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We have commented previously on the utter contempt the British Government holds for her citizens and their rights -not to mention certain foreign visitors- but today, perhaps, saw the most egregious violation of civil rights in the United Kingdom in decades.

While livestreaming to Facebook from outside Leeds Crown Court, where 28 members of another gang of Muslim rapists were being sentenced Tommy Robinson was apprehended by the police, carted away and subsequently jailed on the spot for 13 months for breaching the terms of his previously suspended sentence for inciting hatred. Wrongspeech indeed, if you can be arrested for a breach of the peace for talking into a camera on your phone.

If Tommy Robinson's mere presence is an incitement to violence, then no person is now permitted to oppose the UK establishment's mindless agenda of multiculturalism, replacement migration and the end of British identity as we know it. Robinson, by virtue of his fame, is too dangerous to be allowed to speak or appear in public. Therefore, he has been falsely imprisoned where his life is almost certainly in danger courtesy of the rampant islamification of British prisons.


Compounding the crimes of the British State -false arrest, false imprisonment and harassment to name but three- the British government has blanket-banned all domestic media from reporting on the case. A since-deleted article on Breitbart reported:

A recording of Robinson’s arrest shows one police officer appearing to seize his mobile phone before he is bundled into the back of a van. The exact number of officers at the scene is unclear, but at least half a dozen appear to be involved.

“This is free speech. This is where we’re at,” Robinson tells onlookers, before addressing the officers directly.

“You know when you do this, more people are going to watch this now than ever,” Robinson tells them.

“This is ridiculous. Lads, do you feel right what you’re doing, here? I haven’t said a word — in fact, someone laid their hand and assaulted me outside court; other people swore at me and threatened me about my mother, and here I am being arrested for saying nothing. I’ve done nothing,” he claims.

A video posted prior to the arrest does appear to show Robinson asking two men how they feel about the verdict, to which one responds: “Go and f--k your Mum’s fanny, go and f--k it!”

“Is there any guilt?” responds Robinson.

“You f--k your Dad, you son of a bitch!”

There are no newspapers who will speak for Robinson. No UK press agency who will report the truth of the matter, that Robinson for all his many and manifest flaws did nothing wrong in this case, and in fact was performing a public service. Seeing as the media flies into a frenzy at the thought of a nazi pug, one might expect a similar melee outside the court where 28 rapists are being sentenced.


We can be in no doubt that Britain is a police state.

Will the newly appointed (and Muslim, but surely that's irrelevant) Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, intercede on behalf of Robinson? Certainly he will not, despite it being his responsibility to ensure that state power is deployed to uphold the rule of law, not an ideologically driven machine of tyranny that punishes those who speak out against the Muslim rape gang epidemic which plagues Britain.

The British public must act now to prevent further abuses of our freedom. It may already be too late to turn away from an incredibly dark, draconian and fearsome future.

The Editor

by The Editor