’t even racist. Where does this lunacy end? War or racial separation I surmise.

Ultimately, as obliquely referenced before, the left’s totalitarian war on racism is not about right and wrong, it is about power. The political left is drunk on the power with which the lying press has invested it. Too many Marxists and non-whites get a high from berating, insulting, shaming, and ultimately bullying white people into submission. They enjoy watching us hop from foot to foot like Bojangles with a pistol to his head. They accuse us of being racist because it makes them feel important and influential, and at the same time, it advances their racial interests. While it may be practical for conservatives to demand Northam’s resignation in the short-term, it is suicidal in the long-term. By sacrificing Northam at the altar of diversity, we legitimize an evil system that masquerades as morality and justice, yet is genuinely neither, and we empower the regressive left in its totalitarian crusade against free speech. We feed the crocodile, in other words.

Feeding the Cultural Marxist crocodile cannot be justified, even if you think racism is always wrong (it’s not). After all, you can believe something is wrong, even in minor degrees and doses, and yet also find that the antidote, which is to say policing it fanatically or refusing to tolerate it in some cases, is more wrong and more insidious. I mean, don’t you think policing costumes and clothing is just absurdly wrong? Is this Iran or Saudi Arabia, people? And don’t you think policing thoughts is unconscionable? Is this the USSR, people? And don’t you think policing words is heinous and profoundly anti-democratic? Is this Sweden or the UK, people? These things are far more wrong and far more morally indefensible than trivial instances of racism from many decades past. The insatiable crocodile of social justice is coming for us all. Those of us on the right can feign ignorance no longer. He who is eaten last is still eaten.

by Esther Haas

I am an attorney. I have had my articles published at,, & I write under various pen-names: Amalric de Droevig Emmanuel Spraguer Esther Haas