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14000 people turned out to Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park London today, to hear Tommy Robinson read the speech that Martin Sellner was prevented from giving by the British Establishment.  25000 more tuned into Robinson's YouTube livestream, and thousands more watched on other channels. The mainstream media? Absent, as expected.

Despite some efforts by ANTIFA and the Islamist Ali Dawah to disrupt the event, violence was limited. Invariably begun by leftists from what could be seen on video, the result was clear defeat for those who wish to keep the British people asleep. The violent left cannot stop the truth. You can stop the speaker, you cannot stop the speech.

Robinson read the words of Martin Sellner to the spirited crowd of Britons:

"People of the UK- remember who you are! Remember your glorious past, you are sons and daughters of Knights, Kings, explorers, philosophers and artists. Who is the sovereign in this country? It's you- the people. You, the silent and invisible majority who said NO during Brexit. You can say NO again. No to Islamization, no to mass immigration and the great replacement. And YES to your identity, your security. Yes to your heritage and the future for your children. And all this is impossible without freedom of speech.... Don't be afraid, because we have an ally that is unbeatable: Truth." - Martin Sellner

Thank you, Tommy. Thank you, Martin. Thank you, Brittany. Thank you, Lauren. Thank you, Lutz. Britain owes you all a great debt. What happens from here depends on us, the British people. We have one beautiful moment to change the course of history and to save our people from an incredibly dark and painful future. Let us not waste it. We have been told that our identity, our culture, and our nation is worthless for so long many believe it to be true. Many in Europe still believe that to care for your people is to be a fascist. It's time those people were educated on the truth. There is no higher duty than to serve your kinsmen.

Every morn brought forth a noble chance
And every chance brought forth a noble knight,
deserve our gratitude, as do all the brave men who, in so many ways and on so many occasions, are ready, and continue ready to give life and all for their native land. ~ Winston Churchill

Here is a decent upload of the speech Tommy Robinson delivered today.

Here is the speech itself.


We Britons are a unique people, with a long history. That doesn't mean we wish to be lording over others, or to build an Empire, or wage war. It means that like all other people, we have the right to exist. We have the right to remain ourselves. We will not be replaced unless we allow it to happen.

It is all up to us.

The Editor

by The Editor