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Ash Sharp

There are some good people in Britain's Labour Party, but it seems they grow fewer by the minute. Most of these will be gone after the next local elections, as the overtly Trotskyite Momentum movement will oust non-compliant politicians for not being communist enough.

At one time the Labour party was genuinely advocating for the benefit working class in the UK, though not for at least 20 years has that been applicable. The sad decline of what was once a party built on principle can be seen in the rabid levels of Islamophilia and anti-Semitism that riddles the grassroots and shadow cabinet, led by none other than the party leader, Jeremy Corbyn himself.

The Jewish Chronicle notes that following the tabling of a motion by backbench Labour MPs that calls for the terrorist group Hezbollah to be formally recognized as a terrorist group, the party leadership and Momentum activists have swung straight into battle. It cannot be allowed that the United Kingdom recognize an Islamist terrorist group for what it is because modern-day Labour is essentially joined at the hip to Hezbollah supporters- despite the broad opinion of the public in direct opposition to making alliances with terrorists.

The uniting factor is, of course, those pesky Jews.

The internal struggle of leftist ideology on whether to persecute Jews or not is incredible to watch. Here is a quote from the founder of the Momentum grassroots movement speaking in December 2017. Jon Lansman, who is himself Jewish, said;

“There is anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, I think it falls into three categories. There’s the kind of petty remarks about big noses, which are dreadful, completely unacceptable anti-Semitism. People make petty xenophobic remarks and some are made against Jews. I don’t think there’s much of that in Labour.

There’s the anti-Semitism that arrives from the Israel-Palestine conflict. We all understand that when that conflict heats up, it results in dreadful anti-Semitism. It shouldn’t result in that, but it does.

The third type is extremely rare, it’s the real old-school anti-Semitism that believes in blood libels and so on. I don’t think there’s a lot of that. But there is a lot of denial of anti-Semitism.”

Yes, the hard-left activist who formed a hard-left movement is now somehow surprised that anti-Semitism is a problem among his group of hard-left activists. A number of members suspended from the Labour Party in the past two years over allegations of anti-Semitism have been Momentum campaigners.  This is going to take a route through some long grass, so we'll first highlight how the story reported by The Jewish Chronicle has come about.

Regarding the Hezbollah motion, the office of the Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott issued a memo, saying “there is a balance” to be struck and that “Full proscription could be a move against dialogue and meaningful peace negotiations in the Middle East”. Abbott herself is a frequent race-baiter, who once claimed Britain was “one of the most fundamentally racist nations on earth” while also having stated that "White people love to play divide and rule."

Abbot is President of the protest group Stand Up To Racism who claim the violent Neo-Marxist street gang Unite Against Fascism as a "sister organization." UAF is headed theoretically by former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, currently suspended from the Labour Party for, you guessed it, being an anti-Semite. UAF has also featured such luminary thinkers as Martin Smith, the former Socialist Workers Party activist convicted of assaulting a police officer in 2010 and the Islamist Azad Ali, suspended from his job as a civil servant after praising Abdullah Azzam, Osama bin Laden's key mentor. He described Azzam as one of the "few Muslims who promote the understanding of the term jihad in its comprehensive glory" as both a doctrine of "self-purification" and of "warfare."

He then quoted Azzam's son, approvingly, as saying:

"If I saw an American or British man wearing a soldier's uniform inside Iraq, I would kill him because that is my obligation ... I respect this as the main instruction in my religion for jihad."

In fact, apart from Ali, almost all UAF leaders are former members of the Socialist Workers Party.


Anti-Semitism on the left is far from a new development, as we will see later. Even between leftists, the infighting over the Jewish Question causes deep divisions. In 2005 the anti-fascist communist magazine, Searchlight, disaffiliated from the Trotskyist UAF after an argument over tactics to defeat the British National Party and the fact that UAF was a "front for the SWP".

In the media, activists take to print and airwaves to run interference.

The depth of anti-Semitism in the post 9/11 Labour Party runs so deep that it takes even the peerless Douglas Murray a solid two thousand words to even scratch the surface.

"Were the ardent Zionist Harold Wilson to return from the dead to inspect his party today, he would not only not recognize it, he would find no home in it. At the 2015 election, a majority of British Jews for the first time voted Conservative. It seems unlikely that this political migration will be reversed under the leadership of a man whose career has been spent baiting Jews in all ways available to him, and who is making Britain safe for open anti-Semitism for the first time since the Victorian era."

Can we thus comprehend that we are witnessing the inexorable growth of Communistic anti-Zionism? Murray correctly draws the parallel:

"The open link between leftist politics and the defenders of anti-Semitic terror in the Middle East was made clear by the way that the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament, a Cold War-era radical leftist group, allied itself with the Muslim Brotherhood to form the Stop the War coalition, one of whose leaders was Jeremy Corbyn."

In 2014, I attended the counter-summit in Cardiff, held by Stop The War Coalition in opposition to the visit of Barack Obama for the NATO Summit. Cardiff has it's own problems with Anti-Semitism thanks to the infection of Neo-Marxist politics and a strong Islamist presence, but what Stop The War brought was high-end socialist ideology. Lecture after lecture of Stalinist rhetoric, Russian denials of involvement in Ukraine and a relentless anti-Western agenda. I was there. I saw it all.

John Rees now leads this group, and his drum is anti-capitalist, anti-Israel, pro-Stalinist. Stop The War is an incubator not only for hard left ideologues but provides intellectual guidance. Groups like this, led by hard-left intellectuals, promote Islamism and anti-Semitism in the service of anti-Imperialism. The anti-Zionist doctrine of the Soviets -only fully adopted in the aftermath of the Six Day War in 1967 when it became clear Israel would not fall to socialism- is very much alive and kicking. The Communist Part of the Soviet Union clarified in the 1960s that;

"the main posits of modern Zionism are militant chauvinism, racism, anti-Communism and anti-Sovietism... overt and covert fight against freedom movements and the USSR."

