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“There are some things I have to do that you don’t understand. You understand wine and literature and movies . . . but you don’t understand my plight.”-Jack from Sideways (2004)

Did anyone expect, when we were hurtling toward Y2K and the late Senator Ted Stevens’s pneumatic tube-powered Information Super Highway that we would be discussing “trans women’s periods”? Instead of colonizing Mars, as the Soviet general in The Camp of the Saints lamented between sips of vodka: “We’re caught in the clutches of the great hermaphrodite, Zackaroff. We’re all its serfs. And we can’t even cut off its balls!” Yes, the neo-liberal project has given our civilization opioids and anti-depressants and a steady diet of appointments with the local psychoanalyst; it’s blessed us with hormone blockers for prepubescent children and demon-drag-queen story time and soon IUDs for first-graders. Lothrop Stoddard’s Revolt Against Civilization is in full swing:

Congenitally incapable of adjusting themselves to an advanced social order, the degenerate inevitably become its enemies—particularly those “high-grade defectives” who are the natural fomenters of social unrest. Of course, the environmentalist argues that social unrest is due to bad social conditions, but when we go into the matter more deeply we find that bad conditions are largely due to bad people. The mere presence of hordes of low-grade men and women condemned by their very natures to incompetency and failure automatically engender poverty, invite exploitation, and drag down others just above them in the social scale.

Such inequities can only be compounded by the ever-growing throngs of maladjusted and violent Third Worlders who are mostly unable and/or unwilling to adapt to the rigors of success in the West. The victim mentality creates a power vacuum that will inevitably be filled by a more self-assured group or groups; thus assuring our conquest at the hands of the Equatorials, the West will have been reduced to nothing but a bunch of ill-adjusted, genderless, species-less, trans-abled amorphous blobs incapable of lifting a finger in self-defense. Otherwise, and perhaps a more likely outcome, in these conditions of fractured tribalism the country will require the installation of a ruthlessly totalitarian government headed and staffed, of course, by the managerial “elites”—and for the few hold-outs, as Frank Carter sang on Gallows’s “The Vulture”: “If the horses won’t drink, drown them in the water.”

This idea that it’s all men, or that it’s “toxic masculinity” that is the root cause of violence in our society is preposterous. It’s pretty simple, really—despite their supposed aversion to generalities and stereotypes, the Left finds itself unable to perform even a rudimentary analysis of the perpetrators of violence. The black share of homicides nationally has actually increased while their population share remains relatively static, and of course the vast majority of those homicides are committed by black males. This simple instance of a legitimate “toxic masculinity” is not a possible explanation, however, “because racism.” Therefore, the Left twists itself in ever-more absurd contortions to explain really rather simple biological explanations (another example is the “gender pay gap”).

We know that, on average, black children hit puberty first and Asian children last, which may have something to do with the advanced physical development of many blacks, which is particularly pronounced in the teen years relative to, say, whites or Asians. The ramifications in terms of brain development and verbal acuity and spatial reasoning remain somewhat less known, but we can draw inferences based on the available science. Ignoring fundamental differences between people, not to mention the wealth of quantifiable data that show strong correlations between specific behaviors and outcomes, is not going to lessen our problems. It’s going to make them worse—as we’re witnessing.


These “debates” are absolutely drenched in Leftist moralism, to the point where even pointing out well-established science is cause for professional and social termination. Rather than bending over backwards to find “hate crimes” and “systemic racism” to explain away black underachievement, would not a consideration of cognitive difference liberate the whole nation from this ceaseless pearl-clutching? There is no white conspiracy to marginalize blacks (at least none that I’m aware of), but there are evolved differences in intelligence that exacerbate group differences in an increasingly cognitively-intensive economy. These difference are no one’s fault but Mother Nature’s, unless of course the actual mother made poor in utero or child-rearing decisions (for example, black mothers are thirty times more likely than white mothers to give birth to a child with fetal alcohol syndrome, and are much more likely to use corporal punishment on their children, which is proven to affect cognitive development). Nevertheless, Leftist dogma renders an honest discussion impossible.

