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He shows up when he wants. He shows up when he wants. Donald Trump! He shows up when he wants. Poor Justin Trudeau, imagine trying to look the Donald in the eye and seriously trying to claim that the Western world is not constructed in a way that elevates pink-haired lunatics to positions of power. Imagine being a leader of one of the seven biggest economies on the planet and simultaneously being the kind of guy who rates The Last Jedi higher than The Empire Strikes Back. Sit down, Justin.

That said, it's not just the alleged son of Fidel Castro who goes weak at the knees in the presences of the God-Emperor. Everybody buckles. Merkel looks like a ticked off hausfrau complaining about the price of bockwurst. Sorry, mutti, you wrecked a continent by inviting millions of economic migrants to prop up your failing neoliberal ideology. No dice.

Meanwhile, the fake news purveyors complain about being called out for making fake news while non-Americans can hear it, as if the internet doesn't exist. We know already! You are fake news!

It wouldn't be a day ending in 'Y' without some screeching harpy claiming that if only we had overlooked all the terrible anti-American baggage of the most corrupt candidate in history, all would be well. Are we really still in a world where Hillary Rodham Clinton is not in jail? Tsch. Well, nothing is perfect. At least knitting needles and pink wool are a solid investment for the next 6 and a half years, right?


Russia? Again? Okay, whatever you want, liberals. Let's keep pretending that Trump dealing from a position of strength in economic and military fields is somehow a bad thing. Russia has indeed attended the G7 in the past; the reason for this reticence from liberals now is nothing to do with economics, and everything to do with politics. Putin, for all his flaws, has at least served the interests of his own country above the interests of global bankster cartels. No wonder the weak leaders at G7 are afraid of being in the same room as him.

As the ever-demented Daily Beast squealed the new orthodox position, Trump sits and laughs:

It’s as if seven people went to a club to play poker, and one of them, the richest, threw the deck in the air and announced they would play 52 pick-up instead. Everybody else in the room knows that this is nuts. They also know that for better or worse, they have to live with it. But maybe they won’t invite him back.

The USA would simply cut superior deals with everyone who is not in the G7 if this were to happen. Do you want a world where the USA chooses Russia as a preferred trading partner, Liberals? Any leader with a seat at this table would risk crashing his or her economy by pulling out, as the G7 represent more than 62% of the global net wealth ($280 trillion). Nobody with a desire for re-election or with the interests of their own economy is going to exclude the most wealthy and prosperous nation on Earth; and we can be glad that Donald Trump does not share the same economic agenda as Emmanuel Macron- that agenda is dependent on mass immigration, debt, and war. Macron sees the future of France as African in heritage- and he himself gives the lie to this weak bombast. “I don’t have red lines,” he said at the Sorbonne in September last year, “I only have horizons.”

Meanwhile, alleged male Justin Trudeau runs to the press to once again attempt to look like something other than a hybrid between human and chinless invertebrate.

Such weak political leaders cannot even manage to gang up on the USA effectively- so all-encompassing is the weight of the Donald that the Prime Minister of Britain might as well not have shown up. Nobody knew Theresa May was there, for all the strength she exerted; just like in her Brexit negotiations which have been so bad she is in imminent danger of losing her job.

The time of limp leaders serving at the Debt to GDP cult instead of their people is coming to a close. The way of national interest is rising again- and all Mr. Trump has had to do to make this a tangible reality is to look Merkel, May, Macron and Schoolboy Trudeau in the eye and say;


The Editor

by The Editor