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We all remember the jubilation when Donald Trump pulled off an unexpected victory 2 years ago. I suspect fewer of us remember the weeks that followed when Trump made the catastrophic error of associating himself with RINOs (Republicans in name only) and Never Trumpers during the transition period leading up to his inauguration. This fatal mistake has killed any momentum he had gained throughout his 17-month campaign and election victory.

Because of this, instead of mass deportations, wall building and ‘draining the swamp’, his voters got a tax cut, failed healthcare reform and an embassy being moved from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. At this stage of his term in office, it is difficult to see how his Presidency differs from a Jeb Bush-style candidate. Of course, if another candidate had been elected, there would have probably been a full-scale war against the Syrian Government instead of limited strikes, and his successful efforts in calming down tensions on the Korean Peninsular are to be commended.

But where’s the immigration agenda? He did indeed attempt travel bans that were blocked by Judges, and he has also reduced the number of refugees entering the United States, but this is just peanuts compared to the thousands of migrants who are crossing the Mexican-American border every week. Trump has also repeatedly threatened to shut down the Government to force Congress to fund his border wall, but at every occasion where this action has been possible, he has backed down.


There is no doubt that his economic agenda has been very good for the American worker, but this means nothing if that same American worker still faces becoming a minority in his town. It is a fair argument to point out that Judges are making his life very difficult by blocking his Executive Orders, but there are still other options he can try which he simply hasn’t attempted.

There is also a frustration growing amongst his supporters in regards to his twitter account. During his campaign, he used his Twitter account to get around the media bias and talk straight to his supporters, something which proved very effective. He was the rebel taking on the establishment, and he was using social media to do it. Since taking office, he has continued to do this, which would be fine, except for the fact that he is still talking like the powerless candidate, rather than the President of the United States.

This tweet is misleading for several reasons. Firstly his claim that ‘catch and release’ is no longer happening, and that the policy has changed to ‘catch and detain’ is false. For the ‘catch and release’ policy to change, it requires legislation in Congress, something which has not been on the agenda over the last 2 years and certainly isn’t happening in the foreseeable future. Secondly, the last sentence in the tweet, where he pleads with his enemies, the Democrats, to help him on border security comes across as both weak and pathetic. The Infinity Immigration Democrats completely oppose border security, and they didn’t help him on such an issue when they didn’t control the House of Representatives, so they certainly are not going to help him now that they do.

I fully understand that Trump is walking a political tightrope between the Jewish lobby, the Deep State, the Republican Establishment, the Democrats, and his supporters. However, that is not an excuse not to use the military to build a border wall, something which is well within his power. It is true that Federal Judges could block such a move, but he has a majority on the Supreme Court, so it would eventually pass. It is also unacceptable that he is sitting back and allowing his supporters, some of whom played a very significant role in getting him elected, to be banned from social media and payment processors. His own FBI is going after groups that support him like the Proud Boys, while his own Justice Department is continuing to allow a biased and false investigation of him and his campaign by Robert Mueller.

How exactly is anything mentioned above going to motivate his base to turn out and vote for him again in 2020? It is easy to forget that he lost the popular vote in 2016 (he was elected via the Electoral College), and he only won several key states with just a few thousand votes. If you then add on the fact that demographics are turning key states like Texas and Florida towards the Democrats, the future for Trump looks bleak. This, of course, means that the future for whites in America looks ominous as well.

All Presidents face challenges in office that they could not have foreseen, all Presidents are torn between multiple loyalties. All Presidents are human too and make mistakes that can potentially impact millions of people. If Presidents do not keep to their core promises and their central agenda, they will go down as failures in the eyes of their supporters, something which historians do not judge lightly.

So my advice to the White House? Make immigration the main focus for the next two years; following the establishment Republican agenda will not benefit your popularity or your support base to any great deal. The more you implement a centrist agenda, the fewer votes you will get in your 2020 re-election campaign because your populist promises were the only reason they turned out to vote.

Basically what I’m saying is, build the damn wall.


Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.