This is why the Labour Party and the left defend Hezbollah. Fundamentally, it is seen as Anti-Imperialist to support Hezbollah and Hamas as they oppose Israel which in the mind of the left-wing activist is committing genocide against the Palestinians. Israel is being racist against the Arabs, somehow, and in the process is expressing militant chauvinism.

Jackie Walker, booted out of Momentum for being too overt.

It is a convoluted game of self-deception that crumbles in the face of evidence. That is why the leftist activist will spit on you and call you Zionist, then claim that anti-Zionism is not merely the acceptable face of anti-Semitism. You will then likely be tarred as an Islamophobe for opposing the righteous followers of Mohammed's right to unite with the stones and trees to exterminate the Jew. Simon Epstein of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem explains how this doublethink operates in Trotskyist groups like Momentum.

“French Trotskyites promote an anti-Zionism which originated in the 1920’s. It has never been tempered by a pro-Israel phase similar to the one which the Communists underwent in 1947 and 1948 and they have never accepted Israel’s existence. For the same reasons as the Communists, they are trying to seduce – by any means – the Arab and Muslim sectors of French society.

"Their goal is clear. They want those sectors to replace the traditional French working class which is rapidly vanishing for sociological and other reasons, as their main electoral and political basis. This strategy engenders a vicious anti-Zionism which often surpasses that of the Communists.”


"We should also remember that leftist militants dug up the Shoah during the first and even more so, the second Intifada. This time they did so in order to give articulation to their radical anti-Zionism, claiming that Israelis were doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to the Jews. In this way, the German crimes fulfilled a new historical function. They enabled the Trotskyites to turn the Shoah against the Jews, and demonize the Israelis by promoting a totally distorted picture of the Middle Eastern conflict.”

Epstein concludes:

“In both cases, the suffering of the Jews has become an instrument in an extreme leftist strategy of attracting, recruiting and mobilizing Arab and Muslim populations in France.”

Labour Minister Naz Shah. Nice.

Once you combine Islam and Socialism, there is no possible recourse for the Jew. This is why an atheistic champagne socialist in London can support a militant theocratic Islamist terror group and feel logically consistent.

Jennifer Gerber, Labour Friends of Israel director, said:

"It is sadly unsurprising that the Labour front bench would issue a statement on Hezbollah which fails to support banning the terror group in its entirety, and which makes no reference to its virulent anti-Semitism, its desire to annihilate Israel and its appalling role in propping up Assad’s murderous regime in Syria.

"It is, moreover, utterly delusional to think that, having wreaked death and destruction throughout the region, Hezbollah can play any role in promoting peace.

"We would urge Labour’s leadership to listen to this afternoon’s debate and reconsider its position."

Joan Ryan, a Labour MP and chair of the party's Friends of Israel group will open the debate by telling MPs:

“Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, driven by an anti-Semitic ideology, which seeks the destruction of Israel. It has wreaked death and destruction throughout the Middle East, aiding and abetting the Assad regime’s butchery in Syria and helping to drive Iran’s expansionism throughout the region."

Ah, the Iranian Question. Labour has effectively been in the pocket of the Ayatollahs since the ascension of Comrade Cleric Ja'raam Corbyn al-Islingtoni. Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry was unequivocal in her ability to equivocate on the subject of whether to oppose a regime that is killing its own people.

“We don’t want to leap to judgment and say, well we don’t like the regime in Iran, these people are against it, they must be the guys with white hats because it doesn’t work like that.”

This stance has nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn having taken thousands of pounds in appearance fees from Press TV, the Iranian state broadcaster. Mr. Corbyn last appeared on the channel in 2012. As Business Insider reported:

"During the period between the year of Corbyn's first appearance and his last, for example, Iran hanged at least 1,314 people, according to Amnesty International. It is a place where the rights of women, LGBT people, and religious and ethnic minorities are harshly curtailed. In 2011, the year of Corbyn's third appearance, three Iranian men were executed for homosexuality."


Corbyn also made paid appearances on Press TV after it aired a confession extracted from a journalist by means of torture. He has never apologized for these appearances, quite the contrary. He defended being paid up to £5000 per show because he was able to “raise a number of human rights issues.” These issues apparently did not extend to the torture of journalists, gay rights, being forced to change sex against your will or civil liberties. Mr. Corbyn also managed to do the impossible and compared Israel to the Islamic State.


Leftist footsoldiers like Aaron Bastani -who runs the failed socialist news site NovaraMedia and was arrested for trashing a bank in 2011- are only happy to bend logic to the breaking point to deflect attention from the topic of anti-Semitism.

Indeed, we here at Republic Standard have often said that as Stalin participated in the defeat of Hitler, he can be let off for murdering millions of his own people and the Rape of Berlin. Unfortunately, this delusional non-logic is the weapon of the radical leftist. When the conversation is framed in such terms it is nigh-impossible to regain some reasonable grounds for dialectic to occur.

At the end of our sad tale we see that non-compliant ministers of the Labour Party are being suppressed by top-down diktat, harassed on social media by leftist activists, and threatened with deselection if they do not prove ideologically pure enough. The alliance between hardcore leftists and Islam has obtained control of the largest opposition political party in the UK. Anti-Semitism is rife, and yet denial is everywhere. The Mayor of London is preening himself to become the next leader of the party- and what then?

You tell me. Is anti-Semitism in left-wing politics just some fascist conspiracy theory?

The Editor

by The Editor