Haiti has been an independent country longer than Canada, New Zealand, or Australia—all three were products of colonialism— and they have turned out just a little differently, I would say. The United States has only been independent a couple of decades longer than Haiti. Do you want to keep on blaming colonialism? How about Ethiopia, which minus five years has been an independent nation for millennia? We have been conditioned to accept equality of outcome when the biological inputs are so wildly divergent. This is patently absurd. As all populations increasingly have access to the same technologies, amenities, and advancements as everyone else, and the global economy becomes more cognitively-intensive, with an honest appraisal we can only expect the disparity in outcome between humanity’s haves and have-nots to widen ever-further without a full-bodied globalist tyranny.

Likewise, in the interests of furthering what’s mutated into the paradox that is modern feminism’s prudish Epicureanism —indeed in erasing the distinctions between man and woman by un-coupling gender from sex, which sort of defeats the purpose of feminism— the most appalling manifestations of totalitarianism are necessary to force the supremely unnatural, in the process destroying both masculinity and femininity by turning each sex into a shitty facsimile of the other and never the twain shall meet. Or is it the opposite, a melding of pregnant men and combat-ready women into the Androgynes of the Future? It’s impossible to tell as the Left is so confused and contradictory, lacking any semblance of a coherent worldview beyond defining itself against what Western civilization stands for, with the Monstrous White Male at its epicenter.

In my TACB piece “Cow Shit on the Grecian Urn,” I relayed the following, which is to my mind emblematic of the world-conquering spirit of a healthy Western Man:

In 1865, on his eighth try, Englishman Edward Whymper climbed the Matterhorn with nothing but a small flask of tea and a ham sandwich. That same year Trollope, Zola, and Dostoevsky published new works of fiction and in the six years on either end, the internal combustion engine, plastic, the bicycle, the typewriter, air brakes, the subway, traffic lights, and dynamite were invented, all by Europeans of course. Western greatness and the Faustian spirit have been driving human progress for seven hundred uninterrupted years (and intermittently for millennia); the British Empire brought English common law to the far corners of the globe and the Americans built on this tradition to create the still-unsurpassed masterpiece of self-governance in the Constitution. The Scientific and Industrial Revolutions and capitalism re-shaped the world as we know it (though admittedly in the latter two cases not always for the better, but this is a discussion for another time).

An America unconcerned with “diversity” invented flight and sixty-six years later was on the moon. Competence is clearly no longer on the agenda in this new landscape of “equality”: Blacks are nearly four times as likely as Asians and nearly three times as likely as whites to be accepted to medical school with identical MCAT scores and GPAs. Why would this be necessary if all people were “equal”?

What great monuments do people go to Africa to see? Outside of Roman ruins and the remnants of the tremendously advanced ancient Egyptian civilization, a group with far more genetic similarity to modern Europeans than to the nation’s present Arabic occupants (minus the Coptics who are the genuine genetic descendants of the ancient Egyptians and thus the only true Egyptians), there’s virtually nothing.


This is to say that there are real and realized differences between groups of people and pretending they don’t exist is, in the present climate of mass immigration and the willful ceding of power in places like Rhodesia and South Africa, suicidal. Per Henk van de Graaf: “The farmers live in fear, because being a farmer in South Africa is the most dangerous occupation in the world. The average murder ratio per 100,000 for the population in the world is nine, I believe. In South Africa, it is 54. But for the farming community it is 138, which is the highest for any occupation in the world” (Chicago is 28 per 100,000 and St. Louis is 35.3 per 100,000 residents as a point of reference). Whites are less than 9% of the South African population but are 40% of all murder victims. South Africa has a 95 percent black-on-white murder rate and the world’s highest rape rate. There are government-sanctioned policies to seize land from white farmers and re-distribute it to markedly less productive blacks. As Ilana Mercer so poignantly warned us in Into the Cannibal’s Pot, this is the future for America (and the rest of the Western world) should it continue down this suicidal path.

