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There are few people in American media who are worthy of respect. Tucker Carlson is one of them. As we reported in our #ReleaseTheMemo coverage, the fake news Mainstream Media is manufacturing a narrative of collusion, while the real story is the felonies committed by the Obama administration in the service of that same diabolical end.

“For centuries, the American press has fought efforts by politicians and those in power to hide unflattering information about themselves. That was noble work,” Tucker said. “It is the reason that the press is mentioned in the First Amendment. They are not doing that anymore.”

"Democrats on the hill and their handmaidens in the media have a new argument- you're not allowed to know what's in that memo because-RUSSIA. Seriously!"

“On television today you heard famous anchors make the opposite case. They suggested that calls to release the memo are simply tactics by right-wing crazies and Vladimir Putin to undermine America because they are unpatriotic. And that is when you knew it was over,” he said. “The long and worthy tradition of journalists as watchdogs holding the powerful to account. It turns out that journalists have switched teams. They are with the powerful now. They would like you to shut the hell up.”

At Republic Standard, we agree entirely. Honestly, I would rather be writing more about philosophy and Western culture than pointing out the media establishment lies.

As Dr. Jordan Peterson said in his recent appearance on Tucker's show-

"Stop saying things that make you weak. If you pay attention to what you say you'll notice sometimes you feel like you're standing on a rock, you're in a solid place; you're speaking from your heart. Other times you're just saying things to look good or to buttress your particular status at the time, and that makes you feel weak, you sell yourself out.

Dr. Peterson is giving advice to all of us, and this sage knowledge should be heeded first and foremost by every journalist on the face of the Earth.

We owe it to ourselves and our readers not to sell out. Ever. The Mainstream Media sold out so long ago we forget what real news is like. At least Tucker Carlson is on side.

The Editor

by The Editor