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“I have a couple of these characters in the back say, ‘Oh, he really doesn’t want the wall, he used that for campaigning.’ Can you believe it? I say every time I hear that the wall gets 10 feet higher. You know that, right? Every time. Every single time.” ~President Donald J. Trump, CPAC 2018

You have probably seen the Rasmussen Poll that puts President Trump a clear five percentage points ahead of where Obama was at this point in his presidency. While CNN pushes an inaccurate and low energy poll from Quinnipiac University  (We had to look that one up too) what this tells us is that the Trump Train is running at full speed. Despite the swamp, despite the Deep State, despite the fake news media agenda- Trump just keeps winning.

Based on what we witnessed in the 2016 election cycle it should be no surprise to anyone that the real poll numbers will be higher still. Is it down to us at Republic Standard to remind the Democrats that mid-term elections are less than nine months away?

What exactly are your platforms for the 'Blue Wave', Dems?

Unless someone has switched out my aspirin for peyote again it sure looks to me like the liberals are going head to head with Republicans on immigration and gun control. That's like trying to go up against Mike Tyson but you're not allowed to hit him in the face and you're dressed up as Miss Black America. Does anyone think that trying to take on conservatives on the two topics that are at the very core of conservative talking points is going to work? When has that ever worked? What's next, nominating a former abortion advocate as nominee for President of the United States?

It doesn't matter how much money Teen-Bop Against the Scary Guns raise (currently over $3m, for a march).

You might be able to have a sensible conversation about gun legislation and in particular the failure of law enforcement to deal with mentally deranged would-be shooters, but you aren't taking the rifle.

It doesn't matter how much you cry about the dreams of illegal immigrants when we know scores of MS-13 murderers entered the United States through that broken system. There's no amount of teary-eyed mamacitas you can roll onto the stages of CNN that will bring back the victims of criminals who should never have been allowed into the country. A wall won't resurrect the dead either, but it will help prevent further loss of American life.

It doesn't matter how much paid liberal shills like the Krassensteins and Scott 'Fantasy Island' Dworkin cry about Russia and divert funds from the pockets of liberals to perpetuate a pointless witch-hunt that leads only to Fusion GPS and The Clinton Foundation.

I'm calling it now. The 2018 midterm elections are going to be an absolute landslide for Republicans. Unless there are serious changes that focus on policy instead of this milquetoast and played-out identity politics, the blue wave is going to come up against a Red Wall that's getting 10ft higher every day. Great job, Mr. President!

The Editor

by The Editor