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Leftism is a Mental Disorder.

In recent years we have seen anarcho-communist groups like ANTIFA graduate from LARPing as revolutionaries in online forums to armed demonstrations and even calls for violence. Meanwhile, the mainstream media attempts to downplay their violence or, like CNN, try to craft a hero-narrative by stating ANTIFA are seeking peace through violence.


Despite the clear oxymoron, it wasn’t until much later that CNN recognized the bad optics and changed the headline. Yahoo also gave ANTIFA a glowing endorsement painting them as the good guys  fighting against the evil white supremacist Nazis of America. It’s almost like promotional material for military recruitment.

And now The mainstream media are purposefully ignoring the growing threat of violence ANTIFA imposes, even when a militia leader calls for doxing and black bloc house visits.

ANTIFA know the media will excuse their behaviour. They call for street gang thuggery out in the open, because they know they can without generating backlash from their allies in the media. This is how groups like the St. Louis based People’s Revolutionary Defense Coalition (The PRDC) -an anarcho-communist militia- can openly advertise their combat training on Twitter with minimal negative publicity.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with civilians arming themselves and organising for self defense but when these people are self proclaimed anarcho-communists who call for violence and have committed violence in the past against innocent Americans- I think it would be prudent to keep a close eye. If the police are unable to do so, is it not historically the role of the media to bring stories like this to light? As we saw from the media circus surrounding the Oathkeepers, when the armed groups are conservative there is a great interest from the biased fake news media.

The danger of these communist groups impose could not be more clear when you take into account the example of Redneck Revolt. This far-left communist and self-described “above ground militant formation” group provides free booklets that train its 30+ nationwide branches in urban guerrilla warfare. these booklets teach how to carry out sabotage, kidnapping, executions and terrorism. To make matters worse publications like Mother Jones and the Guardian are publishing praising reports emboldening these violent terrorist organisations and encouraging their behaviour.

These people aren't just spotty teens in their mothers basements, hanging out on /leftypol/ and writing about the prophesied communist revolution. These are armed adults taking to the streets. In September of 2017 the Progressive Youth Organization, Serve The People and the Kansas City Revolutionary Collective (which describes itself as an “autonomous Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective”),  held a rally in Washington Square Park.


In a blog post they stated:

“If we wish to protect ourselves, our class, and defeat the horrors of organized fascism then we must pick up and familiarize ourselves with the gun. Every protest should be viewed as a school of war, and every war requires disciplined self-defense without exception. We mean to make war on capitalism, imperialism, and fascism. We learn war through making it, just as we learn the gun by picking it up. Practice has served as our greatest teacher, and will continue to do so. We see no greater service to the People than by propagating, strengthening, and broadening self-defense programs and training, both armed and unarmed, to stave off fascist terror. We will not fail in our task.”

An Austin based ANTIFA group called Red Guards Austin released blogs called In These Times Pacifists are Shameful and Everywhere a Battlefield where they wrote;

“we must seriously take up the task not only of self-defense on the personal and community level, but we must also struggle to unite all genuine antifascists behind the necessity of revolution. Revolution means the long fight for communism and nothing less...The war is not coming—it is here and now. We must take our historic task seriously. We must accumulate forces and steel them in small-scale street battles. We must respond accordingly to the apocalyptic reality that capitalism-imperialism has forced on us. There is no third way, no middle road, and all who refuse to grasp this have in fact chosen a side already—they have chosen the side of business as usual for oppression. We too have chosen our side and we have stood and will stand on the front lines of class struggles in the US. We are at war and we always have been—it is time we behave like soldiers. We are guided by the promise of communism. The world is in chaos, and we must choose either the socialist future or the barbarism of extinction, and this is what it means to live in the age of the strategic offensive.”


These people see their so called struggle against the Nazis as a war. Make no mistake, these Communist groups are  preparing for war when they are training, and coming strapped to the battleground of the American streets.

With the recent information Project Veritas has brought to light about Twitter imploying ANTIFA like tactics through shadow banning and censoring Trump supporters, patriots, Christians and anyone on the right of the political spectrum. We have to wonder if something more is going on here. Paul Nehlen raises some poignant questions about ANTIFA and Twitter's seemingly shared interests.

Ever since Trump’s rise to power these radical left groups have become increasingly violent and have grown in numbers. This isn’t helped by the mainstream media's constant barrage of anti-Trump fake news propaganda; stoking the flames, spreading paranoia and then writing pro-ANTIFA puff pieces encouraging the anarchists even more. Could you imagine at any time a newspaper praising violent anarchists? Did Gavrilo Princip simply have bad PR?

The irony is that for a group calling themselves anti-fascist is their conduct is fascistic in every nature of the word. They want to censor freedom of speech through violence and overthrow the President of United States, Donald Trump through political means or open revolution. To overthrow the man who was elected by the people through the Democratic Republic system of American politics, with the tacit support of the liberal establishment and Fourth Estate. They want to use violence to achieve their goals, though we can be thankful that for now the anarchist threat is merely to the safety and wellbeing of you and I, Joe Public. These anarchist groups are against everything that America stands for, and anyone who stands with them is anti-American to the core.

That list of anti-American individuals includes Keith Ellison, the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee; a man who we have shown endorses ANTIFA in our recent article here at Republic Standard

How long before punch a Nazi evolves into shoot a Nazi? As we know, anyone right of Pol Pot, Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin is a Nazi. You and your family members are already in the crosshairs of Communist gangs. How long before a trigger is pulled?

The mainstream media must call out ANTIFA for what they are- a violent terrorist organisation and a threat to the American people. We need to put an end to this madness before people get hurt in the name of this armed communist uprising that ANTIFA seem so eager to kick start.

Pip R N Stanton

by Pip R N Stanton

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