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Ash Sharp

To be quite fair to Scott Dworkin (@funder on Twitter) it has been quite some time since the last installment of 50 Shades of Grey. A boy has needs. We can't blame the guy for jumping at the chance for some fresh one handed reading.

That being said, Scott might have chosen something a little bit more credible than the risible twaddle of 'Fire & Fury'. This tome -largely shaped by sloppy Steve Bannon- has been pounced upon by Liberals as if an 11th stone tablet had only now slipped down the side of Mount Sinai.

Yes, Scott is a fan. And how! If you're not familiar with Scott Dworkin, he his one of those schlubby guys who runs cringeworthy #TheResistance campaigns on Twitter from his one-bedroom apartment while running interference for some of the worst abusers of power the Western world has seen in half a century.

Yep, he's one of those guys. We could go on about how Dworkin looks like an uncool, goon-bearded version of Oddjob from the old James Bond movies, but we've got something better for you. The internet will record forever, the day that Scott Dworkin read this, and believed it to be true.

Ho ho, Donald Trump watches 17 hours of gorilla fights every day, hee hee. Read that back to yourself for a minute, and remember how berserk the liberal media have gone about The Donald playing a round of golf here and there- and drinking 12 sodas, and doing this and that, and all the other stuff that would really curtail one's Monkey Fight Night.


If only Dworkin was smart enough to recognize that this tract was a parody, written by a comedy account on Twitter that usually caters to left-wingers. Sadly, it only illuminates how desperate the left is for a win -literally any win- against Trump.

It isn't the Russian allegations.
It isn't an impeachment.
It isn't anything at all.

Just like CNN, Dworkin and friends will jump on a clear spoof of a turgid book of Trump fan-fiction and retweet the hell out of it thinking it is true, without thinking for a second they might be the butt of a joke.

Personally, I would kill to edit videos of gorilla fights all day for the President. That's the best job of all time- apart from this one of course, where I get to point and laugh at grade-A morons like Scott Dworkin.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is very, very real.

Remember kids, leftism is a mental disorder. Turn off MSNBC. Turn off CNN. Open a book and read, go and get some exercise- both of these concepts are alien to Soyboy Scott Dworkin and his pals. That's why the cry so hard.

The Editor

by The Editor