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As everyone except liberals knows, liberals are just awful. But what many people may not know is that their brainless do-gooding is quite literally destroying our civilization. Here is our list of the top ten leftist delusions that make us cringe our faces off.

10. Diversity is our strength

Although diversity can mean having lots of different skills, these skills can only usually be employed successfully if the people who use them are homogeneous. Diversity is divisive; the more differences there are, the higher the chance of arguments and conflict. We may not like to admit it, but every person on this earth has a cultural preference, racial self-interest, and genetic traits. The more fault lines that are present, the more likely problems are to occur.

9. Homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality

Heterosexuality is the only sexuality where people can reproduce. It also allows children to have the experience of being raised by both the man and the woman who biologically created them. Homosexuality offers none of this, and so, therefore, it is not as important as heterosexuality, nor should it be feted as desirable or promoted to children. The continuation of the species and the means to do it must always be given priority.

8. Pacifism is moral

Not fighting back when your people -or those in dire need- are being invaded and killed is not moral; it is cowardly and quite frankly suicidal. Would you really not fight back if somebody was hurting your child or breaking into your home? Such thinking is nonsense, and will eventually lead to the end of your civilization. Any pacifist society that does emerge will quickly be conquered by those who are willing to fight.


7. All cultures are equal

The culture which built Cathedrals and sailing ships is far superior to the culture which only produced mud huts and spears. There is nothing wrong with admitting this statement of obvious fact. If you believe that all cultures are equal, then you are saying that stoning a woman for being raped (as they do in Pakistan) is equal to the English common law system, under which imprisonment is handed down to the rapist.

6. Real communism has never been tried

Communism has been tried in a number of countries, including the Soviet Union, Vietnam, Cuba, and China. Every single one of these countries either collapsed or had to introduce huge free market reforms in order to stave off a collapse. Central planning of an economy does not usually allow production to react quickly enough to different factors, and the absence of profit and private property means that people have nothing to gain from working hard, so the rates of innovation collapse. If you want to know what far left economics results in then look at Venezuela, where inflation is currently hovering around the 1,000,000% mark. Let us not forget the thought-policing and subjugation inherent in this so-called system of equality.

5. Ethnic minorities in the West are victims of white supremacy

Ethnic minorities in the west have an incredible opportunity to succeed. They are able to claim benefits, have an education, get a job and have a family. Nowhere else in the world are minorities offered such privileges. You remember Barack Obama, the mixed-race guy who was voted by the majority of White Americans to become President of the United States? Or Sadiq Khan, the ethnic Pakistani man who became the Mayor of London? Yeah, terrible white supremacy, right there.


4. You can’t be racist to white people

Racism is prejudice based on the factor of race. Just because a white man is wealthy, that doesn’t mean a black person cannot be racist towards him. If you don’t believe me, just look at the institutional racism taking place in South Africa directed against whites. Despite what modern liberal history books teach, white people have been the victims of countless racist attacks throughout history, ranging from the Berber slave trade of North Africa to the Haitian revolution in 1804.

3. I can be anything I want to be

Your entire biology is determined by the genes passed down to you by your parents. We are all biological beings, and are gender, race, ethnicity and IQ variation are all determined before we are even born. You cannot escape these factors, so please do not delude yourself into trying to change them. Accept the person that you are, and make the best of the existence that you have. One of the greatest strengths of past societies was the acknowledgment of boundaries and limitations.

2. Putting off having children until later life is perfectly fine

Studies show that the best time to have children, in terms of fertility, the ability to give birth, and the likelihood of avoiding defects, is between the ages of 20 and 35. A woman’s fertility starts to decline after the age of 35, and a woman of this age only has a 15% chance per ovulation cycle of conceiving. By age the age of 45, a woman only has a 3% chance per ovulation cycle of conceiving. If you want to have more than one child, then obviously starting earlier is even more important.

1. You can’t be proud of your ancestors’ achievements. That's racist!

This belief is the one that turns a strong, grounded community into a rootless and weak one. Your ancestors fought for thousands of years so that their land and genetics would carry on to you. The only reason you exist is thanks to their efforts, so the least you can do is be thankful for them. Why anybody would be offended by somebody having pride in his or her ancestors for fighting a battle or discovering a new form of medicine or literally just being part of his or her history is quite beyond me.


Edward Saunders

by Edward Saunders

Edward Saunders writes for Republic Standard and is a life long right wing activist.