The multi-culti-feminist-relativist goop eagerly sucked down by the Left’s useful idiots is stripping Westerners of all of their natural defense mechanisms. Blair Cottrell neatly summed up the Left’s multi-front war —race, class, biological sex, civilizational— in one brilliant tweet:

Women like sociologist Lisa Wade are too preoccupied with President Trump’s “carpe pussy” comments from over a decade ago to understand that the immigration restrictions/overhaul he and the majority of Americans support would stop immigrants and “refugees” from intractably misogynistic cultures from coming here and bringing their regressive attitudes toward women as chattel, barbaric practices such as female genital mutilation and honor killings, and a lack of restraint from sexually assaulting women either through non-existent impulse control or cultural entitlement. Wade and others of her ilk believe that the male ego is the most repressive force on the planet, and that President Trump is its manifestation. I agree, a mis-applied male ego is the most repressive force on the planet, but it’s not manifested in President Trump, it’s manifested in the Left’s Third World bedfellows, especially Muslims. Furthermore (as I chronicle here), these cultures—including the black and Hispanic sub-cultures in America—are downright hostile toward the LGBTQ-AEIOU agenda; open borders means an end to their delicate little “boutique identities” as Mark Steyn calls them. Hell, it means the complete erasure of women’s rights, and as the biologically more egalitarian-minded whites have always viewed our women as both far more precious and, if it may be said, equal, a population sea-change will have Wade and co. in burqas or body-bags, not bitching about white men in the Huffington Post.

What passes for female empowerment these days is merely the creation and perpetuation of a set of conditions to create more disposable income and thus more consumers. As Henry Wolff says, “White women refusing to have children have instead channeled their maternal instincts into the Third World,” which reflects the feminization and effete sentimentality of what passes for “politics” in the West. The etymology of the word “politics” is derived from the Greek polis, or city, which has been used in various permutations to refer to the people of a city or state, or else to reflect the state as considered in its ideal form philosophically. Thus, politics is the governance of the people of that state, for the benefit of that state. It is meant to be a reflection of its people, not of its finance sector or whatever Israel decides its policies should be.

To expand on the red pill metaphor, it is not just an awakening from The Matrix, but the choice between red and blue pill also corresponds nicely with the Republican-Democrat split. Further, red evokes the notion of a common heritage or “shared blood,” the bonds of which, indeed, are thicker than water (typically colored or referred to as blue). Now granted the Republican establishment has been no paragon of actual conservatism in decades, but with the non-white voting share of the Democrat Party at 44% and rising, and as their white leaders are first marginalized and then purged, it is clear that the “blue wave” is that which would drown the Historic American Nation, from its nakedly Marxist policies to its support for the demographic tidal wave of non-Europeans.

The “red,” our republic’s life-blood, dries up without its founding people. The ultimate demise of the founding Roman noble families roughly corresponds to the time Caracalla extended full citizenship rights to the entire empire. “Democracy in action,” we might say, but without an aspirational core of true Roman families on which the empire could rest, the decline was not long after, for what is a Rome without Romans? Further, in the absence of expansion, the momentum of the empire ground to a halt, and its focus turned inward, both in conflict and in navel-gazing hedonism. This is not to suggest that the key to reviving the American nation is through resuscitating “54 40 or Fight,” but that after planting our flag on the moon we wasted trillions of dollars and decades of energy on “equality” and dragged (or in the case of Afghanistan and the Middle East are dragging) our military through morass after morass instead of securing the border and re-directing our eyes back to the heavens. This aspirational masculinity is at the heart of Western civilization and it drives our conquering spirit both literally and metaphorically.

It is time we stopped cowering before inferior cultures and entitled parasites and re-assert what makes us the most spectacular civilization in human history. “Man up,” indeed: there is a very powerful message here, one which we would be wise to heed.


John Q. Publius

by John Q. Publius

John Q. Publius writes for Republic Standard and runs the blog The Anatomically Correct Banana.