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Ash Sharp

The state of the union? More like a state of panic.

There is little to be said at this point beyond a heartfelt plea to the American Psychiatric Association to please, for the love of all that is good and pure, recognize Trump Derangement Syndrome as a clear threat to the well-being of millions of non-working American citizens.

How many know-it-all students do you know? Simultaneously self-righteous yet woefully uninformed, Campus Reform managed to net a handful of woke kids to say how racist Donald Trump was at the State of the Union address, which doesn't take place until tonight.

OK, we know that going onto a campus and asking for kids to denounce Cheeto Hitler is a crap-shoot. Too easy, and of course we don't see how many students didn't fall for it, so while I appreciate the gag- we're not going to run a story based on a video. Who do you think we are, Buzzfeed? At Republic Standard, we are professionals. We use hard evidence to show how foolish those darned liberals are. Yes, you got it- we're going on to Twitter.

Ha! It's funny because Ornstein is making out like the President is stupid. Heh. Stupid Trump and his mega lame being a successful person. BURN.

Ian. Buddy. Are you ok? This is not normal behavior. Nurse, bring the Vicodin and whiskey.

It wouldn't be an event with the attendance of The Donald without someone starting a hashtag slacktivist campaign to boycott it- don't forget to shame people for being women with different opinions to you while you are at it. Yes, you too can fight against the powers of Literal American Fascism by simply not turning on the TV. Good job. You are also enriched intellectually by learning nothing at all. As the Buddhist sage  Shariputra teaches, an empty mind is a good thing to achieve.

Oh my God, did Harvey Weinstein become president overnight? That's it, I'm moving to Canada. Watching someone speak is a traumatic event these days- and we wonder why China is doing so well. If you oppose someone, isn't it a good idea to know what he wants to do? This is why liberals lose. Trump reads Sun-Tzu, and they read Harry Potter.

A theme appears. Apparently if the media call the President of the United States 'presidential' some kind of hell-mouth of degeneracy will open up in America. Will it be one to rival California? Who can say? Thanks for reminding your followers that you think Trump is a big ole dum-dum, Greg. I'm sure they didn't know that one.

At least the New York Times won't be complicit in destroying the nation by saying something positive about Donald Trump. So if he doesn't literally froth at the mouth like an animal you're saying that is a good thing, right? Would you be happier, Michelle? Here for you.

OK, alright. enough of the lollygagging. There is a serious point here. As Politico reports, the boycott idea has extended to Congress:

Several House Democrats announced they would not attend, including Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), John Lewis (D-Ga.), Jan Schakowsky, (D-Ill.), Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.). Reps. Jayapal, Lewis, Waters, and Wilson decided to skip it after Trump’s incendiary comments on Haiti and other African countries. Blumenauer will instead send a DACA recipient, a so-called Dreamer, in his place to “remind Trump that these are real people with families and jobs, who are vital to our communities.” Schakowsky, who is also boycotting because of president’s comments, said in a statement, “The American people have been subjected to a year of racist, erratic, and divisive behavior from their Commander in Chief, and I refuse to accept that as the new normal.”

Well, first things first, Ayanna and Elizabeth of Politico, I hate to break this to you but Haiti is not an African country. It lies about 700 miles off the coast of Florida, you know. It is, however, a country that was exploited extensively by the Clinton Foundation, you might have read about it. You won't have read about it in Politico, of course. They've never covered that story, despite writing puff pieces about the Clintons for years. Weird!


Secondly, I wonder what the policy of having ICE agents loiter around in the House Chamber is? There is still plenty of time for Democrats to send lots of Illegal Aliens to see Uncle Donald in person. Why not? That would show him. Attention, Earl Blumenauer. You represent Oregon's 3rd Congressional District, which is more than 72% White people. Who do you think you are fooling? You don't live with non-White people, what do you know about their vitality to the community or otherwise?

Jan Schakowsky is worse- a career in politics only notable for its anonymity, save for the last time she boycotted a politician speaking in Washington. Yes, Schakowsky turned her back on Netanyahu in favor of bowing to the Ayatollah and supporting Obama's failed nuclear deal. Schakowsky has said nothing in support of the struggle for democracy in Iran. Her husband was behind the 'bird-dogging' plot to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies during the election.

Excuse me then, if I don't take your example of moral leadership to be worth very much, dear Representatives. Perchance, when you have achieved something, led something. Build anything instead of just breaking stuff because you don't have any better ideas, then my head will be turned.

Finally, lets talk about this whole idea of politicians boycotting each other- and I don't let Republicans off the hook either, many of them did the same to Barack Obama. That was just as dumb, for the same reason. The State of the Union is not for the House Democrats to avoid. More important than whether they personally agree with the President or not, the position to which they have been elected demands them to be informed. To understand what is happening in government, to assist the people of America. So, all these fine political minds will boycott- and watch the address at home, like everyone else. No networking with other politicians afterward, no conversations across party lines, no effort to make the nation great again at all. Yet, Schakowsky says it is President Trump who divides, instead of building.

If these political titans were only a little smarter I would credit them with some Alinksyite tactical maneuvers, but no. It is our old friend the virtue signal. Grow a spine! If you cannot even face your enemy in his most powerful moment, how can you expect to capitalize on his weaknesses? If this kind of behavior was coming from my allies, I would be hopping mad. As it is, all I see is more reason to pity Democratic voters across America. For all that I know that they are following a poor ideology, they deserve better representation.

Making America Great Again takes more than one man giving a State of the Union address, yuge though it will surely be. It needs kids at universities to actually pay attention, so they don't fall for cheap gags. MAGA needs Democrats to be smart opposition to ensure that the reforms that the country needs receive the correct opposition and scrutiny.

Nobody needs stupid kids who won’t learn and cowards in politics who won’t lead.

The Editor

by The Editor